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Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Time travel! This idea was suggested by Barton, who says...
"We were watching Past Tense this week on DS9 reruns and wondered why every time someone travels back into the past, they arrive at a pivotal moment in history. The Bell riots, Edith Keeler's death, First Contact. Or they run in to someone important like Mark Twain in STNG: Time's Arrow. Do you know what they would run into if they dropped into my life? Let me tell you, it's not pivotal. It's not even pretty."
Before you begin contemplating the ugliness that is Barton's life, consider this serious explanation of the supposed pivotal time travel theory, by David (SlayerTrez)...
"For the same reason time can create alternite realities, using certain focuses in time where it would diverge, the same could be said about time travel. While yes, you can go about anywhen in time, if you're to be flung, without a means of control to your destinations, time will provide a stop for you. The easiest way to do this is using "ripples" in the space time continuum. Think of it as an automatic break.Time uses these ripples as a way to slow it down, that's why they don't ever actually stop at the crucial event, but just before it. It's these series of ripples that are slowing down, until the time traveling ship will come to a complete stop. . Think of it as a series of speed bumps, the ship as a car."
Something else for you to think about!

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Couverthie. Here are some of the other funniest entries.


History is the cheapest form of creativity.

Robin Dodson

"So our writers don't have to think up an ending"

Chris Hatt

We're PC. We recycle props, costumes, lots AND history!


Nobody tuned in when we saved Edith Dinklefwat from the Dryer Lint Crisis of 1983.

Advil Starr

A stitch in time gives ratings of nine.

7 of 11

What's pivotal about going back in time to throw a cream pie at Bill Gates?

Kevin Guhl

Pivotal? I just had to pick up these classy duds!

Squigly the Wonder Rat

The costume designer gets a break. We just go to the Gap.

Catie B

I don't know. Lets concentrate on the mission. What did everyone want from McDonalds.


We have to make sure we kill EVERY ONE of Jim Quirk's ancestors


All the non pivotal time travel happens to other ships.


You keep asking me that since I accidentally killed JFK!


Don't you enjoy this Great War between industrial mayo army and the peanut butter rebel men?


It's quite simple! We've installed boredom filters.


Only you would think the creation of Laser Tag was pivotal.

Gidi Kroon

Because I'm bored sick at the station.

Art DeBuigny

They weren't pivotal until we screwed them up.

Captain Scott

Well at least we are not stuck in a time loop....Well, at least we are not stuck in a time loop...Well, at least we are not stuck in a time loop....Well, at least...


O'Brian picked up negative readings on the Nielson sensors


They don't, but we only make episodes of the ones that do.


Time travel? You mean this isn't another Holodeck malfunction?

Maria Spano

Because the 24th Century is as boring as heck!!

Admiral Drake

Sev Trek's theory of "rate"ativity

Reismark 2

The time-space continuum is organized by pivotalness


It's because they have toilets in this time!


Didn't you enjoy giving Hitler a wedgie?

Lt Com Edgar

All the writers are out of work history teachers

Seth Cohn

Between the Tardises and DeLoreans, the only places left are these.

Rodney Hrvatin

Like that time we went to the Spice Girls auditions and pinched the talented ones?

Francis Miranda

Four words: Bad time, good ratings.

Mike Wille

It keeps the time stream from overflowing.

Mike Wille

That's a question of Paramount importance.
Sev Note: I smell the dreaded smell of rehash forming!


The time machine and the plot device look exactly alike.


If we wanted to be boring, we'd stay where we are!


We have a very good time-travel agent.

Paul S. Gibbs

With me around, EVERY moment is pivotal!


Shut up, you fool! Those are the continuity police!

Brian Mc

Can you say "chronobabble?"

Sir Richard

We keep trying to catch that one moment that will keep Shatner from directing Sev Trek V

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