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You've entered Toon Zone, your daily fix of cartoons, contests and community! See latest features in What's New or enter our 5 weekly cartoon contests...

Sev Trek Movie available on video!

You can now buy the Sev Trek Movie on video as well as a host of very cool merchandise, including a T-shirt, CD Soundtrack, a selection of bookmarks and a huge very cool A1 poster! Be sure to check out all the rave reviews from Sevilians who've already seen the movie.

What's New I recommend you bookmark and regularly visit our What's New Page as I announce every new feature here daily.

Cartoon Archive All Pits, Twist and Sev Space cartoons (over 1000 comic strips) have been databased in our online cartoon archive!

Discussion Forums Chat with other Sevilians who've made the forums their home. There are three boards to choose from, the Discussion Board, Ideas Board and Sevilian Board.

Sevnames Every parody character has his own unique and usually silly Sevname. Here is a master page linking to all the Sevname Pages.

Hall of Fame The Hall of Fame features all the Sevilians who have made valuable contributions to the Sev Universe, including the Top Ten Punchline winners and the Top Ten Ideas Suggesters.

Sev Trek Sev Trek is actually a huge web site of it's own with hundreds of pages featuring cartoons, discussion boards, merchandise for sale and much more...

Fraud of the Rings A cartoon parody of the movie trilogy Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson (oh and I think it's based on some books).

Sevgate A cartoon parody of the TV Show, Stargate SG1.

Bluffy the Vampedup Stunner A cartoon parody of Buffy. I got sucked into this show because Spike is coming to Australia in 2001 and against my will actually became a fan of the show! :-)

The Sev Files A cartoon parody of the X-Files set in 1st Century Palestine where Agents Mouldy and Scummy investigate the alleged resurrection of a Jewish sect leader named Jesus. I am currently working (very slowly) on a book version of this cartoon.

Sev Wars Sev Wars is a cartoon parody of Star Wars, featuring an archive of comic strips and the Sev Wars poster for sale.

Superhero Contest A while back, I ran a cool Superhero Contest where sevilians submitted ideas for wacky parody superheroes. There are over 30 characters drawn up with their own character descriptions.

Sevylon 5 A parody of my favourite sci-fi show, Babylon 5.

The Sevloid Chronicles An original sci-fi epic set in the Sevloid Galaxy, which faces it's greatest threat ever when invaded by the planet devouring Devaston.

The Vault Archives of old cartoons I drew before becoming a professional cartoonist as well as development sketches and doodles of current cartoons.

Toon Links   Your launching pad to the online cartooning world. Features links to cartoon web sites all over the Web.

The Sevloid Guide to Cartooning

  Advice, hints and resources for cartoonists. Includes links to many how-to-cartoon web sites.

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