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Three easy steps in putting Sev comic strips in your newsletter:

1. Download the TIFF versions of the ad.

2. Fill out the form below.

3. I'll email you the info required to download the comic strips.

Publish Sev Comic Strips in your fan club newsletter!

You can publish the Sev Trek and Sci-Fi comic strips in your fan club newsletter for free in exchange for using one of our advertisements below in your newsletter. Just follow the instructions below.

Conditions of Use
Enquiry Form


Bullet1 Download one of the ads below. You can choose from any of the ads (although the bigger the ad, the better :-). All the ads are 300dpi TIFFs which should work in most programs - let me know if you'd like it in another format.

Bullet1 Fill out the Application Form below. I'll then email you the info you need to download the comic strips. Your Fan Club will also be added to the list of Sev Trek Publishers as well as a link to your site if you have one.

Bullet1 You'll then be able to use any of the Sev Trek comic strips. They are all in 300dpi greyscale TIFF format designed for print. You can use more than one comic strip in each newsletter. Whenever you use the comic strip in future editions, you're required to use one of the Sev Trek advertisements in that issue also.

Bullet1 As a fan club, you're entitled to Fan Club Discounts on Sev merchandise. Make sure you find out all the discounts and freebies entitled to your club members.

You can choose from any of these ads when using a Sev comic strip in your newsletter. If you have room for one of the bigger ads, I'll be deeply appreciative! :-) Click on the picture to download a hi-res TIFF or GIF version.
Sev Wide Web Advertisements

sevad1.gif / sevad1.tif
1/8 Page (90mm x 65mm)

1/4 Page (90mm x 135mm)

sevad5.gif / sevad5.tif
1/2 Page (174mm x 532mm)

sevad3.gif / sevad3.tif
1/4 Page (190mm x 65mm)

sevad4.gif / sevad4.tif
1/2 Page (190mm x 135mm)

Conditions of Use

Bullet1 Your newsletter must be a non-commercial fan club newsletter, not a commercial magazine. If your publication is something other than a fan club newsletter, contact me for permission before using the comic strip.

Bullet1 You can use any of the Sev Trek comic strips available from the download page (I'll give you the URL by email). You cannot use any of the full page Sev Trek cartoons.

Bullet1 You are free to translate the comic strip into other languages if required. You must still use the ad (it's up to you if you want to use the English version or translate that also)

Application Form

Fill out this form and I'll email you shortly with info on how to download the Sev comic strips. Bold fields MUST be filled out.

Fan Club


City, Country

Your Name


Questions, Comments or Requests

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