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The Sev Wide Web is updated daily with new cartoons & competitions. Bookmark this page to find the latest cartoons, contests and other updates (or sift through the What's Old Archives).

Milton Keynes UK Scifi Fair Sep 20-22!
UPDATE 18 Sep 2002 - All planned & ready to go, provided assassin recovers from a strained back (otherwise Nemesis is in charge). It's not too late to join the party - click here for all the details or email assassin for more info.

This Week's Updates
Wed 18 Sep
12:00:01 AM
There is no room for Herman to live in this week's Pits Cartoon Contest, although Madeline is a different story!

Tue 17 Sep
10:51:20 PM
The Pits Competition isn't getting as many punchline ratings as the other contests. If you'd like to be a punchline judge (think of the power! :-), email me for instructions.

Tue 17 Sep
2:54:52 PM
I've just added the funniest punchlines for Sev Space #581 (Clone army) to the Sev Wars archives and chosen the Finalist Punchlines.

Tue 17 Sep
8:15:54 AM
I continue to fill up the Twist database with some more colourised classics:
t51: Too many cooks
t52: Witches flying test
t53: Late wedding guest
t54: Bug fight
t55: Elderly window shopping

Tue 17 Sep
12:00:01 AM
Why would evil overlord Sourone put all his ower in one vulnerable ring? Find out in this week's Sci-Fi Cartoon Contest.

Mon 16 Sep
7:55:50 PM
I've added cartoon descriptions to the Cartoon Archives, so now you get a brief descriptive paragraph introducing each cartoon. Unfortunately, I've only entered descriptions for the last month or so of cartoons so it'll be a while before all the oldest cartoons get descriptions. But hang in there, my cartoon database is slowly evolving into something... bigger! :-)

Mon 16 Sep
2:47:34 PM
I've just added the funniest punchlines for Sev Space #580 (technobabble translation) to the Sev Trek archives as well as many (pre-culled) Finalist Punchlines.

Mon 16 Sep
7:53:52 AM
I've coloured a batch of old Twist cartoons and added them to the Twist database. Here are the direct links:
t37: Smoking fireman
t38: Rock, paper, scissors
t39: Unsuccessful Mars probe
t40: Caged bird
t41: Holy Guacamole
t42: Intestine argument
t43: Turtle drug test
t44: Amazing Vegeciser
t45: Waiting room books
t47: PIPEC
t48 : Early paparazzi
t49: Sensitive New Age TV
t50: Shop till HE drops

Mon 16 Sep
12:00:01 AM
Twoblocks cannot contain himself when Kneelicks finally leaves Forager in this week's Sev Trek Cartoon Contest.

Sun 15 Sep
2:44:18 PM
I've added some code to the IRC Judging Session Instructions counting down the time to the next judging session. This should help people in different time zones know exactly when the session will be. I was trying to add this code before the last "IRC press conference" but couldn't figure it out in time. Dammit, I'm a cartoonist, not a programmer!

Sat 14 Sep
8:23:09 AM
Here are some of the goodies that we are planning to release on the Sev Trek Movie DVD:
  • An extended 44 minute version of the Sev Trek Movie including a new 3 minute action sequence.
  • Audio commentary by writer/director John Cook and animator Andrew Simpson.
  • An animated storyboard comparison to a scene from the movie - this is as close as you'll probably ever get to a handdrawn Sev Trek animation. :-)
  • Production sketches of characters, props and sets that I drew for Andrew to base his 3D models on
  • End credit bloopers at TV resolution
  • The 3 online trailers at TV resolution
  • A history of the production.
We welcome any thoughts, suggestions or wishlist items you have - post any comments on the Discussion Board. Thanx! :-)

Fri 13 Sep
11:03:19 PM
Sevilians who attended this week's Judging Session were first to find out the following Sev Trek Movie announcements:
  • Our Sev Trek: Pus in Boots film is now represented by the distributor Discovery International who will be selling the video to stores throughout Australia and hopefully worldwide before long.
  • Now we have a distributor, we will be releasing a DVD version of the Sev Trek movie, featuring a whole host of goodies (more on this later).
  • Our distributor have asked us to add 3 minutes to the movie to bring it up to TV standard 44 minutes. We are adding a whole new action sequence(seamlessly, we hope) in the middle of the movie.
For more details, read the transcript of the Judging Session.

Fri 13 Sep
4:52:19 PM
I've posted the winning punchlines to Sev Space s578 (Quirk defeating Khant), Sev Space s579 (Palantir message), Pits p373 (in-law celebration), Twist t322 (hanggliding bird) and Sev Space Sunday ss36 (Fatt family day). The winning punchlines were chosen from the Finalist Punchlines #287 and you can read all the judging details in the Judging Session #287 transcript.

Fri 13 Sep
12:52:05 AM
The funniest punchlines for Sev Space Sunday #36 (Fatt family day) are now in the Sunday archives. I've also culled the Finalist Punchlines ready for judging in this weekend's IRC judging session (see you all there!).

Fri 13 Sep
12:00:01 AM
We read the always silent Mourn's thoughts in this week's Sunday Cartoon Contest.

Thur 12 Sep
3:13:22 PM
I will be making several BIG announcements regarding the Sev Trek Movie at tomorrow's judging session. I'm sure there will be many questions in response to the announcements so if you want to ask any questions and get answers in real time, be sure to visit our IRC Judging Session at 8am Australian EST (which is about 3pm USA). See you there!

Thur 12 Sep
3:04:07 PM
The funniest punchlines to last week's Twist cartoon (bird hangglider) have now been added to the Twist Archives.

Thur 12 Sep
12:00:01 AM
A tree is victim to a woodpecker workaholic in this week's Twist Cartoon Contest.

Wed 11 Sep
10:05:44 PM
After procrastination and many emails, I have finally updated the competition codes so you can safely enter our cartoon contests from your own webpage. Click here for the updated code! (the Sunday comp to follow soon...)

Wed 11 Sep
9:03:51 PM
Andrew Simpson (animator of the Sev Trek Movie) has launched, where you can purchase cartoon ebooks readable on your handheld PDA. His catalog includes the very first Twist Ebook, featuring cartoons from the Twist archives.

Wed 11 Sep
3:51:32 PM
The funniest punchlines to last week's Pits cartoon (overjoyed in-laws) have now been added to the Pits Archives as well as the Finalist Punchlines.

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