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Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Forager's folding nacelles! This idea was suggested by Chirstopher Poff. The new design was inspired by a comment from Jan Stah, who thinks Voyager looks like a flying toilet seat. Just for the record, I have had the official "canon" reason for the folding nacelles sent to me:
This idea was sent to me by Ben Foong, who found it in the Star Trek Encyclopedia.
"Ships of the NOVA/ INTREPID class have foldable nacelles that make warp propulsion more efficient and secure than ever before. In 2370 it was learnt that conventional warp drives pollute the space-time continuum. Movable nacelles don't so that ships of that class may exceed the limit of Warp 5 then imposed by Starfleet Federation-wide. For a limited period of time the Voyager can sustain a maximum velocity of Warp 9.975."
I also received an interesting email from Terry Miles who explains the "real" reason why the nacelles fold.
"The real but serious answer is that Rick Berman told the design guys that the new starship had to have something that moved. (From the new book, "A Vision of the Future - Star Trek: Voyager")"

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Sir Richard. Here are some of the other funniest entries.

Scott Martin

We wanted a spoiler and sun roof, too, but Sevfleet drew the line...

Chris Cole

This ship was originally supposed to be the USS Origami.

Chris Cole

All I know is that the men keep leaving them up!


Forager was designed by men, they never put the lid down.


Just don't stand too close the the toilet seat section when they move.


When they're up the saucer is occupied


It's better than a folding budget.


The degree to which a nacelle is considered trendy is directly proportional to how likely it is to fall off.


It's sad, having nacelles more flexible than my hair!

Sir Richard

When warp drive goes out, you should see those babies flap.

Christopher Michael

Forager is supposed to become a large robot warrior, but there is a copyright lock on it!

Robin Reed

That's what happens when you let the Swiss Army design a ship.


Well, they didn't fold BEFORE we went through that asteroid belt.

Kevin J. Guhl

They signal left and right turns!


It's a rule: all McDonald's toys must have moving parts.

Lars Ormberg

Not everything can be as motionless as our stories


ALright, which of you men left the nacelles up again?!?

Francis Miranda

Move it a little to the left. the reception's getting better

Mike Wille

It gives the kids a moving part on the toy version.


If we run out of power, we can flap them really fast to fly.


Would you rather have power windows?

Captain Happy

When we enter an atmosphere, they flap to provide lift

Scott Martin

Folding? Damn! Chin, tighten the bolts again!


They make parallel parking a breeze!


It's easier to pack us up when we're finally cancelled.


With our wooden performances, they had to add SOMETHING moving!


It flushes the saucer section.

Commander Rutiger

It's the 24th Century version of pop up headlights.

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