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Alien facial bumps!?! It's a question we all know the answer to, and yet we ask it anyway! Why do all the Trekkie aliens look just like humans with a few bumps. Yeah, yeah, I know some master race seeded their DNA all over the Alpha Quadrant (but that doesn't explain why Delta Quadrant races are all humanoid also).

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Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Andrew Babb, out of 330 entries. Here are some of the best of the other punchlines...


I can't even figure out why they have less of an accent than you, O'Blimey.

Damon Beggs

I had a zit on my forehead last week, and the Clingons mistook me for their ambassador.

Calla Pantalaimon

On other worlds Picasso and Dalí are realists.

Calla Pantalaimon

They just like referring to us humans as "Smooth Heads."


How else can we tell who they are if the light's go out


Say that any louder and they'll give you a set too.


Amen! We were supposed to have character growth, but instead we got characters with growths!


That tears it! Next season we replace them all with Muppets.

Art DeBuigny

You should see them when they first wake up!

Lars Gritzki

They are humans! Will Smith killed all real Aliens in ID4 and MiB!


Because if we had scarier looking aleins we would lose our TVPG rating!

Andrew Babb

Don't complain. Your daughter will be getting those real soon, chief.

Francis Miranda

It's not a facial bump. Its a graduated skin fold. We have to be politically correct you know.

david bird

because our writers used all the effects on the damn changling


Probably for the same reason they all speak English.

Brian Blalock

Bumps? What bumps? Those are subspace distortions!

Lord Fledrinnian

It`s those low doorways on this *&%@*! station!

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