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    Little green man

    Now out in pre-order for April 2015

    Cover A for GFT #109

    Pencils by Qualano
    Inks by James Goodwin

    I had a busy December 2014 doing two covers for Zenescope instead of the usual one. I’m especially chuffed with the water in this one. That came out pretty good…

    and cover C for GFT #109

    Pencils by Alex Kotkin
    Inks by James Goodwin, with inks assist by his daughter Nicole Goodwin (aged 11. She did the solid blacks…)

    I actually coloured this one twice. They gave it to me as only pencils so I did my best darkening them with the burn tool and sliders etc and set to it. It looked like ass and I told Ralph T at Zenescope as such (honest aren’t I..?) . He agreed, and instead of farming it off to someone else as I expected him to do, instead got James to quickly ink it up and had me do it again. At least doing it again allowed me to fix a bunch of other little things that I didn’t like from the first version though. (and I couldn’t even re-use my flats as James returned the inks at a different size and resolution to the pencils!) I got paid for it twice too! 🙂

    I’m still not wild about the hair. I didn’t have the colour holds at first but was asked to add them after.

    I have a wicked looking ‘Little Mermaid #4’ cover to show off next month with pencils by Peppe Cafaro!

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