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    Little green man

    My grand daughter Anastasia (aged almost 3 now) had been cranking out a fever for the previous 2 days. Hovering around the 38C mark, grumpy, listless, wants to sleep in the middle of the day, generally out of whack but nothing to stress over really… just a kid bug

    Then about 2.00pm Christmas eve, she hit 39.4C!!! Get to 40C and it’s ‘Call the ambulance!!!!’ time

    Through her into the car and booted on up to the local hospital emergency room.

    Not too crowded overall thankfully. One guy fallen off his ladder, a few heat strokes (it was a 34C day), one guy had been stabbed – but not badly. “Nicked” and “Just a flesh wound” is how I’d describe it and would have not bothered to go at all. I’ve had worse… One girl with pancreatitis and a bunch of old people having dicky heart rates in the heat.

    What this meant is we got seen pretty quick and we were lucky there was a proper paediatrician on call at the time. He only works there 2 days a week.

    Anyway, AJ was too bombed out and scared to put up much of a fuss so he checked her out (plus he clearly had heaps of experience with kids because he was over and done prodding and poking in only a few minutes) He declared a throat infection and when asked if he neck hurt she said yes, so, there ya go…

    He just said keep monitoring her temperature, which had now dropped for whatever reason, and give her child ibruprofen if she needed it every few hours.

    Natasha and Jason had a sleepless night checking her temperature every half hour. AJ slept like a rock of course, naturally, and by Christmas day her temp was back to 36C and holding, so it looks like she’s over it. It still meant that we bailed on the family get-together as we didn’t want to spread stuff around to my nieces that are all about AJ’s age as well. Christmas Day though she was massively grumpy and irritable at everyone so still not 100%. Getting presents including an new scooter and a box of chocolates ALL to herself (she was quite stunned at that idea) helped!. Today is Boxing day and she’s getting better according to mum.

    Otherwise the Loot List this year includes:

    Some Nougat
    2 Books – The Striker by Clive Cussler and “The War of the Roses” by Conn Iggulden
    Guardians of the Galaxy on DVD
    X-men – Days of Future Past on DVD
    “Crystal Head” Vodka (http://crystalheadvodka.com/home) bottle and complimentary skull glass
    a Gazman Polo shirt



    Wow the things you people go to to avoid some family time 😉


    Oh no! So sorry. Children tend to get sick and well inexplicably fast, sometimes! We firmly held to our “not driving on Christmas Eve/Christmas” declaration, and met much less resistance than we did when first we broached the subject. We had a lean Christmas, and money is tight, but my father gifted me with chocolate-covered cherries (one of the only acceptable ways to eat evil chocolate) and my husband gave me Reboot S1&2 on DVD. Daddy gave the boys teething toys, and my husband and I gave them Baby Einstein balls. We’ll find out what the grandparents and great-grandparents gave them this weekend, as we go to visit family. We had friends over for five hours today, and yesterday was a bit of a mad-house, so I’m quite zonked, but very blessed.

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