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    Little green man

    Pencils and inks by Vince M Valdiva, colours by me

    I saw Vince post the pencilled outline to this one on a facebook entry for Artgerm and asked him if I could have a highres copy… and he sent them to me!

    I like doing this kind of very fine-line lineart (but it’s a bugger to flat!) as it really allows you to push the colouring skills rather than rely on the lineart for light direction, shadows etc. Plus I’ve always wanted to colour Tracer from Overwatch. Mainly for her yellow pants and the weathered leather jacket effect which was cool to do. 🙂

    As usual I wasted most of one night just stuffing about with the background and at one stage had all sorts of stars and crap going on in there. Then promptly ditched it for this the very next session…

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