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    Little green man

    pencils by Andrey Lunatik
    inks by matt james

    You’ve got to be committed if you want to colour this one… because sure as heck you’re going to be committed once you’ve finished it!!! *sits in the corner with rocking gently with a slight nervous tick muttering “I’m ok… I’m ok…* 😛 🙂

    This took me 2 nights just to flat, and then over the past 2 weeks probably another 4 – 5 nights to finish off… There’s just so many fiddly little bits. You think you’ve got them all and then you find another one! Plus in the middle of it all I slotted in my latest Zenescope cover (at least it made a break from this one..) I also realized that I have to do some more David Finch pieces because I’m woefully out of practice in working on his line-art…(its been over a year since the last one) Not that this is a David Finch picture, Andrey just draws a heck of a lot like him and probably adds even more detail than Finch would IMO…

    Anyway, here it is… done.

    …and I’m going to something easy next… a LOT easier… 😛

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