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    Little green man

    Pencils by Dmitry Grebenkov
    Inks by James Goodwin

    I was approached by to contribute a tutorial for a new book they are publishing on A Beginners Guide to Comic Art. After bandying some ideas back and forth about what I could write about (many of my faourite pencillers and inkers were approached about myself being able to use their pictures that I have coloured in the past for this) we finally agreed that I use the pencils for this picture. Dmitry was fine with this of course.

    I then got the pencils inked up by James who dropped everything and inked it up for me literally overnight and I coloured it up on the weekend.

    The book is now available for pre order from Amazon. See the link below There’s no firm date for publication on the book itself just yet. It’s still being written obviously…

    More information about 3DTotal and the books they produce at They have lots of others about digital art and “how to” on their store.


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