If not a laptop, then what's a good desktop tower to buy?

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    Little green man

    So I’ve been thinking about how often I actually unplug and use the mobility of my leased laptop from the education dept. In the past year I think I’ve unplugged it from all the external HDD, monitor, keyboard, printer, speakers etc about 4 times and 3 of those were to take it into school simply to update the software licences on it (as we have to every few months…)

    So for about the same cost, how about a desktop tower? What’s good to look for there? For example I’ve seen this one in the shops lately –>


    Seems ok to me, but I don’t know how good Lenovo’s are… *shrugs*

    So, would there be anything else that I might need to think about and consider when it comes to desktops? Considering I haven’t owned one since my old IBM Aptiva days back in 1998…

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