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    Little green manLittle green man


    pencils by DmitryGrebenkov

    Dmitry sent me the pencils to this a few years ago and they consisted solely of the girl. The background I had to make completely from scratch for the first time ever and took AGES! I modeled it on his version of this picture as I was learning as I was going. Not as good as his of course, but it’ll do…

    Lots of credits in this as well. All found on

    Chain-link and barbwire fence brushes are by redheadstock
    Peeling paint and rusty metal texture are by grungetextures
    Rose tattoos outlines are by vikingtattoo
    Bloody handprint by enchantedgal-stock
    Blood splatter texture by ienigmagraphics
    Hibiscus flower on her ‘Party Girl’ top by 1shotandree

    The German electric fence sign was found on google images (Why in German? Why not, besides it was already rusty and beatup…)


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