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    Little green man

    Pencils by Andrey Lunatik
    Inks by Matt James

    This took weeks… literally weeks to get done… I started it by flatting the inks done by :iconlauranel: which were ok-ish and was *just* about ready to start on the shading after 3 nights of flatting, when Matt posted his better inks.

    So I tried to just copy and paste the flats I already had into Matt’s inks hoping they’d fit enough with only a small amount of adjustment. Did they fit? No… they did not… So I started flatting it all over again. Another 3 mights down.

    Then the shading. At first I was going to for an E.V.E Protomecha look to it all ala Liquid! from a few years back (I’m sure you know the one…) but that didn’t work. The detail in the drawing just made it look muddy. The biggest hassle was trying to separate the elements out of all that teeny tiny detail in the inks.

    So after some fiddling which took a whole night in itself, I decided to follow the colour selections of a “Cici” picture I had done way back in 2002

    After that it was just a matter of making sure I got all the bits, and there were a LOT of bits!!!

    You seriously have to be committed to want to colour one of Andrey’s pics, because sure as heck afterwards you will be “committed” (*rocks gently in the corner going “I’m ok, I’m ok…”) 🙂


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