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    So, I hate to do stuff like this, but I’m running out of options quickly. I lost my job in December of 2014, and have been on unemployment ever since. Well, that’s running out next week, and my bills are going to start piling up quickly, with zero source of income. I set up a GoFundMe page to see if anyone could help me out, even a little. Here’s hoping I actually get a job soon, but in the mean-time, maybe some funds my way could help?


    Well, I can’t really help out financially. I’ve been in pretty much similar conditions since August of last year myself. Also had some government benefits, but that stopped about 3 months or so ago. I’m lucky enough to still have some savings, but that of course won’t last forever.

    I had a quick look at the help pages of that GoFundMe website. It looks interesting, and they say that The Netherlands are also supported, but I’m a little disappointed that they only support checks and bank transfers. Or well, more that they don’t say much more about those, like how much international transfer costs are between banks. If it’s via Western Union, then it’ll be expensive. I paid a lot that way back when I got my Sev Trek package from JC.

    If I had the magic answer, I’d give it here. I would probably also use it myself. But meh, it’s easier for me to give advice to others than to use the same advice myself. All I can advice now are probably the things you’ve already done. Like trying to cut down on expenses where possible. I don’t know how things like energy, phone, internet and other stuff are organised in America. Maybe one or more can be switched for a cheaper provider? Same goes for other subscriptions and things. Have a look at what you really need and cancel the things that you don’t need. Of course, a telephone and internet connection can come in handy when that recruiter with the perfect job offer wants to contact you. And things like food, hmmmm yes, that might be useful too, obviously. But it doesn’t hurt to see if there are cheaper grocery stores nearby.

    Are there any good job vacancy website thingies in the U.S.A.? I can only come up with a few Dutch ones now. Although, I think Stepstone and Monster (which for some reason is called monsterboard in The Netherlands) are operating internationally? (Hmmm, Stepstone seems to be linking to something called
    Update your resume, if needed, and post it on those sites. My experience is that recruiters mostly only view new resumes. So if it’s already up-to-date, resubmit or renew it.

    And things like LinkedIn, of course. But you already have that. Still, it won’t hurt to check if your profile needs improvement. I can’t really show mine as an example as that’s in Dutch. However, I did ask someone to help me with my profile. I didn’t have that much experience with LinkedIn at first. Was nice to have some advice from a more experienced LinkedIn user. I had some response from recruiters. The only thing in my case is that I often don’t have the required diplomas or other papers. I think you do have some things mentioned there, so that’s a plus compared to me. (Am most likely going to do something about that in September, but it would take me too much time to explain it here now.)
    I’m considering setting up some kind of portfolio, but so far it’s been mostly that, just considering it.

    Last thing I can suggest here now, and I’m probably shooting myself in my own foot here for not following my own advice, is to perhaps do voluntary work? Preferably something related to your interests. It won’t provide you with an income now, but it keeps you busy for now. Plus, maybe it can show potential companies that you are willing to be active and improving yourself.

    I guess the important thing is that you “advertise” yourself. I mean uh, to promote yourself in some way. I’m not good at it myself. I’m not really a shouter or self promoter myself. But somehow, people who are “shouting” and bluffing more (and probably less intelligent and who have less skills than you) are picked first. Or seen first. Or eh, something like that.

    Good luck with your job hunt. Sorry I can’t be of more help right now.


    Yeah, basically have done all the stuff regarding cheapening my expenses, even before I lost my job. I’m pretty frugal naturally. Been updating my resume periodically. I also do volunteer work, and it’s on my resume. I’m glad that you’re trying to help, though. 🙂

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