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    Little green manLittle green man


    Pencils by various TOPCOW ENT. artists including –> marc silvestri, kenneth rocafort, michael broussard, nelson blake II, stjepan sejic, and sheldon mitchell and maybe there’s a david finch in there but I’m not sure…

    Inks by vitali-iakovlev

    colour by me…

    A few months ago I ran a personal competition on ( to get these highres pencils inked up and Vitali was the winner. I then promptly got buried in commission work and this was put on the back burner.

    Overall it took WAYYYY too long to colour and I’d forgotten just how detailed topcow pictures can be as its been a while since I did one. A day or so to flat, and then about 4 hours each on average per character… I’m just glad its over!


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