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About Twist

About Twist Twist is a new, single panel cartoon that takes normal situations and gives them an unexpected twist. Nothing is sacred in Twist - all things are lampooned including famous historical figures, great landmarks, folktales and just everyday life.

Twist is designed to appeal to a wide range of readers and is published regularly in newspapers throughout Australia.

Birth of Twist Read about the Birth of The Pits to see how I started out in comics. Initially I was only interested in drawing comic book style comics. I didn't think I'd be able to write the much shorter comic strips but I tried The Pits and had some success there. Even then, I didn't think I could create a single panel cartoon.

I have a shelf of 'idea books' where I doodle all my ideas on The Pits and whatever other weird things come into my head. I found that single gags were starting to come out every now and then. After putting Sev Page online (what the Sev Wide Web was originally called), I decided to collect a few and put them on my home page. I wanted a short, one word title signifying a weird comic that looked at normal situations at a different, strange angle. I called it Bent.

I've written down some ideas on selling comics to newspapers in the Sevloid Guide to Cartooning

I also started sending Bent out to newspapers. I got a call from a cartoonist that asked me if I'd heard of a syndicated cartoon called Bent Offerings and recommended I changed the title. I'd been thinking about it anyway because Bent could be interpreted as being on drugs and that wasn't what it was about. So I tossed up 'Slant', 'Off', but finally decided on a more mainstream 'Twist'.

I'm currently still sending Twist out to Australian newspapers and it's been accepted by a number of papers in Queensland and New South Wales. Although it's not as widespread as The Pits yet, it seems to be more well received so far. I'll let you know how it goes...

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