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This column indicates which cartoon the comic strip is about.

Sunday Comic Strip Archive

Here is a list of all the comic strips of the Sunday Comp with their funniest punchlines.

ss1: To boldly go
ss2: Quirk's speech
ps1: Boogercise
ss3: Political Correctness
ps2: Perilous Pushstart
ss4: Ratings
ps3: Grossing out Herman
ss5: Time Over-estimates
ss6: Fall of Anarchy
ss7: Bumpy foreheads
ps4: TV Sucks!
ps5: Caffeine fix
ss8: Slow motion picture
ps6: Dishes game
ss9: Hollowdeck malfunction
ps7: Wayne in line
ss10: Counsellor Tryhard
ps8: Shopping shenanigans
ss11: Quirk vs computers
ps9: Wayne's alarm clock
ss12: No Place Like Home
ps10: Where's Wayne?
ss13: Sift Lord Auditions
ss14: Film Adaption Sell-out
ps11: Channel Surfing
ss15: Devolved Beta
ps12: New Year Resolutions
ss16: DS9 boldly sits
ss17: Evasive Quash
ps13: Pretzel choking
ss18: Crew roles
ps14: Fly game
ss19: Forager detour
ss20: Sevtrix movie set
ps15: Dirty dish cycle
ss21: Dusting vampires
ss22: Torn shirt
ps16: Wayne buried alive
ss23: Admiral Fluke
ps17: Wayne cooking slop
ss24: Opening Moria Gate
ss25: Complaining Creepio
ps18: Annoying phone
ss26: Smokey cave
ss27: Synonyms for death
ss28: Extended Flyswatter family
ps19: Messy philosophy
ss29: Catchphrases
ss30: Jaded magical world
ss31: The Council of Eggroll
ps20: Wayne's masterpieces
ss32: Alien pine forests
ss33: Alkaseltzer the warrior
ss34: Athletic Yada
ss35: Graveyard shift
ps21: Wedding photos
ss36: Fatt father/son day
Sci-fi Comp

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