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You can order any of these Twist cartoons as colour prints, personally signed by Twist cartoonist John Cook with any message you request (providing it's clean, of course :-) Just order it from the Sev Shop.

Twist Archives

Here is a comprehensive list of every Twist cartoon created, both from the Twist Online Book and from the Write Your Own Twist Competition.

Twist Book

B1: Sphynx nosepick
B2: Freudian slip
B3: Giraffe bridge
B4: Fire & appliances
B5: Frankenstein
B6: Flexiteller
B7: Witch & balloons
B8: Stomach operation
B9: Stink Bug salad
B10: Poster suicide
B11: Paper shuffling
B12: Octopus on board
B13: No food/drink
B14: Sunspots
B15: Precision Snails
B16: Head bug
B17: Spider realty
B18: Titanic Survivor
B19: Baby newspaper
B20: Mobile phone
B21: Mona Lisa think
B22: Yellow brick rd
B23: Dragman
B24: Chicken crossing
B25: Lactose Intolerant
B26: Office politics
B27: Car chasing bird
B28: Acid tap
B29: Get Lost Doormat
B30: Frankenstein home
B31: Finger Foods
B32: Bird in the hand
B33: Dogs in space
B34: Rapunzel & prince
B35: Defensive driver
B36: Shameless plug
B37: No Smoking
B38: Sistine Painting
B39: Mars sojourner
B40: Caged bird
B41: Holy Guacomole
B42: Appendix Space
B43: Beastly Bugle
B44: The Vegeciser
B45: Waiting room book
B46: Gravy Train
B48: Early paparazzi
B49: New Age TV
B50: Overshopping
B51: Too Many Cooks
B52: Witches test
B53: Wedding guests
B54: Elderly shopping
B55: Bug Fight
B56: Masters Games
B57: Reindeer Antenna
B58: Fly Restaurant
B59: Horse Leglock
B60: Witches Hats
B61: Leonardo Wannabe
B62: Horrorscope

The Twist Competition used to be run as 5 round tournaments. Here a links to all of the tournaments, encompassing Rounds 1 to 80.

Tournament 1
Tournament 2
Tournament 3
Tournament 4
Tournament 5
Tournament 6
Tournament 7
Tournament 8
Tournament 9
Tournament 10
Tournament 11
Tournament 12
Tournament 13
Tournament 14
Tournament 15
Tournament 16

Twist Competition

C1: Birth Hazards
C2: Giraffe Necking
C3: Upturned Bug
C4: Before TV
C5: Titanic Survivor
C6: Chick magnet buffalo
C7: Devil's photographs
C8: Chicken road crossing
C9: Alien abduction
C10: Marooned on island
C11: Vampire at dentist
C12: Whale riding
C13: Loch Ness sighting
C14: Quiet spider web
C15: Fat Santa
C16: Torturing birds
C17: Fat Eskimo
C18: Breath test
C19: Bald eagle attack
C20: Smooth crocodile
C21: Moonwalking
C22: Diffusing mousetrap
C23: Unlucky rabbit foot
C24: Woodpecking hardwood
C25: Goldilocks Trial
C26: Elderly eye test
C27: Nice Gladiator
C28: Fat diver
C29: Fish fishing
C30: Gladiator Lions
C31: Angels on a pin
C32: Dieting ant
C33: Kittyhawk flight
C34: Vain Werewolf
C35: Muscly daddylonglegs
C36: Cow slaughter
C37: Detached lizard tail
C38: Michael Flatley
C39: Accusing dog
C40: Shuttle last words
C41: Nightly nautical news
C42: French beheading
C43: Singing baby monitor
C44: Theiving Santa
C45: Sistine applicants
C46: Horse parking
C47: Spider realty
C48: Sick plant
C49: Shoehuse Realty
C50: Lazy pig husband
C51: Unsinkable iceberg
C52: Iceskating mishap
C53: War interview
C54: Trashing hotels
C55: Goldfish amnesia
C56: 2028 Asteroid
C57: Titanic Awards
C58: Skeleton call
C59: Fat Easter Bunny
C60: Dogs chatting
C61: Shroud of Turin
C62: Old toothbrush
C63: Mocking cow
C64: Millenium bug
C65: Frog in a blender
C66: Combination surfing
C67: Broken spice rack
C68: Finger foods
C69: Soccer pyramid
C70: Fire slippery slide
C71: Relaxed goalkeeper
C72: Diana tributes
C73: Spanish Bull run
C74: Training skis
C75: Canine social circle
C76: Ancient paparazzi
C77: Australian settlers
C78: Skiing the dog
C79: Grand Prix pileup
C80: Breasty painting
C81: Mugging a witch
C82: Car chasing bird
C83: Fire & appliances
C84: Frankenstein
C85: Scarepostman
C86: Dog restaurant
C87: Glutton snake
C88: Chicken vs egg
C89: Rapunzel & prince
C90: Sunbaking bread
C91: Statue waiting room
C92: Pompeii real estate
C93: Too many chefs
C94: Mona Lisa's thoughts
C95: North Pole central
C96: Sistine Chapel renamed.
C97: Car break-in.
C98: Chicken tennis.
C99: Walking the fish.
C100: Self-serving road signs.
C101: Snake uncharmer.
C102: Aliens and MIR.
C103: Fishing the dog.
C104: Exploring Mars.
C105: Rapunzel bungee jumping!
C106: The bug going around.
C107: Male pattern baldness.
C108: Bull working in china store.
C109: Chariot bumper bar.
C110: Defensive driver.
C111: Shop till HE drops.
C112: Flying carpet road rage.
C113: Precision snails.
C114: Unwelcome mat.
C115: Low speed snail chase.
C116: Shameless plug.
C117: Croc in the fridge.
C118: Anteater blockage.
C119: Nervous cat.
C120: Dogs and cactii
C121: Ancient Roman headline
C122: Froggy wedding day
C123: Faked moon landing
C124: Fish on fishing
C125: Hand grating
C126: Bobby and the 3 witches
C127: Baby kicking
C128: Football & athletics
C129: Baby mayhem
C130: Goldilock's holdup!
C131: Fruit still life
C132: Chicken road cross
C133: Formal Tarzan
C134: Fairy floss
C135: Going into labour
C136: Toupeed eagle
C137: Dodo in class
C138: Changing nappy
C139: Ant weightlifter
C140: Vegetable horror story
C141: Turkey thanksgiving
C142: Hobbit Limbo
C143: Nerd stand up comedy
C144: Lost Mars probe
C145: Eating Santa's cookies
C146: Y2K Computer Problems
C147: Y2K Bunker Problems
C148: Shopping Couch Potatoes
C149: Headless biker
C150: Snowed traffic
C151: Tooth Fairy Trap
C152: Terrorist Passengers
C153: Pooperscoopers
C154: Clumsy Chicken Clown
C155: Stern Scarecrow
C156: Dogs & Hot Dogs
C157: Smug cockroaches
C158: Distracted Dad
C159: Flippant Angels
C160: Sadistic Dentist
C161: Snake meets hose
C162: Underwater Flight
C163: Rabbit vs Turtle
C164: Dogs in Museums
C165: Back chatting Cartoon
C166: Vampire P/T meeting
C167: Cruiser Bumper Sticker
C168: Skydiver Nightmare
C169: Baby talk
C170: Caveman critic
C171: Airplane bumper sticker
C172: World Wide Wait
C173: Deer heads
C174: Ben Franklin's kite
C175: Artistocratic vampires
C176: Postman goes postal
C177: Lucky vultures
C178: Hitchhiking alien
C179: Doused Olympic flame
C180: Astronaut Golfer
C181: Bird parachute
C182: Tricycle Bumper Sticker
C183: Raining cats and dogs
C184: New Olympic events
C185: View from a bowling pin
C186: Mouscrowave
C187: Candid baby photos
C188: Human autopsy
C189: Nagging cavewoman
C190: Angelic guitarist
C191: Gold egg laying goose
C192: Fly funeral
C193: Wimp lion tamer
C194: Glowing Marie Curie
C195: Praying Mantis wedding
C196: Spiky Puffer fish
C197: Alien view of Hitler
C198: Carrot catwalk
C199: Romantic fly dinner
C200: Probing the Mars face
C201: Desert island signage
C202: Broken sports equipment
C203: Death fishing
C204: End of the rainbow
C205: Injured carrot
246: Sun/moon banter
247: Bull dishwashing
248: Selling to death
249: Horror removalists
250: Hubble bumper sticker
251: MIR bumper sticker
252: Atlantis realtor
253: Stinky baby
254: X-ray Phone
255: Octopus in a shoeshop
256: Life of a grape
257: Punk poodles
258: Ape nitpicking
259: Bigfoot swimmer
260: Typing monkeys
261: Shrivelled raisin
262: Baby vampire
263: Mowing Wimbledon
264: Alien Bumper Stickers
265: Shark TV
266: Baseball signals
267: Jugular Juggler
268: Volcano Climbing
269: Anteater picnic
270: Inappropriate airbags
271: Desert Island dispute
272: Impressive snail home
273: Innovative ant
274: Bee hexicle
275: Kangaroo High Jumper
276: Chickens playing chicken
277: Classical DJ
278: Ape hairdresser
279: Deodorant point of view
280: Royal cards meet joker
281: Oversize floaties
282: Shark grocery shopping
283: Giant ants
284: Giraffes in cinemas
285: Grizzled old candle

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