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This week's idea was suggested by ???.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week: Sluggish Tomb Parasite! This cartoon spoofs that shocker of an episode where Tomb Parasite turns into a real slime!

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by Hanover Fisk. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.


I don't know, but I'm not gonna clean up after him.

Curzon of Dax

The viewers at home needed some one they could relate with.

Curzon of Dax

Maybe I should have gone with the BLUE hydrospray...


We need a new love interest for Kneelicks

Melissa Weisman

Hey we can boost ratings with a bored babe why not a slug?


Let's just say the transploder attendant didn't appreciate his pick-up line...


It's technical. Hand me that saltshaker, would ya?

Theodore Moser

The female ensigns said he was slippery, I guess they were right.


Warp 10 was nature's way of telling him to slow down.


Mr. Parasite has another duty these days...ship's mascot.


I've taken a poll and 47% of the crew thinks it's an improvement.


I believe that Chakotay has switched from "animal guides" to "animal pilots"


I always thought he was "low brow." Warp 10 just enhanced it.


More importantly, why did Kneelicks serve him salt?


A better question is, why has my chief medic just crapped on my bio-bed?


Belanna, missed anniversary, transplodders,. You do the math


Qs prancks are getting more childish every day!

Nathan Renihan

He went to warped ten, not warp ten.

Joshua Devenere

you were expecting a turtle?


Dibs on Bolgna!


And more importantly- does he _really_ need his hair now?


What I'm wondering is why he didnt just grow some bumps on his face like every other alien in the galaxy.


Im not sure... want me to make him some little Sevfleet pants?

Kent Backman

I admit hes always been a bit sluggish, but this is ridiculous


You always said Tomb was a slime ball and now we can prove it!

Benjamin Recchie

It was the closest match in his DNA to a "lounge lizard!"


He has realized his evolutionary potential

I'm a doctor, not a Crocodile Hunter!!

Jarryd Solloway

Doctor: "I wouldn't worry about that, Captain... Mr Neelix says if I can't fix him, he has a wonderful idea for a casserole!"

Toby Chapman

Don't worry about that. According to star fleet anti-discrimination laws you can' t fire him over this !

Sean Stephenson

We'll deal with that later. Help me with this hair transplant first.


He has no mouth, count your blessings.


His 'coming out' as a lower lifeform.


Retrogression therapy turned out a bit too effective.


Genetically speaking, I always knew he was a little "backwards"!


How should I know? I am a Doctor, not Darwin!

Lord Fledrinnian

It now appears Mr .Kneelicks' evening menu will include escargot..


Captain, I'm through explaining Mr. Parasite's little ploys to get out of work.


Let's put it this're not loosing a pilot, you're gaining 'dinner.'


Are you kidding!?! Your pilot has always been a slug!!!


I tried to clone his hair for my own personal use.


At last, proof that nature has a sense of humor.

Maje Culluh

I'd say it's an improvement


Nothing to worry about. It's just his natural form.


He is channeling his spirit animal.

Delta Flyer

He ate Kneelicks' "Sluggish Suprise"

Craig Chaney

your constant baggering has made him revert to his origanl form

John Q. Borg

That's all that was left of him after Bologna caught him ogling the Delinquent sisters.


Inner beauty, they say.


Captain, I think evolving from a leech to a slug is a vast improvement!

save ferris

Slug is as slug does...whatever that means


Dont worry, he's used to degradation.


because he finally reached puberty


His name is Parasite! Do the math!


He perfers to be known as "Evolutionary Impared".

The Penguin Weekly

Would you believe transploder accident?

The Penguin Weekly

Not only are the ratings going down the tube, but so is his DNA!

Mike Howell

Strange anomalies happen when ratings drop

The Penguin Weekly

Hey, you let him volunteer for my trial vaccinations!

The Penguin Weekly

You pilot? I thought he was my medical assitant!

Michael Miller

No wonder its taking forever to get home!


As soon as I find out, I'll repeat... er, reverse the procedure.


You think that's bad - Kuss has turned into a Borg super-Vixen!


They're very sensitive about speed limits in this quadrant

Ryan Thomas

That's how the Paris genome evolves


You've demoted him one too many times!

Tut Rebo- Walk like an Egyptian!

Do the words "Meatloaf ala Kneelicks" mean anything to you?

Lord Fledrinnian

Stop whining or I'll slug you!

Lord Fledrinnian

I guess he is finally coming out of his shell.....


I told you not to send your pilot to transtwerp

scott mcclenny

Just keep him watered three times a day, and be sure to change his cage!

Hanover Fisk

It's no coincidence that all of my medical instruments used to be salt shakers.


Well, that put an end to his days as a 'lady killer'


I don't know. But I have heard that Kneelicks is planning Slug Surprise for tonights main course.


Well, we were taking so long to get to the Alpha Quadrant that I guess he started to feel like one ...


Well, usually the mind goes along with the body, but in this case the body seems to have gone along with the mind.


According to my calculations, Mr. Parasite now represents the ideal Forager viewer.


I think the plan was to make all our other episodes look better.


I've been secretly tampering with his DNA strands to form a...oops...err...I mean "sevspace". Silly me...


Poetic justice, I'd say.


To annoy me, of course! Why else does anyone on this ship do anything?


Mr. Parasite is finally living up to his name.


You are the one who lets them eat kneelics food, captain

Charles Aston

He was just too quick for this show.

Charles Aston

The writers are really stretching on the "rebel" cliche.


Anything to get out of sickbay duty.


Because Cuss already got the patent lock on "ball of light."


Don't be so hard on him. It's not easy being green.


Moichandizing. Beanbag slugs are cheaper to make than plastic action figures.


You want I should salt him?


Never let an angry Klingoff get her hands on a transmogrifier.


Captain, please, be precise. He's a Parasite.


Be grateful. If we had the X Generation's SFX budget, you'd be a slug now too.


Never mind that, did he sign the personal injury or mutation claims waiver before you sent him out?


Sev Happens


Don't worry, it's easily reversible....not that I expect you to use the drive system and then have me spend a few hours treating the crew.

Gul Teral

Thats not Tomb, it's one of Kneelicks' "Todays Special".

Gul Teral

With the progress we're making towards the Alfalfa Quadrant he should fit nicely at the helm.


We deflated his ego.

Ann E. Nichols

A clear case of the inner man breaking out.


The good news is that he trails less slime this way.

Ensign Walkonpart

I used a saline hyperspray.


And why does he STILL have more hair than I do?

Gul Teral

You see a big difference?


Hmmm,evolution in action,but whether it's forwards or backwards is debatable


I think he is reaching out to the underappreciated group of the galaxy: The Viewers.

Bobby(remembering that classic TNG episode)

Huh, talk about rehashing old plot lines,only we don't have Reg Barcode to blame this time


He got in touch with his inner self.


When I say "don't drink that", don't drink it!

Gary Boshears

I'd say it's an evolutionary step forward.

kes the lil sweet ocampa

Well, he had to change back to his natural form sooner or later...

Cmdr. Solomon

UhOh! You mean, he wasn't always a slug? Ooopsie. That's thirty hours of Brilliant surgery down the tubes.


I'm trying to figure out why we still recognize him.


He wanted to 'get back to nature'


Just a case of the personality driving the appearance.


Remember all those shooting stars last week? Somebody made a wish

Matt McCabe

Beats you want it to involve the Bored?

Matt McCabe

Some alien disease, which I will cure minutes before the ending, blah, blah, blah.


You know he does seem rather "sluggish" today!


He deactivated the holodeck safety protocols and ran a simulation of himself.


The same way your hair got turned into a sea urchin.


It's the only way I could get him to eat more veggies and less salt.


The transploder was set on "personality only" transport mode.


His character is going through extreme sterotype!


Mr. Parasite is evolving...into a parasite.


OK Mr. can't get out of sick bay duty that easily!


Most of the women on board think that his true self is emerging!


You know Bologna should be careful what she wishes for!

Petréa Mitchell

You know, most of the female crew already thought he was one.

One of many

It's not really a slug. It's more like some kind of... slimy parasite


Are you talking about Parasite or our first episode?

ScottE Bemeup

You've got to admit he's always been a little slimey.


Ah, a case of Jealous girlfriend operating the transporter controls.

Jack Hammerfist

He evolved to a higher lifeform!

Jack Hammerfist

Chocolatey helped him find his spirit-animal!

Ensign Walkonpart

Bologna just wished on a star.

Ensign Walkonpart

Costume party. Bologna is going as a salt shaker.

Ensign Walkonpart

His old girlfriends put a mojo on him.


You have no idea how good it feels to be free of my ethical subroutines. Could you pass the salt.


My ethical subroutines let this one slide.


He ran into the "show true nature" ray from Zarkon 7.

Gul Teral

I've checked around. The female crewmembers think this is some sort of poetic justice.

Gul Teral

Lets just say that the parasite finally took over.


That no slug captain, its a super salamander


There is no why on forager, just dna or t'na

Harley Cat

Turned into? Or reverted back to?


I dont know but keep him away from Kneelicks cooking. It's full of salt.


He still has more personality than your first officer.

Joona Palaste

Presumably so that he could slither out of duty.

Cmdr. Tony Q

So he could pilot the ship faster than he did before...


He's finally found himself


The budget allowed more than a few bumps on his forehead!


the transplonder pods should be cleaned more often. don't you remember the movie " the fly"?

The Great Wizzard

The plot is bad enough, I refuse to explain its holes!

The Great Wizzard

Dammit, Captain, I'm a Doctor, not a vet!

The Great Wizzard

Does it matter? Can I keep him as ship's pet?

The Great Wizzard

Tha's the best I could do from that primordial slime which came back from the transploder.

The Great Wizzard

Finally we have a character where the physical and mental capabilities match, and you have to complain...

The Great Wizzard

My experiment has succee... i mean sucked!

The Great Wizzard

In my opinion, he hasn't changed much.

The Great Wizzard

His physical appeareance finally matches his mental.


some technobuble particles from sevspace have caused him to revert to his normal form

Phil Price

My dreams must be coming true.

Phil Price

In my opinion he's always been one.

The Great Wizzard

Sev Trek writing rules #47: At least once per season one main character has to have his/her DNA mutilated horribly.

The Great Wizzard

Due to lack of explanations: Sevspace.

The Great Wizzard

It's been "accelerated Evolution"... or was that "Devolution"?

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