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This week's idea was suggested by ???.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Help judge this week's comic strip! We will judge the winning entry of this comic strip at the usual time of Saturday 8am Australian EST. You're welcome to join us at the Sev Trek IRC Channel #sevtrek.

To join, open your IRC software and join the server. Then join the #sevtrek channel by typing the command /join #sevtrek and join in the fun!!

Read the instructions and rules at the IRC Judging Page and a summary of the punchlines at the Finalist Punchlines Page. If you have any other problems getting onto the IRC chat channel or anything, ask your questions at the Sev Trek Discussion Board.

Other Punchlines


White with a harp and wings - ex redshirt


Black (formal suit): Ship's Legal Officer


Bizarre (diagonal multicolored stripes with polka-dots and splashes of tie-die) - Comic Relief


Brown: Waste extraction White gag and straight jacket: PC Directive monitors


Gold: Bold Blue:Flu Red:Dead


Yellow & brown - Why don't they put zips in these things?


Red and vomit yellow: sickbay


Patchwork of Gold, Red, Blue & Various Body Parts: Transporter Inspector/Tester

Vila Restal

Mango with Turqoise piping: interior decorating

Delta Flyer

White with a halo above the head-Ex Cannonfodder


Toga: Party officer


Tight: Female

Nick Foo

Gold: Big Bucks and Fame, Blue: In for the ride, Red: Minimum Wage

Cmdr. Solomon

Gold with red spots: Commander who stood to close to Ensign on away mission.


Gold: Gets any girl he wants. Blue: Girls every seven years. Red: Girls? What are those?


Fluorescent Glow: Warp core engineer


Orange: Maintinance and Clean-up


Stars and stripes - overpatriotic crewmember

MindMelda(who's hubby is a plumber)

Pants slipping down, exposing crack: Ship's plumber.

Geoff Jamieson

Multi-coloured tie-dye: Alien lovin', no- ore- credits- on- the-alien- weed- replicator, empathic crew counselor


Black & White Pinstripes: Accounting


Black with white star-like dots environmental suit: ship camouflage

Trevor Raggatt

Stupid hat: token famous, Oscar-winning barmaid


Big shoes and joker's hat: "comic relief character"


Gold:tear easy cloth,Blue:Boring person Red:saves on blood stain remover,Purple Tie Dye spiral:hippie,Black Cape:Wrong Showg


Short: Quirk-babe wannabe

Gul Teral

grey: crewmember assigned to trivial postings (laundry, warpnacelle supervision etc) and other boring jobs that will keep them out of public view

Gul Teral

flashing alternating colours: non-corporeal crewmembers

Gul Teral

kaki shorts and kaki shirt: envoys for the Federation Wildlife Foundation

Ann E. Nichols

Gold: ego too big Red: ego too small blue: ego just right?


Armani suit: Braga of Bored (with "Continuity is irrelevant" word balloon)


Black and white - nostalgia officer


Green: Environmentalist


Black and white with sunglasses: It doesn't matter 'cause you won't remember them.

Ensign Walkonpart

Beige Overcoat lined with watches, phazers, com badges, toycorders - "Supply" Officer


Mauve: SNAG (sensitive new age guy)


Gold = Tells the joke, Blue = ignors the joke, Red = Is the joke


Bubble wrap - morale officer (for relieving of stress)


Gold: perforated uniform for easy tearing


Purple: Bartender

Phil Price

Red and barely big enough: female

The Penguin Weekly

Beehive and Pointy Glasses: Secretary


Plaid: Haggis patrol.

The Penguin Weekly

Black: Section 47 wannabees

The Penguin Weekly

Gold: Peels off easily


Black: Cleanup crew for Red.

Cmdr. Solomon

Short skirt: Eye candy.


Black: Secret Agent

Cmdr. Solomon

Green: Seasick Ensign.


Almost nonexistent Purple Leather: Kirks latest fling


black gloves, only: Kirk's official girlfriend of the day


Rorschach ink blot - ship's psychologist


Flashing red neon - only to be issued in the event of an ensign surplus


Small checks - accountancy department


Tartan - ship's engineer

Sinkau Baylan

Loose-Fitting Over-Coat - Pregnant Crewmember

Sinkau Baylan

White with an Opalescent Glow - Philosophical being of superior existence


purple - telepathic councelor. orange - fat bartender/blue barber/grey tailor/school teacher..

Sinkau Baylan

Plastic Wrap - Ship's Babe

Hanover Fisk

Pinstripe:Unlamented cannonfodder Translucent: Shirt ripper


Black/leather: bad guy of the week


Seetrough: Babe


Red with yellow stars: Ve Russians inwented itt!

Ensign Walkonpart

Form fitting female jumpsuit - Engineer & Cheer Squad

Ensign Walkonpart

Tattered white shirt and black eye patch: Pirate


Pink with 'hug me' on it: Ship Guidance Councellor.

Ard Hendriks

Red with target painted on it - human shield.

Petréa Mitchell

Leather: Alien menace of the week

The Great Wizzard

Toga: Party service


4. Black: Goth Engineering Crew. 5. Tie-dyed short tunic: In style after the Dr. Severin "Hippie" episode.


Beads, lots and lots of beads. Alien hippie.


Yellow spandex. Superhero.

The Great Wizzard

Green tights: Either ship's babe or Merry Man

Billy Arbco

Hot pink, low neckline, ultra-short skirt: Romantic Interest

Jack Hammerfist

Light Brown Turtleneck Sweater: Precocious Brat. Miniskirt: Eye-candy.


Black:Bad guys(of couse), Green: Looks good in thight uniforms.

The Great Wizzard

Tartan kilt: Token non-American human main character (but it's impossible to take one non-native english speaker...)


Yellow: Coward.

Michael Lewis

Almost nonexistant: Female star of the show.

The Great Wizzard

grey suit: redshirt insurance collector

Amy Tyndall

gold - sex bomb, blue - logical being, red - bad insurance

Amy Tyndall

Red - expendable, silver catsuit - ratings booster


Pink: Politically correct Gay. None: Politically incorrect Alien Babe.,

The Great Wizzard

Bathing Robe: Jedi Knight (inter-series crossover character)

The Great Wizzard

Black cloak and scythe: after cannonfodder

The Great Wizzard

Cat suit: Last desperate attempt to prevent lower ratings


Gold: Gets all Babes / Blue: Who needs Babes / Red: Babes are their least problem / Grey: Gets all Babes that Gold dump / Any with miniskirt: Babes

Dave the Explosive Newt

Covered in drool: Hideous monster blob from the planet Blarrrght.

Dave the Explosive Newt

Ripped: captain.


Pink: Quirks personal plaything


Piece of cloth: Kirk's next score


Purple: Red in disguise


Faded red with age = very lucky ensign!


Green - skimpy as possible = alien babe!

The Great Wizzard

Grey: the low-ranked staff which does all the real hard work but gets overlooked by those morons who are in charge. 'Scuse me if I sound bitter


White: Mental health personnel


Scantily clad: Ratings-booster.

The Great Wizzard

Black: Ship's Undertaker (with that many ensigns killed...)

The Great Wizzard

bright colored costume and a hat with bells on it: Ship's Fool

The Great Wizzard

Bright neon yellow: living target dummy


super gold - a superviser admiral who came to oversee a mission. pink - admiral's aid


Silver Cat Suit: Ship's Babe....Civilian Clothes: Time Travel Plot Hole Specialists


Glowing White - Higher Lifeform Refugee


Psychedelic - Plot Engineering

The Great Wizzard

Brown with green and orange puke stains: chef

The Great Wizzard

Pink: Token gay crewmember

The Great Wizzard

Cleavage: Ship's Babe


Brown corduroy with pocket protector: Nerd.

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