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This week's idea was suggested by ???.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week: Velcrons marrying humans! This week looks at the inexplicable marriage between Spook's stoic dad and his emotional human mother.

Other Punchlines

Juan Deer

I was calculating the perfect wife, I forgot to carry the 5.

Caleb Ronsen

Does the phrase "Phaser Wedding" mean anything to you?

Lt. K'avol

Spook! Every 7 years! C'mon man! How do you do it?


She blinded me with science.

The REAL Catherine Jane(way)

Unlike Velcrons, I can trade her in on a new model every few decades.


Once you go human, you never go back!

Jack Hammerfist

I guess I just ran amok!

J, D, Stiffler

She overcame my logic with Nagging!


Compared to T'Pau? T'WOW!


After six glasses of Romulan ale, you try thinking logically


I didn't realise that she'd age so badly!

Andy Rowe

They life span is so short I can get through a few of them in a lifetime...


In the mirror universe it seemed the most logical thing to do

Jerry Modene

"Subspace-order Brides" fouled up my order.


Your grandfather persuaded me with logic. And a shotgun.


The mail order ad lied about heritage.

Terry Davis

Pon Far and a long way from home!


Son... Ask me again in 7 years, ok?


An experiment in alien biology run amok.


I was also sick of velcron logic from my first wife


Logic dictated that our opposing ids... aw, heck, I was plastered.

Gino Bombeke

I guess I had a mind MELT


Did you know humans can pretend to be vulcans by putting bits of rubber on their ears?

Gemini Orion, Green Lantern of Sev

Same reason that you joined Sevfleet. It annoyed the hell out of my father.

Latin From Manhattan

There are some things that cannot be conceived--unfortunately, YOU weren't one of them!

Cmdr. Solomon

I saw her in Gone Farr illustrated.

Michael Talbot

It was logical to marry the exception to the rule.


Let's just call it a neurochemical imbalance and too much Romulan ale


You know the story... Crew member needs backstory, backstory involves conflict, conflict requires human mother to relate to audience. Same ol' same ol'


We were on Ricki Lake... I was under pressure to comply


To create the only interesting character on this ship

Jack Hammerfist

Trust me, son-- there's NO logic in marriage!

Jack Hammerfist

No one marries for logic, stupid!

Petréa Mitchell

It seemed perfectly logical after that third beer.

Latin From Manhattan

Unlike Velcron females, human females do not get seven-year headaches.


When I saw her in a bikini, all logic fled


Let's see ... a wife who yells at me or one who can read my mind. Which would you pick?

Jack Hammerfist

Her paternity lawyer was worse!


She seemed normal in the chat room.


Love trumps logic.


It was something called 'Temptation Risa'


Never go to a blind date during Pong Farr


When you leave for first contact remember to check if you are in Pong Farr.


Chicks dig the ears.

Captain Carolyn Smith of the USS Excelsior

Never piss off a stage hypnotist.


She thought my big ears were a turn on

P Swayne

Anything was better than K'Pow!

Renegade Borg

She has pointy ears beneath all that hair.


Spooky, isn't it?


Son, it's time to have that talk about the sehlats and the bees.


I hit Pon Farr while we were stuck in an elevator.

9 of 12

For the great feeling of being able to outlive someone!


To seal the union with Starfleet.

Infinite Improbability

She's the only human I know who can do the neck pinch!

Infinite Improbability

After Sybok's mother I needed someone a little more rational!


I used to be a rebel without a logical cause...

The Great Wizzard

It was the only way to protect her from Quirk

ScottE Bemeup

When the Gone Far strikes, you take what you can get.

The Great Wizzard

"Men are from Velcron; Women are from Earth." Unfortunately, noone told me it was meant metaphorically

The Great Wizzard


Jack Hammerfist

Fascinating-- a question by its own answer!

Jack Hammerfist

Why didn't you ask at the wedding?


Those round ears can be hard to resist, boy.

Jack Hammerfist

Logic happens-- as did you.


I was turning 100 and got a mid-life crisis!


Some damn writer trying to make your background more interesting.


I can win all of our arguments!

Jack Hammerfist

I'm TALKING to it!


SPOCK stands for Surpise Package Of [the] Child Kind!

Jack Hammerfist

I see reports of your brilliance are VASTLY overstated.

Jack Hammerfist

Don't they teach ANYTHING at Sevfleet?


I was hoping her ear genes would be dominant.

Jack Hammerfist

Have you priced child-support lately?

Jack Hammerfist

Even YOU can't be that naive, son!

Jack Hammerfist

You were born the next day, math-genius!

Jack Hammerfist

Son, it's time we had "the talk...."

Jack Hammerfist

So much for your "superior intellect!"

Jack Hammerfist

Let's just say it was a "theory of relativity!"

Jack Hammerfist

I guess you're not as smart as they say!

Jack Hammerfist

An ancient human custom involving a shotgun!


So you could struggle with your emotions every other week.

Jack Hammerfist

I was thinking with my Gone-far!

The Great Wizzard

It seemed a good and logical idea at that time. Then I got sober...

Jack Hammerfist

The old Velcron "seven-year itch!"

The Great Wizzard

It happened during my "illogical phase"

Eric de Redelijkheid

Got Pon Far at the wrong time in the wrong place


She was logical at the time.


I always wanted to be on the Jerry Springer show.


I found her logic funny.


You WANTED to be born out of wedlock?

The Great Wizzard

You could as well ask what I was doing on that Wrongulan ship...


I seem to remember why every seven years.

The Great Wizzard

Let me give you one advise, my son: always watch that noone spikes your drinks!

The Great Wizzard

I didn't find out! She wore prosthetic ears until our wedding.

Barry Tuxworth

At the time she was all the rage


Nothing easier than to melt with a blonde.

The Great Wizzard

To give McCorduroy "insult-fodder"


Every husband likes to feel superior.


A warning son: Just say no to spacial anomalies.

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