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This week's idea was suggested by ???.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week: Prophets or profits! We look at the mystic, foggy and let's face it, cheap set of the Prophet's home.

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by Tony Goodwyn. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.

Casey Wright

Hey! The future's so bright, we gotta wear shades, man!


The Pagh-Wraiths stole all our furniture. You're just seeing the walls.


The Emissary is confused. He does not know that minimalism is in this season.

Cmdr. Solomon

Our union is still negotiating for Vorlon funnysuits.


Hey! We're prophets, not interior decorators!

Tom Hyde

The Cue Continum called dibs on the black holes.


We were told white goes with everything.


Did you see all those blue swirling lights when you came in? Do you think those are free?

Blaze of Maquis

It's not a cloud, it's L.A. smog

Mike Howell

You think non-corporeal beings carry credit cards?


It's a god thing.


This is the no smoking section.

joe brooks

We can't turn it off!

Engineman AKAscotty

This empty space devoid of purpose is a representation of your mind......That's why.

Engineman AKAscotty

Of all the questions to ask! Not "why do you resemble my friends" or "why do I hear my heart beating constantly", but why do we live in a cloud.

Engineman AKAscotty

This space is as empty as our meaningless conversation and our hollow phrases.

scott Mcclenny

We'll tell you..only if you can explain the infield fly rule to us first!

Dan Lenk

Two words: 'Soft Focus'

Matthew C. Hintzen

Beacause Earthtones are so infinity minutes ago!! Duh!!!

Dave Sturm

We're not Prophetically Correct

Jack Pitard

We're on Cloud Nine, Cisco. Deep Cloud Nine, that is.


Hey, you! Get off of my cloud!


We exist in your head, the empty space was convenient.


Red pill first, explanation later!


O.K who left the oven on?

Latin From Manhattan

Clouds of dry ice make anything look mystical!


It's to make these two look tan.


It hides the dirt stains


Lets see, Shut up and kiss me? No. Eh Sevspace...naaah done too many times. We do not speak of it with outsiders? Well not great. Because ok? Just because.


It is better than renovating every few millinium.


It's cheaper than a split-level.


Your imagination. You pay for the decorator.

Mike Howell

We're inside *your* mind, chrome dome!

Mike Howell

The Sevfleet Corps of Engineers has us on their "long list."

Mike Howell

When you find a way to bring furniture to the "non-corporeal" existence, you call us!


The F/X team had to choose between Prophets and profits.

Jeremiah Abraham

Did one of you forget to dim the halogen again?


It is NOT white. It is 'Cream, with a hint of ketracel'™


Questions, questions, questions. Don't you ever just want to drop by and say hello?

Timon Lankester

Ever tried to read a prophecy in the dark?


Someone stole theOrb Of Interior Decorating.

Jack Hammerfist

It's that "near-death experience" fad.

Sam the Man

How else are we supposed to appear like Gods


It's the Schidzo's lack of imagination


Cue stole the background scenery.

Jason N. Harker

Hace you ever try to search for an appartment in this section of space ?

David P.

Actually UPN accidentally exposed the film...

Russell S. Boltz

It's Cheep. You get space battles, we get white paint and some lights.


Your eyes haven't acclimatized yet.

The Penguin Weekly

We don't want you to see what REALLY goes on around here.


Welcome to the afterlife, Bun.

The Penguin Weekly

We had green lava lamps until the Bajoran priests stole them.

The Penguin Weekly

If you really want your hair back, you will not ask any more questions.

The Penguin Weekly

To make mere mortals quiver in fear. Um . . . you're quivering, right?

The Penguin Weekly

Our furniture hasn't arrived yet.

The Penguin Weekly

Who let this joker in?

Tom Hyde

It may be a little pretentious, but we call it home.

The Penguin Weekly

You're in our tanning room. Get out!!!

The Penguin Weekly

So your puny mind can comprehend us.

Freddie Freeloader

We switched from regular light bulbs to flourecent ones. They give off more light and we save 4% on our electric bill.


Ever tried to put furniture in a wormhole?


You have sets... we have cosmic powers


Redecoration would acknowledge linear time

9 of 12

It's a symbol of... Well, we never gave much thought to it.

Mentat Tir

This set was a heck of a lot cheaper to make than streets of gold.


Would you preferr it in psycadellic swirls?

Spooky_and_ the_Ice_Queen

Because silver linings are sooo passe.


Because the rights to StoveDoor were too expensive.


It was either this or wearing togas in a "ancient greek" scenerie, like all the other supreme beings on SevTrek.


Because a certain somebody charges the budget with expensive space-battles AND a new haircut!


White? This is white? I told those painters I wanted ecru!

Annatar The Fair

Have you seen the cost of interior designers these days?


Just because we're of Bjor doesn't mean we want to spend time there!


Have you looked into the Bjorn real estate market recently?


You've taken up all the special effects budget, Mr. "2000 Photon Torpedoes".


Ten: Who are you? What do you want? Who do you follow? Middle guy: Tick ...Tock... Worf: Wrong franchise guys.


Don't ask us, it's your vision


It's so bland, it makes you look interesting.


We with awanted to be giant aliens huge temple, but they slashed the budget. So you get glowing room and same old actors.

Michael Daisley

Why do you live in those squishy, hairy sacks?

Michael Daisley

Why do live in a bicycle wheel?


We signed a contract with a White-Out factory- now look at us!


Prophet: We don't...we're fumigating it.


It's usually black, with one incandescent bulb, but thanks to your shiny, bald head...


What's this, an interview for 'Your House and Garden' magazine?


The background decoration will not be installed until Tuesday.


*sigh* I see. He is going to be THAT kind of Emissary.


We rented this space from the Cue Continuum.


It adds ambiente.


Did you come here for advice, or for the guided tour?


It's all in your head. Don't blame us for your lack of imagination.


We could never agree on imagining a furniture.


It's called minimalism.


White, it's the new black this fashion season.


Standard issue for godlike beings.


Because we couldn't agree on any other colour.


We know how to deal with emissionaries who ask too many questions!

steven briggs

because this is the matix, yes, you live in a dream world.


The amount of times your stations break, your planets blow up and your space ships crash - we're probably safer here!

Stefan Vigerske

The Par-Ghosts stole the furniture...


We sacrificed our world so you kids could have a good universe. Don't worry about us, we'll survive somehow...*sniffle*

Infinite Improbability

The creators didn't have the budget for anything except bright lights and white sheets!


Oops you caught us in the middle of redecorating


Do you hate it? Our decorator charged us a fortune for this look!

The Great Wizzard

We prefer minimalistic design

The Great Wizzard

Because you always forget to dim the lights when you're here.


saves redecorating each season

ScottE Bemeup

Helloooo. This is your vision, not ours.

The Great Wizzard

Our appeareance is an illusion, just as your career after this series.

The Great Wizzard

Cheap special effects are reserved for the non-corporeal sphere


Less work for the cartoonist it is.

Cap'n Belcher

To see clearly, one must see through fog

Jack Hammerfist

Why, you know a good decorator?

Jack Hammerfist

We signed a one-eternity lease.

Jack Hammerfist

When the lease says "unfurnished," look out!

Jack Hammerfist

The place came unfurnished!

Jack Hammerfist

Oh, we LOVE riddles!

Jack Hammerfist

Eden was full of HIPPIES!

Jack Hammerfist

SOME people can't turn a light off!

Jack Hammerfist

We mystics stick to basics!

The Great Wizzard

Even gods have a tight budget!

Jack Hammerfist

Oh, the SCHIDZO doesn't like our digs?

The Great Wizzard (Don't worry, I like the effects :=)

To give JC the opportunity to experiment with fancy effects.

The Great Wizzard

Darn! We picked a critic as emmissionary!

Jack Hammerfist

We haven't the foggiest idea!

Jack Hammerfist

It's much softer, and easier to keep clean!

The Great Wizzard

We didn't clean up, so we're blinding you out of embarrassment


Because profits die when we have to build more sets.

The Great Wizzard

If you insist on blowing the budget on at least 2 space battles per epidode...

The Great Wizzard

Our real environment would bust your budget... I mean you can't understand it!

The Great Wizzard

Why do you humans live in such a dirty environment?

Maje Culluh

We save on sets

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