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This week's idea was suggested by ???.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week: Odour & Tequila kiss! Yet another sexual tension was ended when Odour and Tequila finally kiss leaving shippers now to wonder what it's like to kiss a shapeshifter.

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by Lordy. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.

Jack Hammerfist

Dux: Oh Barf! Barf: I agree!

Allan Trainer

Barf: Do you think it will last? Dux: Well she looks pretty wrapped in him.

Rocky Dean

Barf: Great now I have to burn out my cornias. Dux : Is that honorable?


Dux: Love makes people do strange things, doesn't it Barf? Quack: Please, do I have to hear about your honeymoon again?


Quack: I can't believe it! A sideshow and I'm not charging!


Barf: Look at him putting his arms around her. Dux: And around her and around her...


Dux: Never thought Odour would be the type for a solid relation!


Dux: What does she see in him?...Barf: Bah! Every woman wants a man that changes for her.


B: Perhaps today IS a good day to throw up! D: Don't you mean... barf?


Dux: He's puddy in her hands.

9 of 12

Barf: At least he can form a second windpipe to avoid coming up for air!


Quack: Everyone finds a girlfriend except me, and I'm the only one looking!


Barf: Why is such an attractive woman fawning over an ugly, anti-social alien? Dux: Now that you mention it, I don't know why I am.


Barf: That kind of public display is disgusting! Dux: Yeah, only Barf and I are allowed to do that!!

the giraffe

Barf: Get Julian! Quack: so this is making you sick too?


B: "Revolting!" D: "Don't you mean riveting?"


B: "They're going to make me live up to my name!"


B: "I'm going to barf!" D: "Finally living up to your name, eh?"


Barf: All that CGI effect for just one kiss scene... what a waist! Dux: Are you talking about the budget or Tequilla?


Barf: We used to call her Major Kira... Dux: Now we'll just call her major hickey.


Barf:"One bucket please, for me"


What a crushing relationship they have. I want one!

Captain Big Mouth

That gives new meaning to a big wet one


Quack: I lost 2 bets, how could I now that the 2 most unlikely people in galaxy to have a relationship would fall in love with eachother ? Barf: Look who´s talking, Klingoff lover !


Barf: Why don't we ever kiss like that? Dux: You grow some tenticles and we'll see...

Rocky Dean

Barf:Tentacles, disgusting! Dux:Hey, it beats the heck out of cold hands. Just imagine.....


Dux: Oh yeah, now I want to eat.

Jack Hammerfist

B: Imagine those slimy wriggling tentacles! D: Why do you think I'm smiling?

Jack Hammerfist

D: Jealous? B: Show-off!

Jack Hammerfist

I'd as soon kiss a Fungi! D: I can arrange that!

Jack Hammerfist

B: Don't they know they're on DUTY? D: Never stopped you!

Mike Howell

B: It reminds me of Gaagh! D: Funny, it reminds me of you, you big cuddly--wuddly teddybear!


Quack: Ten bucks one of them won't survive.

Ed Dron

Barf: What does she see in him. Dux: Unlimited potential.


B: What are those things?/D: His love handles of course!


Barf: Why don't you ever do that with me. Dux: Face it, you won't melt in my arms.


B: Computer, end program! Q: I'm afraid this is real.


Those writers and their kiss scenes... what is next? Dux: Jelous?

Latin From Manhattan

Quack: I'll give you guys a BIG discount on a holosuite if you'll let me put a videocam inside.

Latin From Manhattan

Barf: Will you two PLEASE get a holosuite!

Jane Garland

Dux: I win the bet, fork it over, both of you lumpy faces.


B: This is repulsive! D: And we are...?


Dux: My 4th host dated a shapeshifter. Barf: I don't want to hear about it!

swiss cheese

Dux: about time, now the show's focus can get back on us


Melts in your mouth, not in your hands


Q: You're happy, they're happy - I sense a disaster coming up.


Oh great. Another workplace romance!

A. Snyder

Barf: I think it's disgusting when different species kiss. Dux: You didn't seem to mind earlier.


Dux: He's putty in her hands.

Gregory Griffiths

Dux: Now watch. We'll find out in four episodes that they're somehow related to each other.

Gregory "Galaxy Quest" Griffiths

Dux: Wow! This takes the Macarena to a whole new level!

Gregory "Galaxy Quest" Griffiths

Barf: If it were any other romance the writers would kill them where they smooch!

Captain Cracka

Barf: What does she see in him Dux: She's just a sucker for Jello/Jelly


Barf: Censors must be down again... Dux: Now is our chance! This is competition Barf!


Barf: Aaahh! I rater kiss a worm than see that... Dux: Barf I did not know you care...

Save Ferris

Dux: I told him to 'get a grip', but this is ridiculous!


D: his hearts in the right place... B: hes has no heart Ducks!...


B: Oh For Petes, Hey! This is a canteen ya know! People are eating here! D: Waiter, Bring Us Some Calamari Please!


B: Good Lord! You Should see Them when they think no one is watching. D: HA! You should see them when they know everyone is watching!


Barf: Today is an extremely good day to die! Dux: Computer, two to beam out into cold dark space.

Infinite Improbability

B: What does he see in him? D: A big lump of protoplasm!


Barf: Quack, I want a LARGE order of calamari... NOW!


Dux: Now there's the definition of a soppy kiss!


Barf: Humans say love is blind. It must have no sense of touch either.

Alex L.

Barf: why does HE get the girls?! Dux:HE can morph into brad pitt!

Latin From Manhattan

Dux: He must give great massages!

Captain Sevway

Barf: "would you look at that?" Dux: "At least she didn't say "Yuk"'


Barf: Typically one eats gagh, not kiss it.

Save Ferris

Barf: I do not believe that is what the director meant when he said "That's a wrap!"

Seven Of Five

Barf: So slimey... Dux: So smelly... Quack: And that's just the Major!


Barf: I don't mind the kissing, but stomachpumpung him out everytime is too much!


Barf: You know what that means... Dux: No female left for you, Quack!


Do you really think this is wise? You know what happened to all of Tequila's previous love interests!


Barf: Shapeshifters kissing Bajorans?!? What's next? My wife switches body?


Either one: At least he's not turning into luminescent vapour and flying around her!


Quack: This just opened up a whole can of worms


Quack: I'm thinking about paying them to stop


Dux: My third host once saw a squid doing that once

Jesse Shearer

BARF: Oh, for the love of Khales, I wish they'd stop that. DUX: I think it's cute. QUACK: It's scaring the customers.

The Penguin Weekly

B: Remind me again why I switched from the Enterforaprize to Deep Sev 9? D: Um, ratings.

The Penguin Weekly

B: Wait a minute . . . I thought Odour didn't have lips!

The Penguin Weekly

D: Whatever happened to us, Barf? B: We got married.

The Penguin Weekly

B: If they keep this up, we're going to end up in late night syndication! D: Um, Barf . . . we've been there all along.

The Penguin Weekly

D: Let me get this straight . . . Odour can't morph to help us win a battle, but he can shapeshift to smooch with Tequila?


Barf: What's this suppose to show? Dux: That he melts in her arms.


Barf: at least he's not wrapped up in himself.


B: I must be hallucinating. No more bloodwine for me.


Dux(to Barf): How come you never kiss ME like that in public?

Renegade Borg

Dax: This is gonna be a looooong episode.

Renegade Borg

Dax: Get a bucket!

Renegade Borg

Dax: Oh, another major-character romance? Any bets on which one they'll kill off?

Renegade Borg

Dax: Sleeping arrangements are going to get tough. Kira will have a hard time fitting into Odo's bucket.


B: She'll drown. D: She already kicked his bucket


Dux: I think I'm gonna barf! Oops... present company excepted!


Dux: Think of what the kids will look like!


Quark: It's good to see him getting wrapped up in something besides his work.

S. Treeton.

W: Why did odo and Kira get together. D: With the war on, this was the only reason we had for even including either of them

Jack Hammerfist

D: Let's see YOU do that! B: Sure thing-- step aside Odour!

Jack Hammerfist

D: Looks like SOMEONE's standing under the mistletoe! B: Bah, humbug!

Ann E. Nichols

Barf: How can she bear to kiss a shape-shifter? Dux: He's always in shape.


Barf: I never understood humans. Dux: He's not human, he's living jelly

Rat Boy

Dux: He melts in her mouth. Barf: And her hands.


Barf: Public diplays of affection are dishonorable. Dux: Oh shut up, you big jerk!


Barf: This is putting me off my gagh. Dux: That's so cute!

Ted Rebovich- You know, from Russia.

Barf: Somebody tell them to get a room... or a bucket.


She's got him twisted around her little finger....

P Swayne

Dux: I've never seen her get so wrapped up in someone before


Barf/Dux: And people said WE were a weird couple.

Jack Hammerfist

Dux: Can't stand affection Barf? Barf: No, I just can't stand Jell-O!

Jack Hammerfist

Dux: Well you TOLD them to "wrap things up!"

Jack Hammerfist

Dux: Think they'll tie the knot? Barf: I'll never eat Jell-O again!


D: "Moment of clarity"? More like "moment of insanity"!


Barf: That shapeshifter should keep his tentacles to himself!

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