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This week's idea was suggested by ???.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week: Future Quirk! We use the City on the Edge of Forever for a different purpose this week - looking into Quirk's disturbing future!

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by TEFII. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.


My... god. I... get... sexier!


Q: Uncanning! B: Unripped?! S: Unfascinating.

robbie {kvock} johnston

tell sqatty he's gonna become a admiral


Spook: Fascinating, future uniforms appear to be extremely rip-resistant.


Oh, I hope they make personal containment fields in the future!!!

Jack Hammerfist

I wanted Arnold's body, but not from "Junior!"

Jack Hammerfist

I guess the movie-camera adds MORE than 10 pounds!


I was supposed to retrieve whales, not eat them!!!

sean finucane

beem him direatly to thin bay

Infinite Improbability

Between me and Squatty, i don't know what keeps the ship up there!

Crazy Velcron


Q: From now on, I'm going to be nicer to Squatty.


Quirk: That explains why I'm going to die alone.

tom patterson

What... am.......i.. wearing.... a... moomoo.....?

Infinite Improbability

I must have given up starship life for a desk. All of the execise from fighting evil and lovemaking keeps me as fit as a fiddle!

Infinite Improbability

No wonder I'm grimacing. There's a containment breach in progress.


Quirk: Oh no! I've got a red shirt on! Mc: Yeah, a very large red shirt.


Quirk: I said "where's my ship? not "what's my shape?"


Q: "NO!!!" S: "Fascinating." M: "You'd better start going to the gym." future Q: "Gym is futile."


Old Q: Don't worry, you still get ladies.

Ron Farquharson

Blimp me up!


McCorduroy: Next stop: Chunkyville. Population: You and Squatty.

Randy Brookes

Spook! new...DOCTOR!

Renegade Borg

Quirk: What are you staring at people? I'd like to see how YOU will look in another 50 years.

One Ted Rebo Combo with fries

Good... Heavens, Buns! It's... the ghost of... Christmas pie!

Renegade Borg

Quirk: I'm depressed. I think I'll go eat something with lots of fat in it.

Renegade Borg

Quirk: I am going to be infected with tissue-fattening, wrinkle-creating parasites!!!

Jack Hammerfist

Guess I better NOT eat this donut!

Lt Prometheus

Kirk to Enterprise....Scotty, can I borrow your spare girdle?


FQ: I boldly went where no man has gone before. Q: Couldn't you boldly go to the gym?


Q: Buns, how could you let me get like this? M: Dammit, Gym, I told you to try salad sometimes!

Jay Berryhill

Egads!!... My hair.... looks.... fuller.... almost... eal...


Q: Argh! M: They say cameras add 10 lbs.... so how many cameras are actually on you ?

shameless trekkie

That can't be right. I have hair.

André Gatien

Argh! I've turned into squatty!


It's the giant doughnut of evil proportions!


Red is definitely not my color!


Spook: It seems Captain that in the future the transploder will combine you and Snotty into one person!


Spook, do these pants make me look fat?


Urghhhh! Get away - you ugly wig wearing fat man

Infinite Improbability

Uh ... Guardian ... you're just toying with me, right?

Latin From Manhattan

Quirk:"That can't be me!!" McCordoroy: "Yes, it is. You're fat, Gym!" Spook: "Fat-cinating."

P Swayne

What did I do? Eat Squatty?

Ego Atenji

My God! How is one suppose to rip a shirt like that?!


Q: "NO!!!" S: "Fascinating." M: "You'd better start exercising, Gym." future Q: "Exercise is futile."


Wasn't this supposed to be a FIVE year mission?!

Andy P

Squatty... prepare to.... activate the temporal... lyposcution!!!!!!!!!!

The Twonky

OK, how the heck do I get busted back down to redshirt?

Delta Flyer

Both Quirks: Now theres one good looking fellow!


That can't be me- the shirt's not ripped!


Buns, get to work on an anti-fat drug- now!


Spook! Shoot me now!

meggy eel

i'll be good! i'll be goooood!!!!


Very funny Spook, now get rid of the funny mirror!


Uh...I'd rather see my PAST!


Dammit Spook, adjust the horizontal hold!


That'll teach me to laugh at Squatty!


The loss of hair I can handle....but THIS?


That's it - NO more skipping workouts!


Note to self: Start diet IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!


PLEASE tell me this is a false vision!!!


Talk about the City of the Edge of Fatever!


Spook: It's logical to say that your days of womanizing, are over.


Why am I wearing a tent!?


I always thought it would happen to Squatty, not me!


Have they banned girdles?!

Art DeBuigny

Q: But Buns! B: Dammit, Gym, I'm a doctor, not a whale biologist. Guardian: Speaking of whales....

Art DeBuigny

Spook: I believe an ancient 20th century saying is appropriate. Hey, Hey, Hey!

Art DeBuigny

Spook: All needs aside, it appears as if the few, you, outweigh the many!

Art DeBuigny

Aghh! Must..make...someone else...fatter! Quirk to Squatty, report to the mess hall on the double!


Good god! At least I still have my hair...

Art DeBuigny

Hmmm. Looks like I'll be dying alone.

47 of 1701

Q: Will I gain so much weight that they will have to change uniforms again.

David Roe

Quirk: How can I possibly explore strange new women like that?!?


Q: "NO!!!" S: "Fascinating." M: "You'd better start exercising, Gym."


Q: Don't they have girdles in 50 years?!


Q: Incredible! I still have the same hair-piece.

Save Ferris

The ghost of Christmas future didn't warn me about that !


McCorduroy: You're fat, Jim.

Trevor Raggatt

WHen they said I was going "wide-screen", I thought....

mike culp

I guess sequels DO add ten pounds to a man...

Andy P

Spook prepare to send my girdle fifty years into the future


Damm! - even in the future I look good!!! (guys never admit that it's fat - it's just muscle!)


OK, now show me AFTER my first cup of coffee!


Did i eat Snotty?


Aaah! Unrippable shirts!


That's one long-lived trubble!

George Tait

My god...I'm...all our tommorrows roled into one.


Damnit! This new uniform makes me look fat!


Spook, please tell me, that this is just a possible future!


Turn... the.... dial... turn... the.... dial!!!!!!


McCurdoroy : See? That's what happens to greedy people who gobble up all the screen time.


Quirk : Eek, what happened to him? McCurdoroy : A rare disease that causes one's belly to swell in proportion to one's ego.


Future Quirk : Never too much of a good thing.


McCorduroy: He has finally gotten bigger than his ego

The Great Wizzard

Cool! Uniforms which don't look like pyjamas!


Quirk: Aaaagh! I'm....old! Spook: To deny one's mortality is illogical, Captain. McCorduroy: In other words, one day you'll be dead, Jim.


He is repulsive, yet strangely attractive.

The Great Wizzard

Ok Squatty, you can eat that donut

The Great Wizzard

It's got to be a fake! No girdle can be that strong!

The Great Wizzard

It figures... From a Donut-shaped object...

Andrew Chrapot

Ugh! At least I still have hair


O my God! It's going to blow! RUN!

Crazy Vulcan

Oh... my... god! I... don't... have... any... sex... appeal!

Joona Palaste

Egads! I'll turn into Squatty!


Please tell me this is a distorting mirror.

The Great Wizzard

(both Quirks): D'OH!!!

The Great Wizzard

Oh no! I'll be wearing red!

The Great Wizzard

So that is "The Curse of Directing"

Quirk: "Captain's Personal Log - Note to self, travel back in time and destroy Twinkie factory!"


Sev!! - I've been made pregnant by that Trubble on my head!!!

The Penguin Weekly

You call that a uniform? It's unrippable and takes forever to take off!

The Penguin Weekly

Old Q: I'm a vision of your future. Q: More like a nightmare!

The Penguin Weekly

And you say that you still attract women? Hmmmmm . . . not bad, not bad at all!

The Penguin Weekly

What next? A vision of a pile of rocks in the middle of nowhere as my grave?

The Penguin Weekly

Are you sure that's not Squatty?

The Penguin Weekly

I can't believe that in the future I lose my girdle and my Trubble starts to decay!

The Penguin Weekly

Old Q: You must preserve the timeline. Q: To hell with the temporal prime directive! Spook, sign me up for some Son'a face lifts NOW!

The Penguin Weekly

Old Q: Quirk . . . I am your own father.

The Penguin Weekly


The Penguin Weekly

Eep! A shirt that doesn't rip!!!

The Penguin Weekly

Spook? You stand in front of this thing . . . I think it's broke.

The Penguin Weekly

Eep! I'm wearing red!!!


Note... to... self... get... better... girdle...

LT Strawser

Quirk: Oh Great Squats!

Infinite Improbability

I'm a redshirt? Watch out, future me! You'll be dead in seconds!

Jim Pfingst

You're not only the captain, you're a member. CAPTAIN: Harlan put you up to this, didn't he?


My uniform!!!! It's not ripped in the future!

Ann E. Nichols

Good Lord! Do you see the padding on that uniform?!

Ann E. Nichols

It's gotta be a fake -- my shirt's intact!

Ann E. Nichols

Please, somebody tell me this is a funhouse mirror!


I didn't think moving to the big screen would make *me* bigger!


How is it that I have more hair?

Jay Berryhill

Ouch... The future hurts...

Jay Berryhill

Quickly!, switch to the Tall, Thin view screen!!

Jay Berryhill be...seeing..double...

Jay Berryhill

No worries Spook, the futureseing thingie always adds a few pounds..



The Trivial Psychic

I didn't realise the universe was expanding THAT fast.

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