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This week's idea was suggested by ???.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week: Quirk dewigged! Here's another imaginary Sev Trek event that is long in the coming - the dewigging of Captain Quirk.

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by The Great Wizzard. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.

The Retaliator

Greeny: "Your hair is fake!!!" Quirk: "I'll bet you have some parts that aren't real either if you know what I mean..."

The Retaliator

Green gal: :"Ahh! It's a Tribble!" Quirk: "The Heck with setting phasers to kill, it's Judo chop time!"


Quirk: Uhm, ... I lost it in a fight. Babe: Yeah, with TIME!

The Heretic

B:You're truly as bold as you said!!Q:I didn't mean "that" kind of bold when I said it!!

Jack Hammerfist

B: It's not easy being green! Q: Don't flip your wig!


Girl: A toupee? Quirk: Squatty calls it a "Thermal Regulator"!

Cmdr. Solomon

G:Eeeeeeeeeek! Q:Nooooooooooooo! Trubble: Squeeeeeeeek?


Quirk: What are you doing? Babe: Getting rid of your trubbles.


B: Hey I could sell this on E*Bay... Q: over your dead body... which could be arranged...


B: A wig? Q: I prefer the term Hairextensions!

brian behrens

A tarantula!!!! That's my wig you otherwordly piece of broccoli

Dave the Explosive Newt

Caption: Tune in next week for more hair-raising adventures with Captain Quirk


Aaagh!! / Quirk: Blasted standard Sevfleet issue Sev Glue!!!


Orion: A trubble! Quirk: I'm in trubble!


alien:"aaah a tribble!!!!!" Q:"that's why the Klingons hate my!"


Animal Woman: "Gyah!" Quirk: "Unhand 'Cuddles', fiend!"

Mike Howell

GAB: Aaaah! What is this thing? Q: We had to do *something* with those Trubbles from episode 42!


ailen babe: So it true!!! Quirk:yes all male sev fleet captians are Bald


B: I didn't mean to pinch hard Q: How dare you!


Green: Eeek!! Q: Stupid hair club. They said no one could tell!!

The Penguin Weekly

B: It's alive! Q: McCoy said the sedative wouldn't wear off for another hour!

The Penguin Weekly

B: Argh! Trubbles are our archenemies! Q: You told me you were an Orion slave girl!


B: What's this? Q: A whole lot of Trubble!


Babe- What's this? Quirk- It's a tribble. We had so many of them on the ship that I stopped replicating toupees.


Babe-You had a tribble on your head! Quirk- Well at least you know I'm not a klingoff.


Babe: Oh my gosh, it's moving Q: Quirk to Enterforaprise, send down another trubble!


Babe- You told me your hair was real! Quirk- It is real, just not real hair.


Babe- I knew it! Quirk and Pickhard are one and the same! Quirk- Don't tell your friends! I'll never get another date!


GAB: You're bald! Q:It's a requirement for Sevfleet captains.


You just wait! In 30 years all Captains will be like this!

Infinite Improbability

Orion slave girl: What a shiny head you have! Quirk: The better to dazzle you, my dear.


Qurik: Blast this low budget glue!


Quick. Get Spook. I need the velcron hair grip!


Green: It's alive! Quirk. Squatty said he got rid of all those!

Ego Atenji

OSW: What? Q: Damn! I shouldn't have had the guy doing my shirts fixing the hair as well!

Latin From Manhattan

Green Babe:"What's this, a tribble?" Quirk: "Let go before it bites you!"


GAB: "You're bald!" Q: "You're brocoli!"


GAB: Captain, what happened to your hair? Q: The tribble ate it!


Quirk: Heel boy, heel! Alien babe: Ahhh! It's attacking me!


Alien babe; What the?... Quirk: First you tear my shirt, and now this!


Babe: You're hair exploded! Quirk: At least it wasn't my girdle.


Alien babe: What's this? Quirk: Give me that back, before I flip my wi.... er, uh, yeah.


Girl:Uh,Captain?! Qurik:Crap! I knew I shouldn`t have bought it on sale at sev mart!


B: This tribble looks angry! Q: Put it back! You'll ruin the symbiosis.


Babe: You've lost your hair! Quirk: Looks like I'm getting promoted to admiral

Jane Twyning

Alien "Hair today?" Quirk "And gone tomorrow!!!"


Babe: 'I'm sorry guys can we have another take please?' Quirk: 'Not a chance, that's the 205th time that's happened!'


Babe: Captain, your hair is sticky! Quirk: i knew i put too much glue... on the wrong side


Green chick: Do all of your species have detachable hair? Q: Just give it back, I'm still making payments.


GAB: Eeek! Q: Hey... get your own trubble!

The Great Wizzard

Both: Here's trubble!


Green Alien Babe: "Oh My God!!! It's a trubble" Quirk: "What's the problem, you're not a klingoff."."


alien babe: What is this, a trubble?! Quirk: Emergency, Scotty! She's uncovered my "forward deflector"!

The Great Wizzard

Q: If you were a redshirted ensign, I'd have to kill you!

P Swayne

Babe: It must be fall! You're losing your foliage!

The Great Wizzard

Both (singing): Nobody knows the trubbles I've seen...

ScottE Bemeup

Babe: I didn't expect a souvenir. Q: Did you expect to get paid?

ScottE Bemeup

Babe: I didn't know you were shedding. Q: I didn't know you were unemployed.


Babe: "Is this a rug?" Quirk: "Of course not. It's a hair-eating Tribble!"

The Great Wizzard

Q: Note to self: Next time, use super-glue

The Great Wizzard

Babe: Oh no! I'm allergic to rat-fur!

The Great Wizzard

Q: I said rip my SHIRT, not my HAIR!


Quirk: Beam me up, Squatty...and the wig too!


Babe - Captain, your hair is alive! Quirk: It must have eaten the toupee glue!

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