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This week's idea was suggested by ????.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week: Quirk kisses his clone! Well, not strictly true but when Quirk kisses a beautiful supermodel, little does he realise he's actually kissing a shapeshifter that will end up looking like himself.

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by MindMelda. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.

Doug Wilson

Does this mean the engagement is off?


It was the same shock to me, I promise!


well you did

Doug Wilson

"And now I guess you want your gum back."

ich bins

At least my hair is biodegradable.

Trevor Raggatt

Oh the sweet irony!

Trevor Raggatt

THat's not the worst part. I've got cooties!

meggy eel

I can't believe it's real hair!


Yeah...they usually kiss me after I tear my shirt


You'd be surprised how often I hear that


i cant beleive how fat you look in that top!


No one can resist the Quirk Manueveour.


Not all species have their lips on the same place

Doug Wilson

Doctor: "Gym! Get a hold of yourself!" Quirk: "I did!"

Doug Wilson

Your name isn't "Quirk" for nuthin'!

Jo Olsen

Quirk imposter: That was good huh? Now you'll be the envy of all your friends. McCorduroy: Jim, I'm a doctor, not a therapist.


But you still didn't have to tongue me.


Oh for crying out loud, you kiss EVERYBODY!


McCorduroy: He finally starts to understand what we think when he meets the latest alien of the week!


Disturbing isn't it?

Philip Herlitz

Hey, at least with me you can have best of both worlds.


It made me all tingly inside!

admirably lost

yes it is two Quirky to believe


They all do, eventually.

Lt. Yoohoo

Why not? It's a dream come true for me.

Doug Wilson

Mother always waarned me about guys like me!

Doug Wilson

. . . Just DON'T run your fingers through my hair!!

Doug Wilson

And it proved one thing- I do need a shave!

Doug Wilson

You boldly went where no man has gone before- plenty of women though!!!

Doug Wilson

I can't believe I'm that bad a kisser!

Doug Wilson

Me neither, I usually wait for the THIRD date!

Doug Wilson

What the Doctor might call, "mouth to mouth regurgitation."

Doug Wilson

That was YOU?! I thought it was the poodle on your head!

Doug Wilson

Well, YOU DID- and I have the hickey to prove it!

9 of 12

Noone can resist the QUIRKSTER!

Billy Arbco

McCorduroy: I can't believe it took six movies for them to do this gag.

Billy Arbco

What? I just reached into your mind to find the image of the person you loved most!

Seven Of Five

You kiss anything on two legs! In fact, you kiss anything WITH legs! In fact, you kiss ANYTHING!

Mark Ivey

Look, it's your last movie, you might as well get all the lip action you can!

Save Ferris

I can't believe you don't want another try at it !

Trevor Raggatt

I see you're in touch with with your feminine feelings at last!

Trevor Raggatt

Now you know how the female of the species feels

Trevor Raggatt

Come on, babe. Pucker up, you know you want to...

Trevor Raggatt

Why not? THis is the human form you are most in love with.

Johnny B

I know. With an ego like yours it was probably your lifetime ambition.


i cant believe this isnt my real hair.


Well you've kissed everyone else, i was starting to get jealous

Cmdr. Solomon

McCorduroy and Clone: Oh please, as if you didn't want to.

Cmdr. Solomon

McCorduroy: Don't listen to him. I treated him last week for a cut lip when he kissed his mirror too hard.


You didn't know your face went like that.


now you can imagine, how I felt!

Cmdr. Solomon

Oh Please, like it isn't a life long dream fulfilled.

Jack Hammerfist

Was it good for me too?

Huw Hay

And I can't believe I kissed back


I know, its always hard to believe when your dreams come true!


Hey, I can't believe I decided to look like you


That explains why you're called the Great Pucker of the Galaxy.


I can't believe you put that thing on your head and call it hair.


Hey, I was a mirror in your room the other day. Don't tell me you don't kiss yourself!


I can. I was fabulous!


Do not blame me, blame my super great charms


Galaxy run out of babes huh?


Oh come on, have you counted the lip marks on your mirror ?


McCorduroy: So they *were* *are* in love with yourself!


I know! I'm neither female nor green!

The One and Only Q

Since when do you care what you kiss?


what do you mean, you've wanted to kiss yourself for years!

The Penguin Weekly

Oh, you loved it.

The Penguin Weekly

Why not? Because this time it wasn't a mirror?


McC: He's Gym, Gym.


McC : Ack! Thanks for that image.

Khalas, wondering who actually chooses what lines make it into the Finalist punchlines...

Countless women have said the same, about you!


At least I didn't say "Yuck"


Sort of makes your mirror obsolete, doesn't it?


You're telling me! God knows what I've got now!


Yeah, you and the rest of the quadrant.


bones: must have been a lifelong ambition


MC: What *haven't* you kissed?


Now you know how all of those women felt!


And, you'd do it again in a heartbeat!


That tongue was a nice touch.


You know you love me!


Admit it! You've always wanted to!

Hector F

Clone:Oh, Come on, that's always been your dream!

Captain Carolyn Smith of the USS Excelsior

The feeling's mutual.

Captain Carolyn Smith of the USS Excelsior

Admit it, you're not.


....and only once too!


Yes, you are one of the lucky ones.


Would you rather kiss a salt vampire?


So why did you stop with just a kiss?


How could you say no?


You couldn't resist me!


McCorduroy: "I can't believe she kissed you!"


Oh come on -- you know I'm your only true love.


McCorduroy: "I can't believe there's some being you HAVEN'T kissed."


It seems it doesn't take opposites to attract.


I can't believe it took you this long!


You can't resist your own charm, can you?


McCordoroy: We always knew you were in love withyourself Jim

The Great Wizzard

"KISSED"???? We went MUCH further!

Cmdr. Tony Q

I hear that a lot of times...


McCurduroy : Since when are YOU so particular about what you kiss?

Ann E. Nichols

I can't believe ANYONE's kissed you!

Ann E. Nichols

Why? You expect everyone to kiss up to you.


Was it as good for you as it was for me?

Bill Harris

Why not? You've kissed everything else?


I know, i was good wasn't i.


McCorduroy: Don't say a thing, his ego is big enough as it is!!!


Does this mean we're not having a second date?

The Great Wizzard

You kiss everything that moves!


What's wrong with a little narcism?

Luigi Novi

Are you afraid you might catch something from yourself?

Luigi Novi

Oh? You mean you missed that last-minute addition to the script by Leonard Nimoy?

Luigi Novi

Since when are YOU so discriminating?

Luigi Novi

Why? You've kissed everyone else, haven't you?


I can't believe I liked it!

Spockman#77 and Leia the blonde!

Man! Am I a great kisser or what?

Jim McNamara

With your ego, it was a logical next step.


McCouduroy: Looks more like an out of shape shifter!


McCouduroy: Dammit Gyms, I'm gonna be sick!


At last, someone truly worthy!


Frankly, I don't blame you!

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