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This week's idea was suggested by ????.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week: Anticlimactic kiss! Fans wanted it for 10 years but when the sexual tension was finally resolved between Piker and Tryhard, it was all a bit of an anticlimax (much like the movie in gerneral).

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by Seeker. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.


You misheard, I said "schmuck".


Retch, gag, barf. Its all the same.


Well, you burped in the middle.

Bill Harris

We're PG, so that's as strong as I can make it.

Ann E. Nichols

Lose the beard/it's way too rough/I refuse to kiss/That scratchy muff.


Just because you're Willing doesn't mean I am.

Cmdr. Solomon

They don't call you "Potty Mouth" Piker because you curse a lot. Geeze, Brush your teeth.


Sorry, flashback to Barf. Old habits die hard


Let's face it. In spite of all the practice you've gotten, you're still a lousy kisser.


I accidently read your mind.


I think there's still some of yesterdays lunch stuck in your beard


oh, sorry, I meant YUM

P Swayne

How about "Your breath could stop a tank", Dweeb!


You dump me and then expect me to come crawling back after one kiss years later? I don't think so.


Hmm. I got a hairball last time


I couldn't find your lips!


You betcha, Brillo-Face.

Mr. Spork

I was being nice. I could have said "That was worse than the time I kissed Barfly".


Fine then: Eeeeww!


I would have said more, but a bug crawled from your beard into my mouth!


Next time, Tryharder!


Rejection is part of my counselling technique.


You don't taste like Barf!

brian behrens

Yeah, all I kissed was hair


I sense you are hurt. Tell me about it.


The captain is a better kisser than you... so I sense


I would have expected a lot from the Piker manoeuvre


What kiss? I sensed nothing!


Not yuck at the kissing, yuck at your thoughts!

Art DeBuigny

Well, you haven't brushed your teeth since you lost your toothbrush on the Enterforaprize-D


You wanna hear what you had for lunch?!


Would you prefer some colourful metaphors?


You've been eating anchovies again ! That's why I dumped you last time!


I didn't think screaming, "Eww, get your grubby paws off me, dork!" would have worked with the 'shippers.

the MASK

After hearing 'Oh, Jean-Luc' the moment was gone.

the MASK

My lip got pierced on your beard

the MASK

I said 'no tongues involved'


I thought of something else, but it's a family movie!

Noel Harris

Of course yuck! You need to lay off the Garlic Bread!

Jack Hammerfist

I've just never kissed a lint-trap before!

Jack Hammerfist

Screaming "Dog germs!" was taken!

Jack Hammerfist

It's the first time I've coughed up a furball!


I've still got some hair stuck between my teeth!

Luigi Novi

I sense great EGOMANIA, Commander.

Luigi Novi

I'd say "shields up," but that never works with you.

Luigi Novi

You know how they say that when you kiss someone, you're kissing everyone THEY'VE kissed? Well, the cologne Ensign DeSoto on Deck 40 wears in a bit strong.

Luigi Novi

You're beard is dirty. Get in the tub. Now.

Luigi Novi

What would you prefer? Will, please marry me by the next movie? Yeah, right.

Luigi Novi

This is a movie. Dialouge suffers in favor of big explosions and special effects.

Luigi Novi

At least I didn't call out someone else's name like YOU did!

Luigi Novi

Given the number of people YOU'VE kissed, you've probably used up every word in the dictionary!


Well if you look up what it means in Klingoff then the English version doesn't sound so bad.


There's just too much fuzziness between us.


What, and follow my real feelings, like a Gag-reflex?


try it again without the beard!


No, I said "rug", as in your beard looks like a rug.


It's called comic relief.


Well, we have to keep the movie PG 13!


It was like eating Gagh.....all slimy and wriggly!


Sorry - Woof flashback!


You've lost your touch, and I'm about to lose my lunch. Better?


Oh, you mean you wanted me to lie?!?

Juan Deer

Not the kiss, the broccoli you had for lunch.


I can think of MANY synonyms. Eww, gross, disgusting...


It wouldn't have been so bad if you didn't have gum stuck in your beard


If you can think of a better response, I'd like to hear it


Someone didn't take a sonic shower!


If you will insist on eating garlic and English mustard sandwiches for lunch!!!


your beard tastes like mouldy carpet!!


Well, it wasn't too bad...if you like kissing a broom


You should try CLEANING that beard. I think there's something dead in it!


You'd prefer it if I said "Barf"?


It has been 10 years Piker! You could have shaved!


Somehow, I imagined it would taste like chocolate.


Hey, I read that from YOUR mind!

Ego Atenji

I had too much hair in my mouth to say anything else!


I sense incredularity.


It *is* my job to state the obvious, you know.


Well, next time, don't think about Pickhard while making out with me!


Perhaps it's the fact that you store food in there from last week

Rat Boy

Let me rub sand-paper up and down your face and see how you feel!


I happen to dislike kissing furry animals!


"Ok, BLECH! Happy now?"


It wouldn't have been so bad if you're beard hadn't regrown mid-snog...


It would be better if it was as smooth as a baby's butt

Ann E. Nichols

You've got a face full of steel wool pad and you expect passion?

ScottE Bemeup

I sensed life forms in your beard.

ScottE Bemeup

I used to get lost in your eyes. Now I get snagged in your beard.

ScottE Bemeup

You do realize the term "soup strainer" is in gest, don't you?

ScottE Bemeup

Yesterday's lunch is still stuck in your beard.

ScottE Bemeup

I'm sensing boredom. Oh wait, that's me.

The Great Wizzard

Say whatever you want about Barf but at least he could kiss...


Have you been eating Guano's pretzels again?!

Med Rebo- Clear!

Well, if you washed your beard every so often, we wouldn't have to worry about fleas, now would we?


Oh sorry...*swoon, swoon, faint, gasp, Oh Will!, swoon, swoon...*

The Great Wizzard

Not even Barf smells that bad!


You don't have to be Betazoid to sense bad breath!


I'm sensing nausea...and it ain't yours!


I'm sensing that I'm gonna barf!


It's like kissing a Trubble!


Should have waited ANOTHER 10 years!

Nick "Naraht" Frame

I'm traumatized....I think I'll crash the ship

Nick "Naraht" Frame

well, that's the only PC thing I can say....

Nick "Naraht" Frame

Look, "Tall, Dark and Tribbled...."

Tracie Shorette

Get the tribble off your face and then we will talk.


Just because I'm a bimbo doesn't mean I don't have taste.


I'm sensing you need a breath mint!


Would you prefer 'retch'?!

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