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This week's idea was suggested by ???.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week: Bashful's hollowdeck programs! Dr Bashful seems to have bizarre hollowdeck tastes that give even Rig Barfly a run for his latinum! Why such weird tastes (apart from the fact that it gives them an easy episode when they run out of stories)?

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by neilinoz. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.

Cmdr. Solomon

Uh, what would be the point of programming hollowdeck babes to ignore us? We get enough of that in real life.


Bashful: I live for the excitement. O'Blimey: It's a hollow existance.

Dave the Explosive Newt

Bashful: Because my name's Bond, James Bond. O'Blimey: His brain's been shaken, but not stirred.


"Hollowdeck? We just came form the bar!"


who cares about hollowdeck programs? don't i look amazingly hansome?


Bashfull: "What else am I supposed to do in between my pointless token scenes?" O'Blimey: "You could have at least enabled the safety protocols!"


Bashir: Oh no they know too much! Obrien: Put down the water pistol Julian


Bashir: Call it research Obrien: We've learned a lot of colorful metaphors


Bashir: Greetings martians! O'Brien: He's getting into character


obrien: He's doing research for when he becomes a spy for Section 31

M Beaumonte

"If you've been on DS9 as long as we have....." "You'll agree the hollowdeck is more believable than most of our storylines!"

Luigi Novi

The hollowdecks weren't invented for mentally stable people!


JB: It's foreshadowing for my future involvement in a secret federation agency...oops, I've said too much!


The writers are trying to teach the crew how to act!


Sorry, that's classified.

hmp murdock

-I'm Barfly's long lost brother.

Jay Richards

Bashful: "It knocks the spots off the ladies!" - O'Blimey: "Just humour him."

Kirk's Wig

Guy on left: Hey its better being someone else rather than being the dull, lifeless shell that I am... Eyepatch guy: Speak for yourself, I do this so I can get babes to ask me out, but somehow I think choosing the holodeck name of "One-Eyed Willy" isn't going to get me babes.


Weird from the point of view of someone dating a pile of goo?


Bashful: It's the only time I know I'm gonna win. O'blimey: Apart from darts.

the MASK

Bashful "Either that, or sawing off legs" O'Blimey "I'm outta here"


B: But, I love playing secret agent ! O: It's time for your nap, Bashful.

Emergency Command Hologram

I have to have something to do. Were sitting still for gods sake.


I have a better question: how come you date an ooze bucket?

Mr. Spork

Why do you have a wierd taste in ear rings?


B: Weird? You're in love with slime and she's in love with Barf. Who's weird? O: Am I the only normal person here?


B: It's the only way to get any decent screen time. O: I'm only here to get away from my kids.


Bashful: Weird Reality Craves Weird Fantasy

babylon5 crusade

It takes me away from my fictonal life.

Scott McClenny

Dr.Bashful: SURVIVOR wouldn't take us!


"I'm a doctor, not a director!"; "Can we just finish this "GoldPressedLatinum Finger" program?

Misplaced Mage

"Weird is in the eye of the beholder." "By the way, have any of you seen mine?"


JB: What else should I do in my spare time, infiltrate a rogue Starfleet intelligence agency?


Well I tried out the Hoobishian Baths program but the whole half naked Thrill men thing just did not do it for me


Why do YOU have such a weird nose!


B: "It was either this or darts" O: "And this is why not darts."


Two words: spin-off.


Bashful: This one wasn't weird. O'Blimy: Ya haven't seen the medieval stuff I see.


Bashful: for once I would like to be the hero, save the world and get the babe. Chief: ...and use cheat codes.


im a secret agent, not a doctor!


it gives me a chance to practice my accent


Dr: The lassie is in distress!/Obr: Yeah? So's my eye!

Renegade Borg

Bashful: Eccentricity makes for clever storytelling.

Harley Cat

(B) You sit here at Quark's and call my Hollowdeck programs weird? (O) This place is the stuff "weird" is made of

Latin From Manhattan

Bashful:"Garage is teaching me how to be a spy!" O'Blimey:"And I'm teaching him to be an Irish terrorist, just like me grandad!"


Bashful: If I shoot at the patients in sickbay I need to put them back together afterwards.


Bashir: It's the only place I can play with a big gun. O'Brian: There are some things an engineering kit just can't satisfy.

Smith_and_ Wesson

Simple. It gives me a chance to shoot at O'Blimey.

Chris Adolph

To replace this show with better one about spies. We'll call it "British secret agents and bikini clad super models". So whats your bikini size?

Jack Hammerfist

B: They cause more injuries! O: He's a doctor on commission!

Jack Hammerfist

B: Normal ones don't screw up as much! O: Neither do normal doctors!

Jack Hammerfist

B: You'd rather one with "personality?" O: Please, NOT Sick Fountaine!

Jack Hammerfist

B: I'ts better than Sick Fountaine! O: What isn't?


I prefer to think of them as learning experiences. In that case, may I be excused from the next cliff-diving lesson?

Joona Palaste

Bashful: It helps me learn about the human body. O'Brain: Yes, how to break parts of it!


B: The producers bought the whole "James Bond Set" and I'm the only one looking good in a tuxedo


B: I have to do SOMETHING to make myself interesting. O'B: Yeah, but to whom?


B: Ask our holonovel creator O: Barfly


B: Heck, they're more normal than my real life!


B: It's either this - or darts. O: And I'm $*#@ tired of losing at darts!


B: Weird? You mean everyone doesn't like murder and mayhem?


O: It's cheaper than therapy B: Until Edgy arrives


Bashful: Because I don't have a wife O'blimey: And I do!


I can't get any of the real women here to take me seriously. O: Like right now?


B: Well, I have to work off all this adolescent energy somehow? O: I'm here as a babysitter, then?


Like I had to twist your arms to come along!

The Penguin Weekly

B: Hey, we need to get dates somehow. O: Speak for yourself!

The Penguin Weekly

It's called fun . . . you should try it some time.


Bashful: They make me look good! O'Blimey: Can't say the same for me.


Bashful: Do you expect me to talk?


JB: Me weird? I'm not the one dating a bucketful of goo.


Bashfull: It's the only place I can be truly happy. O'Blimey: Don't you mean Trigger Happy?


A better question: How have I taken this gun out of the holodeck?


I'm the one holding a gun here missy


B: Is that a request for a date?

Cmdr. Annos

Well, there isn't much to spy inside someone's body, is there?

Rat Boy

B: I've always wanted to live out my fantasies. O: Do your fantasies include shooting my eye out with your gun?

Art DeBuigny

Bashful: How else can I get any female companionship? O'Blimey: Anything to get away from the wife and kids.


B: I'm bored with darts. O: It's the closest I can get to killing him.

Ann E. Nichols

B: I get to be suave O'B: I get to be exciting

The Great Wizzard

Nothing can be as weird as living on this hell-hole!

The Great Wizzard

B: Wait until Vic Fontaine hears of this!

The Great Wizzard

O'Blimey: Work in Engineering for one day...


B: Computer. Remove that Ugly Woman. O (We're in Reality!!)

Dave the Explosive Newt

You see anything else exciting happening around here?


B: To be Frank, I find my job as a sev fleet officer to be boring and mundane

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