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This week's idea was suggested by ????.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week: Thar be whales here! I'm surprised I've gone this long before succumbing to this obvious joke of a large mammal on board Quirk's ship.

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by 009. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.

Latin From Manhattan

Squatty: "Cap'n, why does me uniform look grey instead o' red?" Quirk: "Squatty, you need glasses. That's not a mirror, that's the whale's tank!"

Kirk's Wig

Spotty: If we have that whale on the ship, the hull will collapse... Kirk: I'm surprised it hasn't done that already.

Kirk's Wig

Spotty: Do I get fries with that? Kirk: Err...


Squatty: Do you think the ship will hold? Quirk: If it can hold you...


S. Sir, i think this is one of my reletives from this time period!Q.I can see the family resemblance!


Squatty- How did ye know the ship could handle such a thing? Quirk- Experience


S: Thar be fishsticks here!

Art DeBuigny

Squatty: I'm so hungry I could eat a whale! Quirk: Again?!?

Art DeBuigny

Squatty: I couldna change the laws of physics. One of the whales had to go. *burp*

Art DeBuigny

Quirk: Squatty, what do you need to make the ship light enough for Warp 10? Squatty: Ketchup, lots of ketchup.

Art DeBuigny

Squatty: I'm still hungry! Quirk: Sorry, we still need one whale to talk to the probe.

Kalahari Karl

Quirk: Heh, heh, I think I'll let you take this one. Squatty: We *burp* come in peace...


S: What happened to my room?! Q: That's the only place that he feels at home.


S: What happened to my room?! Q: Sorry Squatty, your quarters is the only place big enough.

david P

Scott: I didn't think the transporter could beam up 400 tons! Whale: Look who's talking


S: Ahoy, laddie! W: Howdy, lardy!


S: Mama mia! Q: That explains it!


Squatty: There be whales here! Quirk: Three whales...wonder if we can fit any more...

Harley Cat

Squatty: Oh, it's a whale. Quirk: What did you think it was? Squatty: A Mirror


S: Oh my God! It's as big as your ego! Q: ...And yet still half the size of your butt.

tom patterson

squatty:thar be whales here/quirk:ain't that the scot callin the kettle black


Scotty: Ah think she's findin' me a wee bit attractive, Capn'! Kirk: Wait in line, I'm the stud here!


Q: Squatty, no offence but I think that this whale is scared of you


S: That reminds me, I need to call mom


Q: Prepare to beam down the whales. S: Dibs on their room!


S: What do we do with that room after they're gone? Q: Well, you did ask for new quarters...


S: Captn! What is this gigantic fish doing in my personal ship-jacuzzi?


S:Aye and I feel a deep connection to the beastie! Q: The resemblance IS uncanny.


Quirk: Don't worry, after she gives birth, you'll be the biggest being on earth again.


Thar be whales here! Who YOU callin' a whale.

Kalahari Karl

Kirk: Well, what do you think? Scotty: Capt'n, I canna eat any more... I'm gonna blow!


Quirk: Good job, Squatty. The whale fits perfectly. How did you know?

Dave the Explosive Newt

S: My god, who could have thought such a vast blubbery mass could be contained inside the ship! Q: I know, I'm still surprised you got through the door!


Quirk: I'm sure that whale feels at home with you around, Squatty. Squatty: I wonder how many kebabs that would make ?


Squatty: Mmm Snack Time


Squatty: Just how many whales can we take back home? Quirk: Two. Nice knowing you.

Trekmaster (compared to the Pacific Ocean)

Gravy: Hey, it's a tad cramped in here...

Cmdr. Solomon

Squatty: Thar be whales here. Whale: Yeah and the fattest one ain't in the tank.


Q: Squatty! Give the whale one of your uniforms! This is supposed to be a PG strip.


S: Whoa! Q: Uh-oh! You've got competition. He might be a better engineer!


S: Ya be HUGE! W: I know YOU are, but what am I?


S: *Burp*. Q: Whoa! What happened to the other whale?

Sci Fi Girl (the original!!!)

S: She's a biggen! Q: Finally, you've met your match (weightwise).


Q: He must eat as much shrimp as you. S: I wouldn't say that.

David Roe

Squatty: Is this all I get for breakfast? Quirk: 'Fraid so, I put the entire crew on half rations!

Ann E. Nichols

S; It's bigger than I am, sir -- ya canna deny it. Q: I'm waiting for the final computer readout.

Cmdr. Annos

Q: is it a big hamburger? Is it a whale?No, it's Squatty

Darth Supershadow

Squatty: Look at the size of that thing! Quirk: I bet that's what those whales are thinking.

Mr. Spork

Q: Squatty! You never said you had a twin!

Mr. Spork

S: Thar be whales here! Q: One in the tank and one in the red suit.


Quirk: So thats what you'd look like as a fish......


Squatty: There's only room for one big guy on the ship -literally!


Squatty: Ye are always stealin' my lines! Now ye steal me whole character!

Cmdr. Solomon

Female Whale: That Scottish Whale is kinda cute, even if he does walk on land.

Cmdr. Solomon

Whale: Uh oh, the fat Scottish one looks hungry.

Juan Deer

Squatty: Kaptin, we've got whales. Quirk: Yeah, in and out of the tank.


Squatty: "Suddenly, I'm in the mood for sushi..."


Quirk: "We need you to move to the other side of the ship to counterbalance, Squatty."

Janak Desai

Scotty:CAPN, I had no Idea Id let myself go so much! Quirk:you...should..try looking in ...a..mirror.


Squaty: Aigh, she's a beauty alright! Quirk: Like looking in a mirror isn't it.


Squatty:What's this? Quirk:The only thing in the universe with as much blubber as you.


Squatty:Oh, you brought me a snack!

Joona Palaste

Squatty: That's the biggest creature I ever saw! Quirk: ...outside Sev Fleet, that is.

Quoth Ted Rebo- Nevermore!

Squatty: I think I'll go for a swim. Quirk: Careful, Zulu just got his mail-order harpoon gun.

Douglas MacAskill

Squatty: He doesn't like me. Quirk: He's jealous, WHALES are supposed to be the largest mammals on Earth!

Dahar Master Kor

Whale (Gracie): Oh! George, please tell me we don't evolve into that!


Quirk: Beaming them up must've been a whale of a challenge!


Q: Trust me, Mr. Squat, having someone heavier than yourself on board does wonders for the ego.


Sq: Next to him, I look almost thin! Q: Ditto.


S: Cap'n, I'll need to use forcefields to contain the extra weight! Q: Have you tried wearing a belt?

9 of 12

Squatty: How many whales do you see? Quirk: I.. See...... Two!


Quirk: It's nice to see family get together

Trinity Babe

Whale: why is this pale humpback being forced to wear clothing?

Trinity Babe

My soul mate!

Number 0

Quirk: No squatty, I'm not allowing you to eat the second one too

Number 0

Quirk: I'm sure the ship can hold them, after all, it can hold you


Squatty:Hello lunch! Quirk: Down boy.


Squatty:Aye, ya were at clan meeting last sprinng. Quirk: It was then he marked you for lunch.

Guilherme Silva

Squatty: Thar be whales here!!! Quirk: Thar been ALWAYS whales here.

The Penguin Weekly

Q: Sorry, Squatty. We only have room for one whale on this ship.

Rat Boy

Q: I thought we beamed up two of them. S: Aye. We did. *burp*.


Squatty: Oh my, he looks angry! Quirk: Well you shouldn't have eaten his part of the fishbuffet.


Squatty: It's bigger than me! Quirk: Not by much.


Quirk: Must be one of your relatives? Squatty: Shut up "Trubble top"!


s: why does he look so angry? q: cause he things that you are a rival!


Squatty: I keep having these urges to jump in and join him


Squatty: He's HUGE! Quirk: Et tu, Squatty?


S: She's watching me like she knows me Q: Probably thinks you're related


Squatty: She's huge! Quirk: She eats less than you do!


Squatty: She's beautiful Quirk: Ancestor?


Squatty: Why is it looking at me like that, Quirk: Probably wondering why you haven't been harpooned


Squatty: They're be whales here! Quirk: Aye, and one in uniform!


Sq: Look at the size of it! Its huge! Qu: Thats a mirror Squatty.


Quirk: Squaty, stop with the family reunion and get us out of here!

The Great Wizzard

S: Why is he looking so angry at me? Q: You ate his lunch!

Delta Flyer

Quirk: So, now I have TWO oversized mammals on my ship.


Squatty : A whale ! Quirk : No, more of a mirror

ScottE Bemeup

S: She's almost as big as your ego. Q: Or your butt.

ScottE Bemeup

S: I've never seen anything so large. Q: I have.


Quirk: Weren't there TWO whales? Squatty: *burp*

The Great Wizzard

Q: A distant ancestor, Squatty?

ScottE Bemeup

S: Thar be whales here. Q: Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle.

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