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This week's idea was suggested by ????.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Help judge this week's comic strip! We will judge the winning entry of this comic strip at the usual time of Saturday 9am Australian EST. You're welcome to join us at the Sev Trek IRC Channel #sevtrek.

To join, open your IRC software and join the server. Then join the #sevtrek channel by typing the command /join #sevtrek and join in the fun!!

Read the instructions and rules at the IRC Judging Page and a summary of the punchlines at the Finalist Punchlines Page. If you have any other problems getting onto the IRC chat channel or anything, ask your questions at the Sev Trek Discussion Board.

Other Punchlines

Luigi Novi

Every Nielsen family who's ever clicked onto Voyager when channel surfing.

Luigi Novi

Harlan Ellison. He's back to finally get his revenge for having his "City on the Edge of Forever" script mucked up.

Luigi Novi

Two words: Brannon Braga. Now the most evil creature in Trek behind the camera is now the most evil creature IN FRONT of it...


"The Sisko Kid" (Jake)


Time travelling Nazi's


Super-intelligent rocks (who still don't possess any method of movement or communication)


Something... ANYTHING.. from the Better Quadrant.

Mike Howell

People for the Ethical Treatment of Aliens slaps a sexual harassment lawsuit on Piker


The hologram doctor from the evil alternate universe.


Zeroxniod Entity : An alien lifeform capable of taking form of sev fleets worst officer (Measly Cruncher). Real form is a engergy creature that lives in the host's head

André Gatien

A hideous mound of decaying ensign flesh that has evolved into a sentient being and who is out for revenge against all bald captains of starfleet.

André Gatien

Bill gates + Borgs

André Gatien

A guy who isn't some super-genius.

André Gatien

A villain who doesn't reveal his plan to the good guys so that he can win.


An android with the memory of all androids that Quirk destroyed


Red shirt's revenge, an ary of undead Red shirts try to take over the Enfooprise


Sev Trek 10: When Good Ensigns Go Bad

Cmdr. Solomon

Al Gore, brought back to Life by the Bored....demands a recount when he loses the Sev Fleet Presidency.

Captain Carolyn of the USS Excelsior

William Shatner and his new movie script

Gul Teral

Lt. Barfly finally loses his sanity and attempt to destroy the Enterforaprize so noone will prevent him in spending the rest of his life in a holodeck with Program 9

Stacy Duke

Tuvix: Can you really think of anything scarier than Tuvok and Neelix having a kid?


The NBC execs. They're back to finish the job they atarted in 1969...

Dave the Explosive Newt

Dr Evil.

Dave the Explosive Newt

The Plorg - Borg for those on a low budget!

The Penguin Weekly

A singing VHS

The Penguin Weekly

Vash is back for Pinchard!

The Penguin Weekly

The Crystalline Entity, reconstructed from the pieces of Forager's scuttles.


A crazy scientist that accidentally mixed Jem'Hadar, Borg, 8472s and a couple other species' dna and makes the Ultimate Weird Clonamatic!


Evil Barf: Thought you could keep me out of this movie by not putting me on the Enterforaprize, did you?


The vile Ricky Martin tries to take over the galaxy!

Mr. Spork

Doctor Chaotica, Captain Proton's arch nemesis!

Darth Supershadow

An evil commander played by Jim Carry.

Darth Supershadow

I thought that zit creature in Pus in Boots was pretty clever.


every bad guy ever, all crammed into one cartoon


Hortas, and lots of 'em

eugene langan

Star Trek 10: The revenge of Quirk's Rug


A planet full of Quirks Ex-girlfriends out for revenge on the federation


A ship full of §evilians nitpicking every move the crew makes

Brad Rousse

Gainweight's man-eating power bun of doom!


The ghosts of all destroyed Ensigns.


Full scale Gorn invasion.


The director of Sev Trek V!


All of Mudd's women.


Measley's omnipotent twins: Mary and Marty.


Spot vs. Pickhard's Fish

Art DeBuigny

A band of sentient toilets, who will destroy the Enterforaprize if they do not provide a home on board.

Art DeBuigny

It doesn't matter, as long as he permanently reprograms Beta's singing subroutine.

Art DeBuigny

An evil-genius mouse, bent on galactic domination, and his happy go lucky sidekick.


Gainweight, driven insane due to lack of coffee.


Mr. Homm. Lwaxanna fired him, now he's going to burn Betazed!


VCR. Yet again, he's back.


Diabolically smart Tribbles!

David D

Gravneck, a sentient being trapped by the gravitational force his own folds of extra skin around his neck


The fish in Capt. Pinchhard's quarters turns out to be an omnipotent, and very bad tempered fish!


a sentient loaf of banana bread


trekkies, so many trekkies!!


Que: just because he's that cool and deserves a movie part.


Millions and millions of trubbles for Barf.


Barf with too much prune juice!


Lwaxana Tryhard: Back for Pickhard.


Data's cat Spot.


A pink Borg cube full of assimilated Barny's.


A race of sentient bananas.

Mike Howell

The Bored; 'cause we know it's going to happen whether we want it to or not!


Chakotay, but with a sign next to his tattoo that says, "This is where my brains are leaking out."


Kirk's sentient toupee, angry at not getting enough air time.


Measley and Kes get married and have a whole brood of annoying and overly-sensitive offspring who kill every living thing with empathic whining.

Kalahari Karl

The Teletubbies invade the Enterprise...

Mentat Tir

So-Cuteus of Borg, the assimilated Tribble


Bring Harry Mudd back.


Gainweight's hair: it's evolved

Gregory Griffiths

The crew faces the combined forces of Barney the Dionsaur and the Teletubbies!


We learn that the Prime Directive is a sentient being with its own secret motives.


We've had the guys in white suits from both versions of fantasy island lets have the little guy who shouts "The Plane! The Plane!"


Tennage Mutant Ninja Trubbles


Man-eating Trubbles!


New Race: The Personalitees, who are sooo charming, the audience actually cheers when they destroy the Enterforaprise.


Kahn't, regenerated by the Genesis device and he's really, really old...

Engineman AKAscotty

Fluffy: A genetically mutated Tribble who wants to take revenge on the Kling-offs and invade their planet

Its Quirk...he's back, he's bad, he' old, he's mad!!!


Measly Cruncher: back from his evolved existence and as annoying as ever!

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