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This week's idea was suggested by Nick Frame.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week: Zulu's family! Quirk is not the only Sevfleet crewmember to find time to create some offspring...

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by me (aw shucks, thanx voters). You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.

Art DeBuigny

Dammit, Pavlova, do I have to explain the birds and the bees again?


Well, Spock found time to die.


Like I say if something is not important you make the time.


My pupil "Grass-eater" has done well!


Same place I did: Time warp-share condos.

What do mean by that? Families require time?


I find shore leave enough time.

Mr. Spork

Pavlov, you'll understand when you grow up.


I never have that problem...


Now I'm beginning to think I should make time for Zulu's daughter as well.


Between my lines!

Bill Harris

Well, we *were* cancelled once upon a time...


Another graduate of Kirk's School of Love 'em and Leave 'em Romance

P Swayne

The same way I found time to have 47 families!


Well, you know, those commercial breaks WERE a little long...


He learned from the master


Zulu's name tag sure comes in handy on shore leave, hee, hee.


I missed one?


He used to work in botany - flowers get 'em everytime!


That's nothing! The quandrant is full of MY children!


Vere can I find her mother!?


How did he get a woman?


It's called "shore leave"!


Oh, it doesn't take that long, trust me!


if you travel at sub light speed then with einsteins theory of relativity it was last week sometime

Sean Godley

Are you kidding? Half the ensigns in Sevfleet are mine.


Oh that's nothing I have about oh say, heh heh I can't remember


Ensigns... Time loops...


Same as everyone else, between films!


I let him pretend to be me on one of our missions.

Cmdr. Solomon

Quirk: Forget that, Is Zulu's Daughter married?


It was the only class I taught at the academy.

Mr. Spork

When you're captian you always find time..

Cmdr. Solomon

Just be glad she ain't mine!


Hey, I found time....

Bill Harris

He's a chip off the old Captain's chair.

Cmdr. Solomon

Quirk: He... had... to... find... something... to... do... during... my... long... broken... speech... and... Squatty: For the love of God, we got the point fifty minutes ago!

Stephen winwood

With me taking up nearly every scene he had plenty off time off!


During all my screentime


Remember that time when I had him confined to quarters?

Little green man (§Sean§)

Not only that but he also enters the sev comps each week


Well, what else are you doing when your not getting shot at, getting chased by the klingons, getting death threats from the Romulans, going under mind control (if you could call it mind control. That was amazing!), getting trapped by the tholians, being sent through time, savings someone's life (rarely ever done), killing Lahn, fighting mutineers, singing... Squatty: Oh God... Quirk: ...Making a difference, braking the PC directive, getting demoted, taking over Klingon ships, going to peace meetings (which never end in peace), going into space clouds, getting eaten by salt wads, and all the other stuff we do?

Gregory Griffiths

Shut up so I can kiss her!

Gregory Griffiths

Well, you took a long time looking for the nuclear vessels!


Quirk: These new easy -open uniforms I invented are great time savers!


Where did he find a woman I hadn't gotten to first?

The Penguin Weekly

Unlike you, some of us have a life outside of Sevfleet.


Hey, I was in almost every scene, and I found the time to start several!


Little hint: You remember him tuning the warp drive, for a whole week? Well multiply that with a dimensional rift.


A couple of dimensional rifts, a time\space warp or two, and pretty soon you've spent up to seven years worth of quality time with your kids.


Just like his ol' Captin!

Sheldon Polonsky

Well, he always was good at locating heavenly bodies.


Mmm-mm. Remind me to have him promoted.

Admiral H

He was my star pupil

Jack Hamemrfist

Let's just say he had a great role-model!


Must have happened while my back was turned...


Like I always say, "If something's important, you make out."


.....he obviously got the one that got away from me!!


I have sons on fourteen planets; it's not hard to make the time.

Ego Atenji

Well MAKING a family doesn't take very much time...


During... my... dramatic... pauses...


You'd be surprised who you meet charting gaseous anomalies


Where did he find a woman?


Hmmm... not green, but not bad either.


He learned from the best!


He kept a woman hidden his cabin, I taught him that.


You wish. The curse of Quirk strikes again.

Art DeBuigny

Q: I have 312 kids! Trust me, its easy!

Counselor Tara Lee

Sev Fleet officers MAKE time.

The Great Wizzard

He didn't waste time looking for nuclear vessels!

The Great Wizzard

Unlike you, he got his own command. And trust me, you can do a lot of things in that chair!

The Great Wizzard

You could as well ask Squatty where he found the time to eat that much!


Commercial breaks

eugene langan

AHHH! I taught him well!

Trevor Raggatt

And that explains why you never had a girlfriend, Mr Checkout

Trevor Raggatt

For the important things you make time!

The Great Wizzard

He said he modeled some aspects of his life after me...


Women really went for that swashbuckler stuff!


I missed one?


It doesn't take long...


Trust me, its easy.

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