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This week's idea was suggested by Jeremy Short.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week: Interracial kiss! This scene is infamously known as the first interracial kiss. Personally, I can't see the big deal - Captain Quirk had already been kissing green babes of other races for years!

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by Mark. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.


Quirk: Why don't we slip into something more comfortable? Oohlala: Okay. You slip into a red shirt, and I'll slip out of here


Oohlala: Captain, I'm frightened! Quirk: Don't worry. I'm an expert.


Quirk: Smile, we're making history. Oohlala: When I get rid of this mind control, you're history.

Ben Harmer

Oohlala: This better boost the ratings. Quirk: This better boost my ego.


Quirk: Are you nervous about the first interracial kiss? Oohlala: No, I'm nervous about your toupee falling off and us having to do this take again!


Q: The censors want to block out this scene. Oohlala: So do I!

Kenyar Jad

Quirk: Hmm...and people say this gross because...? Oohlala: Because you're the one kissing me!


Oohlala: MY kiss is very special, isn't it, Quirk? Quirk: Hell, yes! It's number 1000!!


Quirk: How about a little kiss? Oohlala: How about a little mouthwash?


Oolala: So everyone who kisses you really gets promoted? Quirk: Just ask Mr. Spork.


Quirk: I swear you're the only woman for me. Oolala: Then why did I have to take a number?


OOhlala: Are you sure that it's their telekinetic power that's making you kiss me? Quirk: Truuust me. <>


O: Damn you, Gene! Q: Gee, it's a wonder what a fifty'll do to the script.

Doug Dutcher

Quirk: We're about to make television history. Oohlala: Uh, could I see the script again?


Oohlala: He's making me do this, Captain. Quirk: You mean it's not the toga?

valerie p

Oohlala: Captain, I'm frightened. Quirk: Of me, sweetlips? Ooohlala: No, of this getting around

Ego atenji

Q: You just can't resist me, can you? O: Hey, YOU aren't beeing forced to this, are you?

Jack Hammerfist

Oohlala: Can we escape their control? Quirk: I hope not!

Jack Hammerfist

Oohlala: How can they do this? Quirk: It's Greek to me, baby!

Jack Hammerfist

Oohlala: Funny how you can only stop them when the kissing's over!

Jack Hammerfist

Oohlala: Can't you do something? Quirk: Sure can-- pucker up!


Oohlala: I'm surprised they found a mind to control.


Oohlala: I know he has a one track mind, but this is ridiculous


O: Captain, don't let them control you're mind.Q: They're controlling my mind?


No...control..of body. Oh who am I kidding. Here I go.


Oohlala: Captain, what're you doing? Quirk: They're making me do it, honest.


Oohlala: CAPTAIN! I can't move! Quirk: That's okay.....I can.

janene V

This won't hurt my dear, my lips know what to do. Yes Captain thats what I am afraid of!


Q: You're trembling, there's no need to be afraid of them. O: I'm not AFRAID, of them...

Larry Moore

Oohlala: Why are you coming on to me now, Captain? Quirk: I heard the producer dumped you for some nurse.


Oohlala: Two words....Breath mints Quirk: Never stopped me before

HelÚne Holm

Quirk: "Aahhh... a planet where daydreams come true!" Oohlala: "Or nightmares."

Matt Cummins

Quirk:"Its time for me to go where no human has gone before baby!" Oohlala:"If you dont think up a better line, im gonna put my foot where no alien has gone before"


chill baby were makin history (re: first televised interracial kiss)


Oohlala: They're controlling me! I must... kiss Quirk! Quirk: Um, yeah... they're uh... controlling mine too... yeah, that's right!

Scott McClenny

Quirk: And if this works I'll run for President


Oohlala: "are you sure you're doing this just to boost the ratings?"


Q: We can't fight this! O: Like you're even trying!


Oohla: Will you call me in the morning? Quirk: All frequencies open, baby.

the MASK

Quirk: "Relax, it's just as easy as making another mark on the bed post"


Quirk: I'm the man of your dreams. Ohlala: Please let me wake up.

Rick Hay

Quirk: Are you shocked about us kissing? Oohlala: No, I'm shocked at the SPINACH stuck in your teeth!


Oohala:ahhhh... Quirk isn't this ilegal. Quirk: No, i've kiss every other women on the show, why not you.


Captain Quirk, you do realize you're wearing a skirt?/It works for you, doesn't it?!


Captain Quirk, what are you doing?/Going where no other show has gone before!

Mr. Spork

Q: Just think of it as first contact.

Mr. Spork

O: Captain, I am starting to believe that you're not really under mind control..

Redshirt No. 25119

Quirk: Just.. Let.. Me.. Kiss you! Oohlala: Take the trubble off first!

Jack Tremlett

Quirk: Quirk to Enterforaprize, Put Oohalala on my Xmas mailing list.


Captain, you can let go now. Our minds are free. Capt: Can you kiss me anyway?

Duke of Earl Grey

Oohlala: If it'll help, sir, I can picture someone else. Quirk: Good idea. And I'll just picture. . .myself.

P Swayne

Oohlala: Is that spinach stuck to your teeth? Quirk: Must be from that green babe I kissed this morning.

Art DeBuigny

O:No! Q: That means Yes, right?


Oohlala: Captain!! We serve on the same ship!! Quirk: I can have you posted... to my quarters..

John Fallon

Oohlala : Captain, stop ! The aliens are forcing you to do this. Quirk : Aliens, nothing. I bribed the scriptwriter !


Oohlala: Captain, this isn't what I meant when I asked for you to pay more attention to me. Quirk: Oh shut up and kiss me, whatever your name is.


Quirk: You know, this will be my first interracial kiss... today.


Oohlala: But Captain, I'm black.. Quirk: And I'm bald, I won't tell if you don't

Jim McNamara

Oohlala: The networks are going to object? How do you think I feel?


Oohlala: Can't we stop this. Quirk: Request denied.

Mike Howell

Quirk: (I must be dreaming!) Oohlala: (It's a nightmare!)

Mike Howell

Quirk: You're should be commended for your self-control, Lieutenant. Oohlala: I'm not the one who needs a breath mint!

Mike Howell

Oohlala: Captain! You must fight this - your dignity; your honor! Quirk: Can't... (giggle)... fight...(snicker)... must... kiss!


Quirk: Remember when you said you wouldn't kiss me if I was the last man in the galaxy? Ohlala: AARGH! There's no place like home...

The Penguin Weekly

O: But Captain . . . why me? Q: I already kissed every other female creature in this galaxy.


O: Will this change our working relationship? Q: I feel it working better already.


O: Are you sure you know what you're doing? Q: This is my specialty!


Quirk: It's. . .a terrible. . .torture, . . isn't it?


Quirk: How many "takes" do I get?


oohlala: All these people watching, these robes, the music...Quirk: Yes its just like my quarters!!


Oohlala: I'm so sorry about this! Quirk: I'm so happy about this!


Oohlala: Drat! I was hoping for Spook! Quirk: So was I!


oohlala: This is so wrong!! Quirk: You're right we need Barry White Music!

Rick Hay

Oohlala: What is this Power that forces us to kiss?! Quirk: It's called a "SCRIPT", now pucker up.

Rick Hay

Oohlala: I'm sorry Captain, I can't resist! Quirk: Of course not baby, I'm the "QUIRK".

Rick Hay

Oohlala: I can't believe they are forcing us to kiss! Quirk: What do you mean, "forcing US"?

Rick Hay

Captain! This is wrong! Quirk: It's ok Lt., I've been with a green babe, a blue chick, a puple broad, etc., etc...

Rick Hay

Oohlala: I can't fight their power Captain! Quirk: Don't Fight the Power Baby, just pucker up.

Rick Hay

Oohlala: Captain, I'm so ashamed! Quirk: Don't be Lt., I have a breath mint for you.


Q: They're making me do this! O: Right, sure, you're not enjoying it at all.


Kirk: Let's do it now while we still can blame it on mind control!


Oohlala: Captain, we must resist! Quirk: I would, but old habits die hard!


Oohlala: But...Captain... Quirk: Under the circumstances, call me Gym....

ScottE Bemeup

OohLaLa: Do you realize what you're doing!? Quirk: Sure, it's not like I'm new at this.


Oolala: Can't we at least have dinner first?


Oohlala: "I'm so happy, captain! You've finally found an outfit that doesn't rip!"

ltjg Robertson

Oohlala : This is my first interracial kiss Quirk : It's my... first.... FORCED kiss.

The Great Wizzard

O: You remind me of Pepe LePew. Q: My charm? O: Your smell!


Oohlala: I have pepper spray, and I'm prepared to use it!


Quirk: To boldly go where no white TV actor has gone before...

Ragin' Cajun

quirk: were about to make history oohlala: what? am i your millionth customer?


Quirk: The final frontier.....

Lt. Balok

Q: Sorry, Oohlala, but I am forced to do this... O: I know - your hormones are at warp speed as usual!

The Great Wizzard

O: Why are they forcing us into this? Q: Who says they are?


Oohlala: Captain! you must resist the mind control... Quirk: What control?

8 of 12

Oohlala: Captain Quirk, is this acceptable? Quirk: To me? Always!

D. Lerious

Quirk: My sweet.... Oohlala: Hey! Take a breath mint!!


Oohlala: Captain, I'm scared! Quirk: Don't be, I have done this before!

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