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This idea was suggested by CdrCandace.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Tryhard shaving Piker! Here we look at the notorious shaving scene in Sev Trek IX - Indigestion as Tryhard propels Piker closer to captaincy (once she shaves the top off, he's there)!

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by Elmo. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.

Capitaine Roy

Tryhard - We will figure out what you're trying to hide...

Ted Rebo is cool

Piker: Counselor...that thing looks kinda sharp... Tryhard: Oh come on, you wanna be Captain, don't you?

Bill Harris

Tryhard: It's as easy as driving a starship. Piker: AAAHHHH!!

Lt. Balok

P: At least you don't use a bath'leth! T: It's off for grinding - used it to shave my legs

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Piker: Can't I just beam it off?!


Piker: I changed my mind! I don't want to be a captain!

Cmdr. Solomon

T: Honey, I like my men smooth. P: I don't care. I'm NOT letting you shave my legs!!!!!!!


Cut, cut! ... No, I don't mean me!

Replicated Dave

Tryhard: Come a little closer. Piker: What, and you'll promote me to Captain?


Piker: What are you doďng?? Tryhard: Bald man are so much sexier.

Emily (i know, i just couldn't think of anything else)

I don't want to be Betas bottom!


Troi "Don't worry, it's only been over my legs once" Riker "Once!?!?"

Sean Godley

Tryhard-Come on TRUST me. Piker-Last time I trusted you, you crashed the Enterforaprize into a planet.


Tryhard: one small step to losing your beard. Piker: and one giant leap to bladness!


R: Careful with that thing! T: Hey, if I can level 5 million trees, what's a few hairs?


T: You know what I'm going to do with this? R: The Tryhard manoeuvre?

Dave the Explosive Newt

Tryhard: Hey, where did all these bubbles come from?!? Piker: Sorry, I'm nervous.


T: 'Come on, I've got a steady hand' P: 'You crashed the ship!'


Tryhard- what are you so afraid of? Piker- That you shave just like you drive

P Swayne

Tryhard: I'd like to see what you look like without a beard! Piker: If you use that thing, you'll see what I look like without a face!


Doyouwanna: "Time for the 'Captain' look..."

Jimbo Jones

Is this where Barf got all his scars?

admirably lost

Tryhard:dont worry you will be as clean shaven as that planet I landed on Piker : Security


T: Relax. This is like piloting a sevship through a grove of trees. P: Computer! Site-to-site transplode!


T: So we're back together again? P: If you say so, honey, just put down the sharp thing!


NOOOOO!!!!! If the viewers see blood, we'll be rated R!!

Matt Hancock

Piker:I don't want to look like an androids bottom!


T: Isn't this movie PG13? R: Yes, just remember, no bloodletting.


Piker: If I go back to looking the way I did first season, you're sure you won't start acting the way you did then?


Piker: Now I know what the Enterforaprize felt like...


Piker: Are you sure this'll make me into a real captain? Tryhard: It's either this or a power bun... you choose.

The Penguin Weekly

P: I have a better idea. How about YOU be captain?


Tryhard: Hear comes the Enterforaprize into the starbase. Piker: I hope you're not at the helm!


Piker: I'm naked alone with a woman I once dumped who has a razor..What's wrong with this picture?


Tryhard: This won't hurt a bit! Piker: Your tubside manner is NOT reassuring!


Piker: Okay! I won't make any more bubbles!

André Gatien

Tryhard: Don't worry, I'm an empath, I'll KNOW if it hurts. Piker: Yeah, If I scream!

Joel Schimek

Piker: "Razor shields!"


Tryhard: I'll make you look like Beta's bottom. Piker: Does that mean I'll float better too?


Tryhard: Forget Beta... I'll shave you as smooth as MY bottom.


Piker: Pickhard's hair didn't really fall out did it?


Piker: We can kiss all we want after this right? RIGHT?!?!

Piker: Can we leave the eyebrows? Try: We'll see...

8 of 12

Piker to sickbay! Impending medical emergency!

Mike Howell

Doyouwanna: Do you know how much I've want to put a razor to your face? Piker: You mean for a shave, right?

Mr. Spork

P- Can that really cut my whiskers? T- We're lucky if this scene doesn't wind up getting cut!

Mr. Spork

P- That edge looks pretty dull. T- Not as dull as this movie.


Piker: Ok, you're a fine pilot!

Mr. Memo

WP: How many times do I have to tell you? I don't WANT to be captain!


Riker: Couldn't you just BEAM my beard away?


Deanna: I just start with the beard and work up. Will: Are you SURE this will help me get my own ship?

Luigi Novi

Great, first the Enterprise-D saucer section, and now my face!

Luigi Novi

After what you did with the Enterprise-D, you'll excuse me if I don't let you touch me with sharp objects, okay?

ScottE Bemeup

Tryhard: You seem a little nervous. Piker: You seem a little manic.


Tryhard: "So if this razor is the Enterforaprize, and your face is the planet . . ." Picker: "Security!"


Tryhard: "I sense fear. Doubt." Piker: "I t-t-tr-trust you c-c-completely!"


Tryhard: "Just relax, and let me take the helm!"


Piker: "Uh, you do this better than you pilot a ship, right?"

The Great Wizzard

Piker: Make it smooth as an android's bottom!

The Great Wizzard

Piker: Computer! Set safety protocols to maximum level!

The Great Wizzard

Tryhard: Don't worry. They say it's as easy as steering a sevship...


Tryhard: Just because I can't land a starship doesn't mean I can't shave.

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Tryhard: Resistence is stubble!


Tryhard:This doesn't look too hard.Piker:Last time you said that you tried to steer the Enterforaprize...right into a planet


T:Whats wrong? P: The last time you had that look in your eye you crashed the ship.


Tryhard:Now just hold still, this won't hurt a bit Piker: Then why is that thing set to slice'n'dice?


Tryhard: I want to shave the beard! Piker: I want to get out of this tub whole!

Joona Palaste

Tryhard: You know the rules Will... Piker: The higher the position, the less hair you have?


Tryhard: I like you much better clean-shaven. Piker: I will NOT let you shave the legs!


Just stay NORTH of the equator!

The Great Wizzard

Piker: I hope you're better at this than at counselling. Or at helms.

The Great Wizzard

Tryhard: The "Captain" style?

D. Lerious

Piker: Okay!! Okay!! I'll buy you a ton of chocolate!!

D. Lerious

Careful, Dowanna, this is after all a PG-13 film


Piker: Just remember, the FACE, not the sculp!

Cpt Thomas

Troi - You wanted to be a captain, so it's either a shave or a sex-change.

Cpt Thomas

You wanted to be a captain, right ? // I CHANGED MY MIND !!!


Piker: I didn't read anywhere I need to shave to be captain! Tryhard: The beard is just the beginning, baldy!

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