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This idea was suggested by Christopher.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Quirk's children! It's not so surprising to learn that Quirk has a son - the greater surprise is that he hasn't encountered more of his children throughout the galaxy!

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by 8 of 12. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.


Yes, and I have a fortune in child support payments coming my way.

Luke Arnold

Dont lose your hair about it!

Art DeBuigny

Yes, a Son, and 2 daughters and three others we're not sure about.


And a whole lot of child benefit to catch up on.


Losing hair and forgetting things. Yep, you're getting old.

leila haraldsen

yeah, well we all make mistakes...

Plain Simple

Gee, what are the odds?

Plain Simple

Ooohhh... do I have a son? No, it's just a dispensable character, to add some emotional blahblah to your live and make you hate Klingoffs even more when they kill him. Just being sarcastic.

Plain Simple

I guess you boldly went down this road many times before.


You have a weight problem.


*I* have a son. *YOU* have a bad toupee.

John Ma

And 13 more sons and 15 more daughters.


Don't tell me you don't remember basic Human Biology.


funny, that is what i said to the nurse...


I see you still aren't any good at acting.


Hey, don't ask me! You're the interstellar ladies man!

Alex Chance

Impossible hair, chases all the females... yep, he's yours.

the giraffe

Are you surprised that he's not green, not a Thrall, or not a ball of fur?


Yes, and he's a much faster talker than you! I can finally have a conversation with a Quirk!


Yeah well, if you shoot at enough targets you're bound to hit a bullseye eventually.

Lt. Cmdr. Taev

Why am I not surprised that you're surprised?


Yes, you have "a" son. And another. And another.. and yet another...


Don't act so surprised, it was only a matter of time.


Yes, and his hair is real!


The odds were bound to catch up with you.


You have a colony.


And child support payments...for him and his 93 half-brothers.


Believe it or not, Romulan ale isn't a contraceptive.


Yes, Mr. It's just a five year mission, what could happen in five years?


ONE son?? A dozen is more like it mister!!

Mr. Spork

Wait.. you're not Mr. Checkout ...

Mr. Spork

This is just the most presentable child.. the rest are green, & blue, &....

Gravitational Electromagnetic Neutrino

There are plenty more where that came from...


Son: Hey Dad, can I borrow the keys to the Skuttlecraft?


I can't believe the singular 'a' either!

Janak Desai

Yes Jim, you now have two children, one of which doesn't reside on your scalp!


He's just like you, dumb as an ox, and he thinks he's never wrong.

Jack Hammerfist

You'd know if you weren't married to your career!

ScottE Bemeup

Luckily he got his hair from my side of the family.

ScottE Bemeup

Say "Are you sure he's mine?", and you die.


Shouldn't your hair have jumped off or spun around in surprise?


Looks like the apple fell pretty far from the tree.


Check out for a complete listing


And look he's human!!


On practicly every planet you've ever visited.

Johnathan McClure

No, you have 47...We even have a support group now...


He's not any happier about it than you are.


Fortunately, he's got my brains.


I assume you're suprised because it's singular, not plural.

Sierra Leone

I'll warn you now. I've trained him, from birth, to hate you.

Sierra Leone

Yeah, and he has half-siblings from ALL, and I mean ALL walks of life....

Anton Geurts

Do you say that to all the girls?


Nice try... Spook told me about the Quark memorial Orphanage.


you might want to talk to my sister too...


Boy: I am... indeed... your son...

Rat Boy

No, I have a son. You have 25 years of late child-support payments to give me.


Gym, you've probably created more life in this galaxy than ten Genesis projects could.


(His son) He's not my... father... we have... nothing.... in common


And ironically, you call the KLINGOFFS bastards...


Argumentative, quick with the ladies, and has a lousy short term memory. He's your son, all right.


Which part can't you believe, that you have any sons, or only one son?


Yes, just one with me...


See that son, I told you you'd be bald one day.

Cmdr. Solomon

Drop the surprise act and pay me the fifty million credits in Back Child support you owe me.

Mike Howell

Oh please. Just play the odds.

Mike Howell

Oh, don't think that I don't already know about your 47 other children!


Let me explain: When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much....

Mr. Spork

Half the population of this planet are your sons!

Scifi girl

Correction: You have *another* son.

Jim McNamara

"Sons", Romeo.

Jim McNamara

He's already on his first toupee!

A. Nonymous

You're asking if you have A son? ONE son??!!!

Counselor Tara Lee

So you've finally learned to act.


Oh, and I suppose you're going to blame me for that?!?!?!


Don't worry, he's got his mother's hair.


He's a card-carrying member of the Kirk's Kids Association.

Dial "M" for Maul

Quirk’s Son: “I… don’t see… the… resemblance”

Dial "M" for Maul

“I know he has hair, but there ARE similarities”

Dial "M" for Maul

“He’s impatient, cocky and arrogant. Those were my first clues”

Red Rebo (A subsidiary of Ted Rebo enterprises incorporated)

"A" son? And that forest is "a" tree!

Trevor Raggatt

You mean I'm the first one to catch up with you??!!??

Trevor Raggatt

That's the aim of the Genesis Project - a new planet for ALL your childern


Many, but this is the only one not green.

Trevor Raggatt

Yes, your mission was to MAKE new life and new civilisations


Try 47.

The Great Wizzard

The current membership number of the "single mother and ex-friend of Quirk" club is 470.


Fortunately, he lacks your "charm" gene


Well, it was either you or Spook, and I don't see no pointy ears!


I'm sure this isn't the first time you've had this scene with a woman!


Don't tell me he's your only child!


Don't see a dress on him, do ya?


And a daughter, and another son, and.....


A better question would be- How many?


You own me 100,000 gold pressed latinum in child support.


Would you like to re-aquaint yourself with the mothers of the other five?

The Penguin Weekly

Well, what did you expect from "boldly going where no man has gone before"?

The Penguin Weekly

Thankfully, he has my hair.

The Penguin Weekly

Actually, you have 34 sons, 29 daughters, and one Horta-human hybrid.


And some VERY overdue child support.


Be happy it's only ONE...

Ann E. Nichols

I can't believe you have the nerve to be surprised.

Jim McNamara

You do have a basic grasp of biology, right?

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