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This week's idea was suggested by Erwin de Jong.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week: Spook in Sevfleet! Spook was the very first Velcron in Sevfleet, joining against his father's wishes. Do even logical Velcrons go through teenage rebellion?

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by Garuda. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.


Why did you marry a human against your whole planets will?


My human side hates you


Somebody has to annoy Dr. McCorduroy


To boldly go where no logical being would dare go


Why Quirk never has an intact uniform is THE ultimate scientific mystery


Spook: My duties are vital to this crew. Quirk: Spook, find me a new shirt.

Jenzi YouKnowWho

Your will is not logical.


But you said, "Get a job"


i needed space, fifty billion killometers seemed logical at the time.

Jia Sarong, Green Lantern of Sector 90210

Are you blind? Have you seen the women here? They need SOMEONE to protect them from Quirk!


It allows me to say "Fascinating!" a lot.


I'm half-human, and teen humans are rebellious.


Well Father, I needed to rebel,logically of course


Be glad that I did not pierce my ears.


Did mother ever tell you what human teenagers do when they rebel?

Ben Harmer

Because your Will left me out.


I'll give you three reasons- Uhura, Rand, Chapel.


To bring this ship's collective IQ up to the minimum required by SevFleet regulations.


Choice: Select my own career path or be a younger clone of you. Tough one, that.


I need to see this... Sevspace for myself

Trevor Raggatt

We only work one hour every week

Berlinghoff Rassmussen

These guys make me look smart!

Berlinghoff Rassmussen

Look at him! He can't even put his shirt on properly!

John Ma

Trying to find the Logic of how Quirk gets all the girls.


Got it in one, father.


I wanted to go where no velcron has gone before


Well, Sevfleet did state that they would have preferred "anything without a pulse"... although I can't think why...


Sevfleet felt that I was the only living being who would be safe from Quirk's advances.


I kind of regret it now. I thought your reaction would be... funnier.


Because Mother said I was becomming more & more like you every day... I couldn't let that happen, could I?


Join? I was drafted!


On THIS ship is pon-farr every day.


Wait till I unificate Velcrons and Wrongulans again!


Sevfleet directive 321465. All ships must have a boring crewmember

the MASK

It was the most logical step to annoy you

John Ma

Quirk is to teach me how to get dates. Much better than learning Logic from you.


there is only one logical answer . to meet hot alien babes

valerie p

In Sev Fleet I get to wear pants


Father, Gym needs me. Who else is going to defend the female population in the Galaxy?!?

I hope to rip my shirt one day


A question I've asked myself millions of times now.

Ann E. Nichols

I wanted to be all superior instead of half inferior.

Ann E. Nichols

I would never have become an intergalatic sex symbol if I'd stayed on Velcron.

Mike Howell

"First Officer" is still better than "second son"

Mike Howell

Those robes alone are enough reason


It was the only job that let me use my eyebrow aerobics act during work hours.


I decided to join because of my "quirky personality".


I though hanging out with Quirk would get me a date, but instead he stole my dates.

Crazy Velcron

S: I joined so I could educate lower lifeforms. Q: Did you say something Spook?


They're illogical but interesting!

Trevor Raggatt

Someone has to look after this thing when the Captain's making "first contact"

Mark F.

I don't know. I went out for a drink with the lads and woke up in this uniform.

Luigi Novi

Uh-huh. As if I don't know what this is REALLY about: You want me to go back to Velcron to clean my room because I left it messy when I left for the Academy, don't you!!

Luigi Novi

Okay, smart guy, how about this: It seemed the LOGICAL thing to do! How about that?

Luigi Novi

Someone's gotta keep this moron behind me from getting killed!

Joona Palaste

I like to have the biggest ears around.

The Penguin Weekly

Because of I have a strange desire to end up at conventions and signing autographs for geeks in wearing pointy ears.


Human babes think pointed ears are sexy.


I had to rebel but an ear piercing would be too conspicuous.


Sevfleet was going to pay for my ear reduction surgery.

Petréa Mitchell

It was a logical choice. Turquoise is my color.

valerie p

Father, the clue's in your last three words


The Captain needed a sidekick that wouldn't horn in on his chick action.


Mother wouldn't let me join the circus.


I wanted to learn colorful metaphors!


You never heard of teenaged rebellion?


I wanted you to experience a human emotion - anger


I got tired of wearing dresses


Mom secretly encouraged me.


You married a human and you're questioning my logic?

Dial "M" for Maul

Spook: No on else has the patience to handle Quirk


You represent logic, sensibility, and following your stated prime directrives. Joining Sev Fleet was my way of rebelling.


You wouldn't let me drive the family scuttlecraft. This was my way of rebelling.


Because Iīm not a kid any more, Iīm a man and you canīt tell me what to do, you canīt, you canīt, you canīt


I couldn't have Gone-Farr enough.

Dial "M" for Maul

Spook: A greater challenge to logic does not exist.

Dial "M" for Maul

Spook: Because you couldn't be angry about it.

ScottE Bemeup

Where there's a will, there's a way to annoy you.


My logic was flawd. That's why I go on about it so much.

The Bored Queen

With you I get to act Velcron...Here I get to act normal!

The Bored Queen

It seemed logical at the time, but Quirk here is making me reconsider...

The Bored Queen

Father, if i want to run with the big dogs, I've got to get off the porch!


Look at him - They need logic


Logic dictates it's normal for teenagers to go against their parents' wishes


It is not logical to always obey one's father


The cool uniforms.


Because here I'm considered "A wild and crazy guy"!


Logic suggests that to grow, one must GO!


Someone had to save the universe from Quirk.


Its not just a job... Its the final frontier... These are the voyages


The needs of Quirk outweighed the needs of the many


If it bothered you then my work is done!


Somebody has to keep their shirt on!


It was the only way to keep from getting drafted into the Velcron Merchant Marines


The Good of the Many... Infinite Diversity.. Green Babes.... and about 7 Movies


Our whole Father-Son Conflict thing wouldn't be as good if you liked the idea.


Join?? I was Shangheid by Ripped-Shirt back there!!

Berlinghoff Rassmussen

Without my damn Velcron blood these guys'd never survive

Berlinghoff Rassmussen

The needs of the franchise outweigh the needs of the one

Berlinghoff Rassmussen

Chicks dig the uniform


I am a rebel. Yee-ha.

3 Ted Rebos and 2 aces- Full house

In all honesty, sir, you don't have yeomen like the Captain has yeomen.

The Great Wizzard

Can you imagine what that idi... eh the captain would do if I weren't around all the time?


Take a look around. They NEED my help!

The Great Wizzard

Else the whole crew would be humans despite the fact that the federation consists of more than 150 species.


Can't you see my stitching skills are needed here?


Don't worry; in twenty years or so I'll join a Velcron Monastery against SevFleet's will, so you'll be even.


Why are you complaining? You'd never have gotten a recurring role otherwise.


The needs of the series outweigh the needs of the crotchety parent.


You won't die for another 150 years. Why should I care what's in your will?

Jimbo Jones

Syndication fees

Jimbo Jones

Shhhh! remember the medical plan!

Jimbo Jones

Daaaaad - you're showing me up in front of the crew!

Jimbo Jones

Dad, you know the family business is going down the pan....

Jimbo Jones

Hey, you're the one with Bendy Syndrome....

Jimbo Jones

Curse my illogical human side!

Jimbo Jones

It is logical that the son must disobey the father


I wanted to have the largest ears on the ship.

Miss Q

Vulcans only mate every 7 years, I have needs.

The Great Wizzard

Just to have the seasonal "Velcron Gets Emotions™" episode.

The Great Wizzard

No offense, father, but "shoe salesman" is no career option in my opinion.

The Great Wizzard

Captain, please tell my father that I thought we agreed not to talk to each other...

The Great Wizzard

You just said the reason

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