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This idea was suggested by Robert Underwood.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Guano in the Nexus! All knowing Guano turns out to be omnipresent as well when she unexpectedly makes a cameo in the Nexus!

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by Standback. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.


This is my "temporal anomaly" hat.




I see you've met my evil twin then


Hollowprojectors in the hats...


Hey, this is your perfect world. You figure it out!


It's a mystery wrapped inside a riddle shrouded in a big fat movie contract for me!

Gene Alatorre

With a hat this large I can't help but be in two places at once.


The producers had to do something to spice up your incredibly dull fantasy!


Two words: Big Hats.

Bill Harris

There's a reason they're called paradoxes, Captain...


Only Nexus can go to China.


What will really bake your noodle later on is wondering if you would have still have broken out of here if I hadn't mentioned it.

Trevor Raggatt

The real question is , "If the Nexus is my perfect world why do I still wear this ridiculous hat?"

Trevor Raggatt

I'm one of those celebrities who turns up on everything

Trevor Raggatt

Little trick I picked up filming "Ghost"

Trevor Raggatt

There are FOUR bartenders!


The nexus is just a more complicated hollowdeck, really. Would you rather have the Goddess Of Empathy? Heavily Cruncher in a nice dress?


What do you mean ON the Enterprise? The saucer section is ON my head!


Pickhard, how can I be in an alternate timeline and yet know that it isn't the right one?!


Let's just call it a hat trick.


This is one of those temporal paradox plot hole thingys, Jean Luc, just go with it.


Hey, this may be my last best chance for screen-time!

ScottE Bemeup

My hat's so big it causes temporal distortions


Sometime I think it's only a bad movie.

Berlinghoff Rassmussen

That's nothing! I'm also on ds9 and stowed away on Forager


The Same way I'm here AND the center square on the New Hollywood Squares.


I once tried to kill Cue. Do the math.


Well, as the resident enigma, I'll say, "wouldn't you like to know?"


with a hat like this.... you could just about to anything.


There are so many plotholes in this movie and you're worrying about that?


Umm... Sevspace?


I am a reflection... which means that i get paid twice...


We really do build up those Frequent Flyer points.


Same reason why you don't have any hair in your fantasy world.

D. Lerious

More importantly, why don't you have hair? This is, after all the nexus.


I have an existential map. It has 'You are Here' written all over it.


This hat spans several dimensions. All I need to do is spin

Gregory Griffiths

What? Is that the best you can come up with? No "Nice to see you"? No "I see 4 presents"? No "I see people's echoes"?

Gregory Griffiths

Shut up and open your 4 presents!

Gregory Griffiths

This coming from a man who wears his Sevfleet uniform at home on Christmas morning!

Jack Hammerfist

Squatty RARELY beams anyone in one piece!

Jack Hammerfist

In my job, I HAVE to be in 2 places at once!

Jack Hammerfist

Squatty's a miracle worker, and this is Christmas!

Jack Hammerfist

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Jack Hammerfist

Oh Pickhard, you're still thinking in THREE DIMENSIONS!

Darth Supershadow

The weirdest things happen in sci-fi movies. Don't they?

Bad Atom

If they pay me, I will come!


I run REALLY fast.


The same way you can be French and English at the same time.


Don't knock it! I get double pay this way.


A good bartender often appears to be in two places at once


I call it the Guano manoeuvre!

Luigi Novi

I never miss a good Christmas party.

Luigi Novi

See this huge hat? It's not really a hat. It's a transporter pad. The Enterforaprize was blowing up, so I hightailed it OUTTA there!!


If I told you, I'd have to kill you. Or make you a drink.

Kalahari Karl

Actually, I'm just a reflection off your shiny head.


Sevspace technobabble particles technobabble anomoly technobabble, yada yada yada.....


I have a split personality.


The sets are really, really close.

Mr Spork

There are 47 of me.


Trees, birds, guano. Need you ask?


Mirrors, Jean-Luc. All done with mirrors.


This hat is the only known example of a plot hole being a fashion statement.


It's amazing what happens when they double your salary


The bigger the hat, the stronger the time distortion

P Swayne

My hats a satelite dish which beams my picture anywhere I want to.

Ted Rebo, God of Thunder (Okay, minor diety of static discharges, but you get my point)

How can my neck support this purple landing pad? Sevspace!


i'm not really here whats important is this is good for ratings


Its that whole have your cake and eat it too thing


Since Tryhard is at the wheel I rather be here!


Its that whole duality, quasi time-travel, plot device thing


That's a little secret I keep under my hat

The Great Wizzard

Talk to the hat.

Admiral H

Quirk's done it, Piker's done it, You've done it. It's easy


How am I supposed to know? I am only an 800 year old alien from a supreme advanced culture - I can't even come close to understanding a Sev Trek writer's mind.


The same way I can balance this ... thing ... on my head.


If this hat can exist, anything can happen.


At least open your presents before asking dumb questions.


How can hats be made so large? There are some questions that don't need answers.


Don't question The Hat.


Even you, Pinchard, will never understand women.


I'm not Gauno, I'm her evil twin sister Onuag!


Your hair loss is nothing compare to the loss of your multi-dimentional thinking!


Actually, I'm Q in drag.

The Penguin Weekly

See the hat? It let's me do these special things.


You never heard of the ghost of Christmas present?


Uh uh uh, temporal prime directive!


It was either this, or Fair Haven.


Two words - shuttle craft!


Harry Mudd created me, I'm Guano #125.


Stunt doubles, mirrors, CGI, take your pick!

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