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This week's idea was suggested by Tyrrogan.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week: Edgy the counsellor! This week looks at how the insecure and annoyingly perky Edgy Dux takes on the unlikely role of counselling everyone on DS9.

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by Janewaysgrrl. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.

John Zieman

Uhh... Please don't hold me responsible for their lack of mental health!

Prince Leia

(to Worf) The Captain's a lost cause.


I want 6 months stress leave !


Ho, boy! This is going to be a long, long, LONG year!

it's a secret

Well.... mabey I should see to you first because the idea of me being responsible for other's mental health is insane!

Ice Skooter

I haven't even got my own mental health down!


Does that mean that I'm in fact responsible for nothing?

Jack Hammerfist

Then I demand a raise!

Jack Hammerfist

Ok, those three are wishful thinkers, and you think I'm an old man!

Jack Hammerfist

We'll start with you calling me an "old man!"

Jack Hammerfist

I'll start packing!

Jack Hammerfist

Gosh, I really DO drive people crazy!


Easy! I know phychobabble AND technobabble.


They should all be nuts by the end of the final season then!

Michael Possingham

Well, I'm half done, they're already mental


Mental health? Or the lack thereof?

V. Equinox

Can't I just wear low cut dresses and continually state the obvious instead?


Forget it. I'm not taking care of a bunch of space-happy cadets on a floating bicycle wheel!


That's more of a contradiction than a responsibility.


Oh! Is that who I am right now.

The Penguin Weekly

I think Bashful will need some personal councelling. Or is it Barf? I forget.

The Penguin Weekly

Good thing the series' almost over!

The Penguin Weekly

You're all nutcases. Can I go now?

Chameleon Rose

That is going to take six MORE lifetimes.


Couldn't I just jump into a burning pit like you?


I assume my predecessor committed suicide?!


Let's start with you sir. You do realize I'm neither "old" nor a "man"?

valerie p

Mental I get, health I don't see


You sure there's not a position open for a scuttlecraft pilot on the front lines?


I sense uneasiness . . . apprehension . . . fear. And I'm not even an empath!


Six seasons to get them like this, and only one to fix them?


er, permission to resign those duties sir?

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

That's easy - they're all crazy! NEXT!

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

He said MENTAL not DENTAL you dummies!!!

Chameleon Rose

But Sev Fleet told me that I was to leave the personality quirks.

Trevor Raggatt

You've a messiah-complex, he's psychopathic, he's a kleptomaniac and he's a mutant. Can I go now?

Jack Hammerfist

Then I prescribe myself 6 months leave!

Jack Hammerfist

Are you assiging me or accusing me?

Jack Hammerfist

Don't blame me, I just got here!

Jack Hammerfist

I hate paying for past mistakes!

Gregory Griffiths

Sir, I hope you realize there isn't exactly a lot of mental to keep healthy around here...

Gregory Griffiths

Does that include shoving Bashful's eyes back into his skull?

Gregory Griffiths

(whispers) I see insane people...

Ann E. Nichols

How can I be responsible for something that doesn't exist?

Ann E. Nichols

Just so you're not expecting any improvement, sir.


Permission requested to panic, sir.

The Penguin Weekly

I'm still officially dead, right?


Thank you so much Sir, I always wanted to have no life after all the lives I have had!!


In that case Sir, May I inform my other self that we are on overtime?


So my deep-seeded multi-personality problem should work in my favor!

Brandon Amaro

Looks like I've already failed.


I don't get paid enough, sir.


Can't you just put me on ensign duty?


I've got two minds of my own to deal with!


You want the person with multiple personalities to be responsible for the crews mental health? What have you been smoking?


To improve it or keep it where's its currently at, sir?


This can't be good for my mental health.


Permission to use phizzers, sir?


Can we have Mr. Scary Klingoff put away the big giant sword first?


But, dude! I'm like, so totally more messed up than them!


With respect, sir, that's nuts!

Tony Sutcliffe

Then we're all in Deep Sev!


Is it too late to resign?


I won't be having much free time!


I didn't realize I had ended up on Mission Impossible.

Some dude

Edgy: I do get hazard pay, right?


I'm just a Cheap Thrill, not a Doctor


I'll get started right away. Can I get some Mace?


At least that lifetime I was a serial killer won't be wasted now!


Sir, I'd like to requisition 10 rolls of rubber wallpaper for my quarters!

ScottE Bemeup

Who's MY counselor?!


I recommend lobotomies!


Jazzsinger was right - I should have gone into science instead!

P Swayne

Then you might as well issue red shirts to everybody!

Cevanna of the Vortaphiles

Oh, boy. I thought I had issues.


Well, at least the patients are looking forward to therapy.


Computer, set auto-destruct sequence...


Nobody needs that much character development.


Can't they just talk to Mourn?


Don't blame me! I found them like that!

Joel Schimek

I think the worm just turned


In that case... When is the next domino attack due?


The Klingoff misses his wife, the doctor needs a woman and the fungi... is ugly.


Do the words we're doomed mean anything to anyone?


Great, that means I have to council an angst ridden klingoff ex-husband and a hormonal doctor,what next, the Jerry Springer Show?

Dawn West

I've been male and female and I still can't figure out what people are thinking!

Joona Palaste

Luckily there's not much mental health to be responsible of.


With all the angst here, at least I have job security.


Do you have a straitjacket in my size, sir?


I passed over a hottie doctor for a KIingKon - I need it more than you all.


No offense, sir, but all my past lives are in group therapy.


They were like this when I got here.

e langan

WHY dind't I stay dead?

Wendee Rae

It's a good thing I'm cute, 'cause I have no idea how to do that!

Wendee Rae

It's going to take a few more hosts to figure you nutbars out!

Wendee Rae

You're all nuts! Can I go now?


I didn't know we have one!


I wouldn't do it if I were you... You know, Edgy is not just a name!


Who's gonna be responsible for mine?

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