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This week's idea was suggested by Christopher.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week: Christmas on Quirk's lap! This week borrows an image from the Sev Trek Christmas Cards, with Quirk playing Santa to the babes of Jurassic Trek.

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by Sasha. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.


Y: I want a new hairdo and new boots Q: Is that all you want? How about me?

Berlinghoff Rassmussen

Quirk: This is the only time you'll catch me in red


Quirk: Would you like to be promoted to Mrs. Claus?

Mr. Spork

Q: I wonder how Squatty's doing with the "everyone except babes" line..

Juan Deer

Randy:Does it matter if I've been good or not? Quirk: Not to me.


Randy: Santa, just for once I would like to get a dress that isn't four sizes too small.

Bad Atom

Randy: Where's Mr. Spook? Quirk: I put him in charge of the elves.

David Roe

Randy:I'd like a longer skirt for christmas Quirk: Too bad I was going to have the skirts shortened another inch for my chrismas present


Randy: Captain, I thought only CHILDREN are supposed to sit on Santa's Lap. Quirk: Who knows, you may be one of my children!


Randy: Well, what I want for Christmas is... Quirk: Hurry it up, I can't WAIT for the green babe!


Randy: We're the Sev Girls, Slimy Sev, Pinky Sev, Career Sev, and I'm... Quirk: ...And you're Lucky Sev


Quirk: Let me tell you what you want for Christmas.


are ALL of you for ME?


R: Aren't you a bit thin to be Santa. Q: I see you have been very good this year!

P Swayne

Randy: Want to know what I want for Christmas? Quirk: Go ahead -- I already have what I want!


Yeoman: We all need dates for New Years! Quirk: Now that's an easy one!


Yeoman: Can I have pants to go with this top?


Quirk (singing): I'm dreaming of a green... er white Christmas.


Quirk: Well, MY Christmas wish came true


Quirk:And what would you like for Christmas little girl? Yeoman Randy: Ten more minutes on your lap

Cmdr. Solomon

CQ: Eggnog and beer in my quarters later YR: I thought I was supposed to be telling you my Christmas List.

Capt. Bob.

Randy: I want A Trubble. /Quirk: O.K. But not the one I'm wearing!!!

Captain Treklin

Randy: Santa, I've been a really good girl this year. Quirk: I happen to know otherwise.

Scott McClenny

Quirk:Don't know 'bout you,but I got what I wanted for Christmas!

valerie p.

Quirk: no need to ask what you want, you've already got me


Quirk: Look at what I got for Christmas!


Quirk: I never thought being old and fat could have so many advantages!


Quirk: "'s about you and I discuss your Christmas gift somewhere......private?"


Quirk: And what od you wnat little girl? Yeoman Randy: Can you do somthing about that awful Cpt. Quirk?


Rand: and I want a pony an' a bunny wabbit an a- Quirk: O K ALREADY! I can't feel my legs anymore!

ltjg robertson

Yeoman Randy : You're not the real Santa Claus! Quirk : Nope... I'm.... Santa Pause!

Brandon Amaro

Yeoman Randy: Is it true you can visit every planet in the galaxy in one night?

Ensign can't pronounce his name

Quirk: after thirty years, my favorite part of the holiday is still unwrapping.


Yeoman: Am I on the naughty or nice list? Quirk: You're listed under "very nice"

Angry Seminole

Quirk: Okay, now let me tell you what I want for Christmas!

Scott McClenny

Yeoman Randy:All I want for Christmas is a long term contract!

Delta Flyer

Yeoman:I want a premotion for Christmas! Quirk: and I want real hair,but neither one is going to happen.

The Penguin Weekly

R: Squatty's next. Q: Ho ho-oh no!


R: You sure it's a good idea to wear red? Q: With Christmas, miracles happen

Joona Palaste

Yeoman Randy: How come you got to be Santa? Quirk: All the others died when they put on a red shirt.


Quirk: Too bad Christmas only comes once a year...


Randy:Are you sure there's a rule that I HAVE to sit on your lap? Quirk: Yup.


Randy:Oh Quirk... Quirk, I love you!! Quirk: That's great babe but, It's a really long line, gotta keep it moving....


Randy: I want... Quirk: ...ME?

Wendee Rae

Randy: I didn't think we celebrated holidays in Sevfleet. Quack: This is one tradition I decided to bring back.


Quirk: Lemme want me!

The Penguin Weekly

R: I've been a naughty girl. Q: I know . . . I mean, uh, shame on you!

The Penguin Weekly

R: I want a lower hemline for Christmas! Q: Why would you want something horrible like that?!?

The Penguin Weekly

Q: Tsk, tsk, tsk . . . you've been quite the naughty girl.

The Penguin Weekly

Q: Ho ho ho and a merry Christmas to me!


Yeoman: Don't most Santas GIVE presents? Quirk: Nothing wrong with a little present for Santa!


Yeoman: Wanna hear my Christmas list? Quirk: Only if my name is on the top of it!


Quirk: I love opening my Christmas presents!


Yeoman: Santa, am I on your naughty or nice list this year? Quirk: You're on both!

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