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This week's idea was suggested by e of PI.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week: Snog loses a leg! This week looks at how Snog had to have his leg amputated (a sacrifice he had to make in the interests of character development).

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by RealmMan. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.

Juan Deer

Snog: What are you, a doctor or a lumberjack?


Quack: Told ya root beer rots your bones!

4 of 5

SNOG:awee c'mon, all the main characters come back from the dead and you can't save my leg? QUACK: great! less to sell when he dies...


Quack: Snog you should be grateful that you're able to profit from the sale of your remains


Amputations are a roaring trade on Ferenginar


Quack; Think of it as collateral...

Eric the Programmer

Quack: Hehehe..sevs him right!


Quack: Problem is, the operation is so expensive, it'll cost you your other leg.


Snog: Can't I pay with some Latinum???

Buckwheat (just couldn't resist!)

S: I want a second opinion! Q: OK, tou're ugly too!

Jack Hammerfist

Can't you just use some ear-tissue? I've got plenty!

Jack Hammerfist

So much for Sevfleet's medical plan!

Berlinghoff Rassmussen

S: Alright, I swear, I'll never look at Ezri again!


Quack:I wonder what the going rate for leg is today...

Lord Psi

Quack: "Can you give us half off?" Snog: "The Profits have forsaken me!"


Do I still get paid full salary ?


Cut them both and give me a discount.


What?! Aren't I short enough already?


Quack: Snog, at least you're not on your last leg!

David Roe

Quack: Fungi rule of requisition 999, never do business if you're legless

Scott Hamilton

Can get that "to go" Doctor? (said by Quack)

Trevor Raggatt

Snog: At least I can sell it. Quack: Think of it as a "nest-leg"

the MASK

Relax nephew. Character development is never cheap.

the MASK

Don't worry nephew. I'll sell you a new one. Doctor can I get this wrapped up ?

Captain Treklin

Quack: Don't worry Snog. I'll see to it that it gets a nice price on the market.


Just as long as I get a good price for it

Kenyar Jad

AHH! Can I at least sell it?

The Cute One

Are the ratings THAT bad?


Snog: But I don't sell my body parts until after I'm dead!


Snog: I though Starfleet was supposed to *build* character.

Bob Clemmons

Well, OK. As long as you don't pierce my ears.

Rider Pale

Well, screentime comes at a cost... at least you'll keep the arm, Nog!

Brandon Amaro

Snog: I hate to see what you do for a stubed toe.

rhea stone

wait, let me get my latinum out of my boot first

Maria Spano

Snog: Practicing Frontier Medicine I see!!

Ensign Crunchy

Wait, wait! How much is this going to cost me?


Quack: Cheaper than a Fungi doctor - they charge an arm AND a leg!

Scott McClenny

My character isn't in need of that MUCH development!

a guy

10 bucks says that he screams like a little girl.

Jan Vangeneugden

Cut it in slices, so i still can sell it


Quack: It'll be worth the effort for your caracter!


Quack: I'll sell you one of mine!


Quack: This'll be great for profit! I can see the slogan now: come to Quack's and get legless!


Snog "But I only came in with an ear ache"


Quark - "You get the family discount. Otherwise you'd be paying an arm and a leg for this."


Whoa! The leg of the first Fungi in Sevfleet? It will fetch millions on the open market!

Ann E. Nichols

Why can't I have an inane plot development like everyone else?


Hey, I'm not dead yet! It won't give good profit.


Snog: I don't care how hungry Barf is....


Snog: All I did was ask Dux for a date.

Christopher A. Bayonet

Put Your Glasses on Before you Put that thing near me, I don't want to become Snogette

Some dude

Quack: Told you all that root beer would make you brittle.


But I'm already shorter than the average Ensign!


When I asked you how much this would cost, I thought you were kidding!!!


Snog: Always thought you'd get my arm and leg, Uncle!


Snog: I told you not to sell him the Civil War medical holosuite program!


Quack: NO refund on the dance lessons!


Quack: NOOO!!! I'm not done selling ad space on the cast!

Mike Howell

I know my character's wooden, but a *hand saw*?


Quack: Let's see, 100 slices of leg at 1 strip of latinum each...


Quack: Get your vacuum-sealed, freeze-dried pieces of Snog here!


Thank God it's not my ear!

Pill Snocker

Snog: Oh great, as if I wasn't short enough!

Pill Snocker

Snog: At least I'll have less toenails to trim.


Snog:Is that necessary! Quack: He misses, I smell liability suit.

Matthew D. Wilson, aka Powers

Quack: Don't worry, my boy. We'll get a good price for it.

Theodore A. Moser

Quack: Desicated sev fleet leg remains, should fetch quite a chunck of latinum.


Snog: Uncle Quack, I'll sell it to you for five bars of latenum. Quack: I'll give you ten if he cuts it off above the knee.


Quack: Your lucky, if you still worked for me, I'd have to cut your pay acordingly.

The Penguin Weekly

Q: Fungi Rule of Acquisition #47: the smaller the pieces, the bigger the profit.


Can't I at least SELL it?

The Penguin Weekly

S: Uncle! You can't let him to that! Q: Yes I can! And I'm getting double the profits!

The Penguin Weekly

S: Eeeeeeek! Q: Pssst . . . Bashful . . . here's an extra bar of latinum to sew his mouth shut.

The Penguin Weekly

Q: Domino war memorablia! Come and get it! Fifty percent off!


Snog: I joined to AVOID the kinda thing! Quack: Price ya pay for being an ensign!


Snog: WHY?!?! Quack: Don't worry. He's using the latest Sevfleet technology.


Last time I rest my feet on a console!


Quack: I didn't need to be butchered to be an interesting character!

Martijn Takke

The Divine Treasury be praised! I thought you were going to say you had to cut off my allowance!


Quack: we'll auction it off on Sev-bay

Doggy Spew

Aha, the old ``Costing an arm and a leg deal´´. Could we share the profit ?

The Great Wizzard

Snog: Of course. Promotion from "Ensign" doesn't come for free


Quark: Great, one more useless relative!


Snog: Hey, I'm vertically-impaired enough as it is!


Snog: But I haven't paid it OFF yet!


That's the last time I'll hold the dart board!


Quack: And they call ME quack!

Darth Supershadow

Ok, just leave a little around the edges.

P Swayne

Quack: Hurry, Doc, before the market for Fungi meat falls!

P Swayne

Quack: Hurry up, Doc! I have a customer waiting at the bar!

The Great Wizzard

Quack: I claim dibs on selling it!

ScottE Bemeup

Thank the Profits, I thought you were going for an ear!

Will Etienne

Rule of Aquisition #42! Nothing REALLY costs an arm and a leg!


Quack: Selling your body already, Snog?

The Great Wizzard

Snog: I didn't expect they'd take "character building" THAT literally

Trevor Raggatt

Snog: Typical, I make it through over 70 episodes and then in the last series.....

Trevor Raggatt

Snog: THere must be another way to remove the plaster!

Trevor Raggatt

Snog: But Doctor, I'm very attached to it

Trevor Raggatt

Snog: Errrr...I'd like a second opinion. Quack: You're annoying and he's going to cut your leg off.

Trevor Raggatt

Snog: Typical, I make it through the whole series and then in the last episode.....

Trevor Raggatt

Bashful: This'll hurt me more than it hurts you...or was it the other way round?


It'll grow back, right?

Trevor Raggatt

Q: Since you joined Sev Fleet you're not half the FUngi you used to be!


Quack: And it will cost you an arm


Quack: Every Cadet should be legless at least once before they graduate.

Plain Simple

Snog: No, don't!! For the uniform.. please undress me first.

Plain Simple

Quack: dry it, sell, make profit, be happy

Wendee Rae

Snog: But I'm too cute to limp!

Wendee Rae

Quack: Don't worry, I'll have it ground up and vaccum sealed in no time!


Quack: It'll cost ya.


I know the writers wanted to develop my character a little more but couldn't they think of something a little less violent,like an unhappy romance or something?


Snog: At least it better than what happens to most ensigns..


Snog: Hey I`d know I said I`d give an arm and a leg to join Sev Fleet, but it was just an expression!


Quack: Rule of Accuisition #345 - Klingoffs will eat anything you sell them!


Quack: Dont worry - we can sell it for profit!


Snog: Want to buy some shoes?


Quark: Dibs!

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