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This week's idea was suggested by e of PI.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week: Galactic relatives! This week looks at the infamous episode that revealed that all aliens are related from the same genetic stock, hence explaining why they all look the same apart from a few facial bumps.

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by Chris. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.


Klingon: You lie! Picard: Christmas shopping is going to be difficult.

The Cute One

P: Quirk has gone way too far this time!


P: Looks like I'll have to buy even more SevTrek cards to send this christmas


Klingon: this is a dishonour. Pickhard: I might say a disaster

Caballero Verde

Pinchard: I knew inbreeding could cause defects, but this?!


yeah yeah...all that genetic mumbo jumbos great and all, but can it give me my hair back?


Yuk, your kidding, related to spoon head, corrugated cardboard head, and ridiculously violent pointed ear freaks!

Juan Deer

Random: "I want to go home." "Are we there yet?" "He hit me." Pickhard: "Oh, the joys of siblings."

Closet Trekky

Prove it, apart from the resemblance between you and Pinchard!

Bad Atom

Klingoff: What now, a group hug? Pinchhard: Indeed not!


Picard: Please tell me it's April 1st?


Pinchard: Yes, we're four grumpy old men!


Klingoff: How insulting! Pinchard: I see I got the good looks


Carsalesman--Why do I feel this overwhelming urge to make a relationship between my fist and her mouth ?

SciFi Girl

Great, turns out the universe is one big, unhappy family reunion.


Klingoff: Today is a good day to die. Pinchhard: Take off that mask Cue! I'm tired of your sick jokes!

Peter Walczak

Pinchard: THERE ARE 4 OF US!

Jesse Shearer

Klingoff: Then how come half of us have no forehead lumps and Pinchhard has no hair? Pinchhard: I'm adopted.


Pickhard: Wow! we're all one big dysfunctional family!


Klingoff: Rubbish, I'm not bald! Pickhard: I prefer the term "Hairly-challenged"

Cmdr. Solomon

Pinchard: We found the DNA and fell back. We put it together and fell back. Now they tell us we're all related. The Line must be drawn here!


Evolution? More like de-evolution!


Well, that explains why we all speak perfect English!


Pinchhard: So, anyone for a cup of Earl Grey, err... flavoured with a dash of Canard, a drop of Bloodwine and just a hint of Wrongulan Ale?


Pinchard: Figures! The way we fight, it must be sibling rivalry.


C) But I have no brain K) and I have no heart W) and I have no courage. P) And my ruby slippers don't work !!!

USS Jamestown

Lingoff: that esplains my hair line. Pinchhard: I resemble that remark


Pinchhard: This is too PC, even for me!


Klingoff: Its time to reduce the herd.

Graeme Cartmell

Klingoff:Not to the Romulan Cowards! Pinchhard: Not to Wesley!

Ego Atenji

K: And this from a hologram with a shadow, P: The worst part is that I bear the closest resemlance.


So baldness is hereditory?


Pinchard: In that case, MOM, we've got a few million years of allowance to discuss.

Jack Hammerfist

Picard: I'm gonna KILL that Quirk!

Jack Hammerfist

Klingoff: Who could have THAT many kids? Picard: I think I might know...


Klingoff - Today is a good day for it to die ! Ponchhard - Your phaser or mine !!!!

Jack Hammerfist

Klingoff: That's ridiculous! Picard: Actually it explains a LOT...

Jack Hammerfist

Klingoff: But SOME of us did better than others! Picard: Not from where *I* stand!

the little red caboose

Klingoff/ Well get ready for another round of family feud!


Carsalesmen: I'll die first! Klingoff: Sounds good to me! Wrongulan: I thought being related to the Velcrons was bad! Pinchhard: Things look bad for that big family Thanksgiving party!

Laughing Vulcan

Klingoff: So that explains our constant bickering!


Pickhard: Wow! your bald and I'm bald! I don't feel so alone anymore!

...the rich

Pinchhard: "well there's a paramount announcement!"

Lieutenant Saber

Klingoff: That would have been a lot more believable if you'd said that before we grew our forehead ridges.

Lieutenant Saber

Pinchhard: Is THAT why you Klingoffs are always quoting Shakespeare?

Harley Cat

Pinchard: Well you know what they say, you can pick your friends but you can't pick your relatives

Harley Cat

Pinchard: We'd better think about hiring the Gem Hoarders as security at the next family reunion

Kalahari karl

Pinchhard: What? But then how come I'm the only one with a smooth pate here!

Mazotti Jordan, Green Lantern of Sevspace

Klingoff: That's it. The Bald chick goes! Carsalesman: I'll go fetch a phizzer. Pinchard: I'll help you.

Lady Firebird

Klingoff: But we have different foreheads, Pinchhard: That's understandable: inbreeding.


C:Just to check. You do mean our races are related and not just the four of us

Theodore A. Moser

Pinchhard: Ya, and next you're going to tell me that Cue is my fairy godfather

Erik Weimer

Klingoff - Impossible! You have no head bumps! Pinchard - That's because Klingoffs got them all.


Wrongulan- Like the Vulcan's aren't bad enough!


Carsalesman: "I blame the founders!" Klingoff: "I blame my ancestors!" Wrongulan: "I blame the velcrons!" Pinchhard: "I blame lazy make-up artists."

Silver Windsurfer

Klingoff: I always hated family reunions


(in Huey,Dewey and Louie fashion)C:You... K:...must... P:...kidding!

Willem-Jan van Strien

That's impossible. Why do you think we all talk English


Klingoff: This will make our wars more personal Pinchhard: i call to be her favorite...


Klingoff: Iíll need a blood wine! Pinchhard: Iíll need an earl grey!


Klingoff:This is a dishouner I will not stand! Pinchhard: Dad, he's yelling again.


All present: Helllooo Jerry Springer!


Wrongulan: Does this mean I'm going to go bald? Pinchhard: I sense a bad case of sibling rivalry coming on.


Carsaleman: Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!


Pinchhard: We're all one big unhappy family.


Pinchard: Hey guys, I won't tell anyone if you don't!


Explains why we always fight!

Trevor Raggatt (Trev)

P: Well, at least you can choose your friends


Pinchhard: At least now I know how to blame for my hairline.


Oh great! I travel halfway across the galaxy and I STILL can't get away from my relatives!

Unka Woofie

Pichhard: They forgot to break the mold.

Captain Treklin

Pinchhard: Well given the lack of hair follicles, I seem to be more closely related to you than the other three.

Ann E. Nichols

K: No way am I related to these LOSERS! P: We're not exactly breaking out the champagne, either.

Gregory Griffiths

Klingoff: If you guys were any other relatives, I would kill you where you stand!


Klingoff: I'm still not telling you why we have forehead ridges now! Pinchhard: This is one dysfunctional family!


Pinchhard: "Oh wonderful! I'm related to a scally Carsaleman, an old, bumpy headed Klingoff and a wrong Wrongulan! I need some Earl Grey..."


Pinchhard: This explains the dysfunctional get-togethers.


Klingoff: Then why don't we get along. Pinchhard: Call it sibling rivelry.

I want to rock and roll all night, and Ted Rebo ev-er-y day

Klingoff: Tell it to Kahless, targ! Pinchhard: Yeah! Like I'd be related to you weirdos *Shirt tug* *Shirt tug*


Pinchhard: Looks like we accidentally beamed down to The Galactic Soap.


Klingoff: "Ridiculous, look at your forehead!" - Pinchhard: "Face it, you're my stepbrothers."


Picard: Scriptwriter... one sarcastic line please.

Liza Simonova (aslias sesspit)

Picard: Hey that's not fair! Why did the Klingoff get all the hair?

Liza Simonova

Picard: So baldness really DOES run in the family.

Wendee Rae

Pinchard: This is one family with a lot of black sheep.


Pinchhard: Ah great they inherit bumps and pointy ears and I get baldness!


Klingoff: Good..fights between siblings are always more fun.


Klingoff: If he sings "We are the world", I will kill him! Pinchard: I'll help you!


K: Someone has finally seen through our cheap makeup! P: Next she'll reveal that none of us has ever left Earth.


Picard: We know. Kirk got around alot

ScottE Bemeup

Clingoff: Ewwwww. Severation Coodies! Pickhard: We're suffering from a severe case of sibling rivalry.

ScottE Bemeup

We have one thing in common. We all dislike you.


Klingon: And I thought romulans were bad. Romulan: and I thought Klingons were bad. Klingon again: What did you say? I'll kill you! Romulan again: Not if I kill you first! *grabs the Klingon's throat* Picard: The sad tale of a family... wait, that wasn't a Shakespere quote.. I'm loosing my touch! AGGGHHH *jumps off the cliff* Cardassian: Ah what the heck... Hey babe, wanna discuss this over dinner? Ship, two to beam up.

Trevor Raggatt

Klingoff: Blood wine is thicker than water! Pickhard: You've never drunk at Quack's!

Trevor Raggatt

Klingoff: Blood wine is thicker than water!

Trevor Raggatt

P: BLood's thicker than water. Klingoff: That could be checked!


Cardassian: Ok. From now on, our family ISN'T important to us anymore


Klingon: And I thought parents were bad


Klingon: In that case I'd like to sue my ancestors.

Trevor Raggatt

P: Explains a lot. Inlaws can be so embarrassing


Klingon: I want a refund.


Picard: Can we go home already?


Klingon: Did it say related? Picard: No, retarded.


Picard: So that's where my bad-hair genes come from

Trevor Raggatt

P: I never did get on with my family


Picard: So that's who's to blame for my lack of hair

Trevor Raggatt

P: Oh brother!

Trevor Raggatt

P: So the Federation's wars with the Romulans, the Klingoffs and the Carsalsesians are just sibling rivalry


Klingon: Please tell me the Fungi were adopted?

Trevor Raggatt

All: Mommy!!

Trevor Raggatt

Pickhard: You think its inter-galactic war - turns out to be a family feud!


Picard: Is it just me or are all my relatives terribly annying?

Trevor Raggatt

Pickhard: Yes, and my side of the family got the brains and the looks

Trevor Raggatt

Pickhard: Yes, family get togethers can be so embarrassing.


Damm, I demand a bloodtest!


Klingon: Well at least we're not related to Troubbles... I mean, we aren't, right?

Trevor Raggatt

Pickhard: I thought I was a galactic diplomat. Turns out it's just a family squabble


Pickhard: We're one big happy family... God I hate the political correctness

Joel Schimek

Pinchhard: Einstein already came up with the Theory of Relativity

The Penguin Weekly

K: Some prize. Kill her.

The Penguin Weekly

We killed our brethren for this?!?

The Penguin Weekly

C: We are not. K: Listen to the lady! We came halfway across the quadrant. R: Shut up bumpy head! P: Yup. One big happy family.

8 of 12

Don't expect a group hug!


klingoff: today is NOT a good day to visit the inlaws...

The Great Wizzard

Pickhard: It HAD to happen: Sev Trek is just another soap...

The Great Wizzard

Pickhard: From the hairstyles I believe I'm related to the Fungi...


They always say you can't choose your family


Klingoff: What? We look nothing alike! Pinchhard: I think you've got something stuck on your head...


Pinchhard: Well, don't expect me to be inviting you all to the family Christmas dinner!

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