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This idea was suggested by Tom Hyde.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Smooth Pinchhard! In Sev Trek: Indigestion, we see how smooth Captain Pinchhard can be with women (and I'm not just talking about his cranium).

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by Laughing Vulcan. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.

Jack Hammerfist

And I'm worth every second of it!

Jack Hammerfist

Good things come to those who wait!

Wendee Rae

The balder the head, the better they're bred.


and I haven't had a romantic entanglement for 300 *light* years


Is that a good thing?


Really? Is it turning you on?


I see one in the mirror every morning


I'd say I haven't seen a beautiful woman in that long, but I'm trying to impress you with my youthfulness.


Did you know it's as smooth as an androids bottom?


Full body wax. It does it for me.


Please, you're embarrassing me. Do it again!!!


You were probably blinded by the glare.

George Hill

Finally! A woman who Quirk hasn't gotten to first!


Soo, never had a captain before..?


Pinchhard: Like a fine wine, I get smoother with age... but not any more subtle.


I don't have a receding hairline, I have a proceedeing forehead!!


Then you haven't seen many SevFleet captains!


I haven't had this much fun in at least that long!

Kirk's Wig

I haven't seen clevage like that in 300 years

Lyran Fan

They don't get any balder than this!


It's really been that long since we last saw each other?


I havent had a date that lasted more than 2 episodes.


Care to make up for lost time?


What a coincidence! I haven't been with a woman in 300 years!


Well, you know what they say... Once you go bald, you never go back.


Jeez, way to go to rub it in!


Good to know that Quirk was never here...


I haven't had a chick for 3 movies.

Amie Howell

At least I don't wear a dead ferret hairpiece like some captains I know!

Jim 2.0

Then you haven't see sexy in 300 years.


I never seen a gorgeous 300 year old woman.


"Well I'm here to remind you of the good old days."


A Sevfleet requirement for all captains. It helps to blind the enemy.

Save Ferris

all the more skin area to put on Old Spice !


Well, bald men don't waste the hormones on growing hair....

The Penguin Weekly

Hey, this sure beats staring at my reflection.

The Penguin Weekly

Wow! I'm dating an older woman!

Trevor Raggatt (Trev)

Well, if you fancy a 60 year old toy boy......


Smooth on the outside, even smoother on the inside.


You don't look a year over 153.

Captain Treklin

Well I haven't been involved with an alien woman for almost as long


It is the choice of captains...

Ann E. Nichols

What a coincidence! I haven't had a date in 300 days!


Want to come on up to my place and run your fingers through my scalp?


You know...they say balds have more fun!


Then maybe I can introduce you to the 'Pinchhard Manuever' firsthand

Sean Mills

Then maybe you have a cure for baldness?

Wendee Rae

The two of us together would be the Bald and the Beautiful.

Wendee Rae

Oh, well...Bald men rule the universe now.


Maybe you'd like to see one for the NEXT 300 years!


Well I finally thought, The hairline must be drawn here! This far no farther!


Oh I...uh... Just cut it this way! It's the latest style!


I haven't seen my hair in 30!

The Sev-Lander

I'm not just bald, you know. I'm also a Severation Captain.

Kalahari Karl

Funny, its been about that long since I've seen hair on my head...


Well, take a long, good look.

Bill Harris

A planet with a good looking woman than Quirk didn't get to! Amazing!


Wanna baldly go where few women have gone before?


Bald is beautiful!


Hey! This is PC Trek! It's 'folically challenged'.


That's about how long I've been this way!

Johnathan McClure

You're 300 too?


I don't think you've seen anything as handsome in 300 years either!


You don't get a lot of "boldly going" around here, do you?


They don't sell Trubbles anymore.

ScottE Bemeup

Would you like to see the hair in my ears?

ScottE Bemeup

Was I worth the wait?

ScottE Bemeup

It's the story of my life. Hair today. Gone tomorrow.

ScottE Bemeup

Did you notice my buns are getting firmer?

Trevor Raggatt

Ah. Sweet three hundred and sixteen and never been kissed

Trevor Raggatt

THat's OK, I haven't snogged a babe in 200 light years

The Great Wizzard

The plot is lame but I'm starting to like the movie...

The Great Wizzard

And I haven't seen a beautiful woman in 300 years...

The Great Wizzard

Wow! You must be the only woman which hasn't met Captain Quirk!

The Great Wizzard

Today's your lucky day: I *am* 300 years old.


That's funny, I haven't had hair for that long!

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