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This week's idea was suggested by Mylok.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week: Invincible Deltoid Flunker! Although Forager have destroyed about 30 scuttlecraft, the Deltoid Flunker has continued to avoid destruction, even taking on an entire Bored fleet and winning!

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by Cmdr. Solomon. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.

Scott Harrison

We've never been able to get it out of the docking bay!


The writers needed a rival for Bologna - I wasn't up to it.


New idea - a love triangle, Tomb, Bologna and the Flunker!


Don't ask me, I'm not the one who keeps crashing them


We coated the hull with Kneelicks' food - that stuff's indestructible


That's no silver hull. That's tens catsuit!

SEVerely inspired

"The moment they develop something with more sex-appeal, it's toast!"


When the ratings plummet, so will it

The Fool

It's shields provide extra pro-trek-tion

The Fool

The same reason 10 wears those tight outfits: Grace of God


There's coffee in that craft!


because it's actually one big black box, the only thing that survives crashes.


Commander would you like to join our scuttles test flies on bored space?

SEVerely inspired

"I guess the quantum flux generator induces a protective sevspace dispersion field... Or it's just lucky."

Luigi Novi

Because it's still in the SCUTTLEBAY, you moron.


Especially considering the way Parasite parks!


Let's think....who was in command of every destroyed shuttle?

Graeme Lyon

The furry dice enhance its' shields.

Cmdr. Solomon

It's protected by the will of the DO. Do you dare to question the will of the DO? The DO must punish you!


Gainweight: "Shut up! We don't want to jinx it!"


Don't your people have an "ancient legend" that might explain it?


I let Torrid borrow my hair dryer to power the shield grid.


We only take it out on the weekends


It's the only one with a rabbit's foot in the glove compartment


Regenerative technobabble


Because this is the only thing that brings in ratings, other than Ten's "storage nodes".


HEY ! I've got to bring at least ONE home !!


I don't know. Why haven't you died yet?


It's been hull is made of a special metal called plotholeium alloy.


I told Tom that if he wrecked it, I'd lock him up with Kneelicks the rest of the way home.


We put a "danger, unstable antimatter" sign on it, and it's been given a wide berth ever since.

Capt. Joe

That's not the original. It's the Deltoid Flunker-Z

Lord Jon

We remembered the shields this time.


Try romantically linking it to a main character, that ought to do it!

Amie Howell

Next to Ten out of Ten, it's the most interesting character we've got!

Peter Walczak

I didn't spill anything on the controls yet, that's why

Peter Walczak

Why don't you go fly around some bored cubes and we'll see what happens...

Jessica J.

Frankly, we ran out of "frequent shuttle miles" with you behind the panel.


We need some way to trick the Ensigns into a false sense of security


Don't question the power of fuzzy dice.

Heléne Holm

Yeah, well, maybe we SHOULD have let Paris install styrofoam dice in the other shuttles too...

Gregory Griffiths

We brought on Gaby Cook as a creative consultant. Any item that can survive her testing can survive anything!

Jesse Shearer

And leave Tomb with the female characters again? No thanks.

Jesse Shearer

It has been. Several times. But Tommy Boy there keeps rebuilding it.

The Penguin Weekly

How else did you think we're going to get back to the Alfalfa Quadrant.

The Penguin Weekly

Remember that "ah coo chi moya" dance you did around it?

The Penguin Weekly

Why haven't you been demoted like all my other commanders?

The Penguin Weekly

Stop complaining, or you're going to take it for a test flight.

Brian Gorry

There isn't a place to stick the special effects firecracker

Mark F.

Scuttles are the ensigns of the spacecraft world!

Doggy Spew

The Deltoid Flunker is made of all the parts of the destructed scuttles that couldn´t be destructed, making this one undestructable .


Parasite replaced the explosive consoles with a joystick.


We're about to die from explosive decompression and you ask abot the SCUTTLE?


We took all the other scuttles' black boxes and used them to make the deltoid flunker. Those always survive crashes.


Because everytime we suggest it, our SFX gurus threaten to go on strike.


Because it's too sexy to blow up, to blow up...


Because unlike our other inexaustable supply of shuttles, we only have one Deltoid Flunker!


No. There is no way that I'm letting you pilot it. I will demote you. I will kill you. I will end 7 years of unresolved sexual tension, but I will not let you pilot the flunker.

Trevor Raggatt

Work it out, Commander Crash-land!


It has! Ever hear of super glue?


Fot the same reason we never run out of disposable ensigns


We're using cheat codes.


Because you have yet to pilot it


We're doing a two-parter on that!


We still have the warranty

Wendee Rae

It's been programmed to raise shields when you get near it.

non compos mentis

its the officer class scuttlecraft, they never blow up unless there is some SERIOUS character development happening


His father would kill me if something happened to Tom..

Emily the One and Only

It has. I just pull a spare one out of my hair.


We don't destroy the cool ones.


We can take on Borg cubes and you're worried about a shuttle?


Then we'd have to devote another episode to an emotional breakdown


I glued it to the deck as a precaution

Kate the great

At least one main charactor has to survive the whole voyage home.

Kate the great

It's a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a force field..

Kate the great

That's not the kind of consistancy we do here..

Kate the great

And kill off our most beloved charactor?!


Can't be a scuttle then. Scuttles get "scuttled".


Figures. It breaks six Sevfleet safety regulations and it lasts longer than all the other scuttles.

Pizman (Must... get... continuity...)

Same reason we haven't run out of photon torpedoes yet!


According to the Sev Fleet manual, we are supposed to blame unexplained conditions like this on some kind of temporal anomoly.


It can sure take a beating and continue to stay up....just like this series continuity


You'd be surprised what can be done with 12 parsecs of ducktape.


Our "no counsellors at the helm" policy.


If the Deltoid Flunker is hotrodding around, it will capture enough of the male viewership that someone other than Ten out of Ten can get screentime every now and then.


Not even the Borg can withstand the charm of fuzzy dice.


You can fit more senior crewmembers on the Flunker.


They weren't powered by my favorite coffee.


Its made with strands of my hair, and painted with my favorite coffee.


I can't even aford a pocket watch, you think we can afford another one of those.


It will - just wait until the end of season ship destroyer


Does this mean you don't mind flying this thing into Bored Space?


Why haven't you developed a personality after seven years? These are all good questions...

The Ragin' Cajun

we've never filled it with ensigns


We made it out of other scuttles.


It's just a tad too big for the "scuttle replicator" slot we've never shown viewers!

Time Wizard

“You’ve tortured us with Acuchimoya stories and I fall back. You’ve crashed all our shuttles and I fall back. Well Chocolatay, the line must be drawn here!”


The same way our Forager is still in one piece. we left tryhard in the Alpha Quadrant


It's under the special Non exploding consoles 50 million light year warranty


The writers are still impressed with her.


After they killed off Key'lar, they swore to never kill off another guest star more interesting than the main characters.

Scott McClenny

Why do you think I never allow you to fly it alone?


All the scuttlecraft only had three-day warranties. This one came with a 10,000 light-year warranty.


Hm. Good question. And why is it bigger on the inside than it is on the outside?

Dial "M" for Maul

We canabilized their engines for my hairdryer

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

It has a rewind button!

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Our insurance ran out in season 6!

Bill Harris

It's still under warranty.

Rob Redpath

I can't exactly demote Paris any further if he destroys it, can I?


We can't get rid of Parisite, no matter how hard we try.


And kill off Parisite? We should be so lucky!


Crumple zones.


It's got Bored technology. 'Nuff said.

Duncan Isbister

Reclining leather bucket seats

Bill Harris

We christened this one with coffee.

Trevor Raggatt

Tomb cobbled it together from old junk. Most of our enemies assume it's been wrecked already.

Trevor Raggatt

Ever wondered why we never let YOU fly it?

Cmdr. Solomon

It's protected by Implausible Shielding Technology, Pat. Pending.

Captain Big Mouth

It's the Hairy Chin of Scuttles


It's made from Kneelicks's leftovers.


Oh! Indestructability. You want to talk about my hair again, isn't it?


It has enough personality to be counted as a main character.


Why haven't you piloted it like all our other scuttles?


Because we never let you fly it.

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

It's programmed to duck!

Plain Simple

Do you know how hard it was to calligraph it's name on it?


We installed shields on this one.

Jim McNamara

It runs on plot-contrivance drive.

Jack Hammerfist

We only have one!


We read the instruction manual when we put this one together.


There are always senior officers on board


I try to avoid letting Hairy and Ten use it at the same time.

Crazy Velcron

It's surrounded by sevspace fields. What else?


Damn it! I TOLD B'Elanna to install that feature!


It took us 47 attempts, but we FINALLY got the explodingconsoles bug out of our scuttlecraft!


its surrounded by an enhanced treknobabble shield


We coated the hull with my Super-Strength hair gel.


The special effects team got tired of destroying shuttlecrafts

The Magical Jumping Bean

HEH= Hair Enforced Hull


Kneelicks covers the haul with his leftovers, strong stuff!

The Red 9

It has more personality then the rest of us combined.

We're waiting till we can get Kim,Kneelix, and Nataly Wildcard in it at one time.

David Moyle

Two words: Season Finaly

David Moyle

Strict "No Non-Regulars Alowed" Policy.

The Burton Four

You've never been at the helm.

Delta Flyer

I used my hair spray on the hull.

Delta Flyer

Your not allowed on it!

Avenger CO

They haven't finished the CGI for that yet.


The exploding consoles were replaced with "switches"

Bren R

Damn! We forgot to add a design flaw!

Will Etienne

It's gotta be the joy stick.


Actually, It was. But like all major characters, it's only going to be dead for an episode. Tops


Actually, since I confined you to the bridge, the scuttle survival rate is up...


it has been, but we keep mail ordering a new one

Brad Rousse

Ask the guys who made the rest button.


Scuttles come and go...but the name stays the same!


We can't kill Voyager's baby!

LCmdr Terra

It's been safe ever since we found a way to pump Mr Paris's ego into the shield grid.


Forager and the scuttles don't have toilets, the Deltoid Flunker does!


It has, we use a flight sevulator to fool the audience.


The Micro-plot-writer embedded into the hull prevents that.

Stuart Ferguson

It's got more personality than anybody on this ship.


I'll have to tell Parasite to put the Forager's shields back where they belong


well, we've specifically engineered it to withstand... ok, ok! we made outta Kneelick's hair pasta! satisfied?!


Once you name something, it's so hard to get rid of it.

Sesspit (formally sess-pity)

It got promoted.

Sesspit (formally sess-pity)

They ran out of glue so they used my hairspray instead


The writers decided to astound us with one small continuity.


It's being added to the opening credits next week.


He wrote on the bumper: baby on board.


Paris keeps hitting the "reset" button, just in time.


It was made from my hair.


We didn't put any consoles in it.


Unlike the others it's a "smart" ship - it hired a good agent.

Luigi Novi

What do you think all this DEBRIS scattered on the floor is, Sherlock?

The Great Wizzard

If you insist... Tomb, get out of there, Chocolatey is the new pilot.

Luigi Novi

Put a couple of redshirts at the helm. That'll do it.

Luigi Novi

What're you, trying to JINX it?

Luigi Novi

Because Tomb Parasite has finally found something on this ship he cares about, and he's not going to let it get away from him....and I'm not talking about Torrid!

Luigi Novi

Because John Cook hasn't seen "Unimatrix Zero part I" yet.

Luigi Novi

When we were putting all the decals on, we decided not to put the one that looks like a target on the back of it, like the other scuttles had.

The Great Wizzard

I assigned Ensign MacGyver to Deltoid-Flunker-Maintenance. It's amazing what he can do with duct-tape...


Teflon coating


We're still making repayments


It's hard, gutsy and lucky - we're like sisters!


Lucky dice in the cockpit!


I fuel it from my own coffee supplies!

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

It's modelled on my hairdryer schematics!

ScottE Bemeup

It's made out of Kneelicks' leftovers.


The Delta Flunker is now the third most popular Forager charachter.


Tomb only lets major screen-time charachters onboard. Next question.


Just wave bye-bye to another piece of continuity.

Come and listen to a story 'bout a man named Ted Rebo...

First, we blow them up. You complain. Then we regrow them, and you complain. Now we pick one to keep, and guess what? You complain. Just shut up and get me some coffee, flunky!


It's hull is made out of "Plothole-ium"

The Great Wizzard

Probably the "If you follow me, I'll show you a better target" bumpersticker.

The Great Wizzard

Parasite had the producers add to his contract that his Hot Rod won't get hit.


Blown up? The Flunker? Over my assimilated body!


It signed a one-and-a-half year contract.

The Penguin Weekly

It's surrounded by a technobabblon energy field that inverses probability functions.

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

It has - it's made from Lego so we can rebuild it!

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

It's got a main character in it, Dummy!


What do you think we did with the other scuttle's debris?


Quit complaining. It gives Parasite something to work on so he doesn't bother us.


Well, we've got to have some continuity!


The Delta Flunker sounds more positive than the names we gave our other scuttle crafts like the USS Deathtrap, the USS Kamakazie and the USS Suicide. The crew take better care of it.

Yogi Wizzard

It's smaaaaaaaaaarter than the average scuttle...


The other scuttlecrafts were wearing red shirts.

The Great Wizzard

We're not letting you pilot it.

The Great Wizzard

Tomb would burst out in tears if his Hot Rod would have one little scratch.

Jimbo Jones

I coat the hull in my hairspray.



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