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This idea was suggested by Atona.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Spook swearing! This week spoofs Sev Trek IV (again) where Spook learns the use of "colourful metaphors" to better fit in with 20th Century culture (and not quite getting the hang of it).

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by TeknoDemon. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.


Have you switch your translator to ASCII?

Luigi Novi

So THAT's what your mom meant when she said you should explore your human side!

Luigi Novi

Don't talk to me about #$@*!, Spook. I INVENTED #@$!, I did a lot of @#!$*&ing as captain of the Enterforaprize, and you, sir, are no @!#$*&er!

Plain Simple

Oh no, the Americanisation has reached Vulcan!


Spook...about you posing as a religious fanatic...


If you continue using all these colorful metaphors on a regular daily basis, I might be able to get you a job as a construction worker.


Very good Spook....but to....truely sound....human,... you need...more dramatic your speach!

Jane Garland

Potty Mouth

Brian Gorry

Did you mind meld with a rapper?


Well, double $*#@ to you!


Cut that out for #*@$ sake!

meggy eel

I know we have to walk there, but that's no reason to cuss!

meggy eel

That's it, no more seedy bars for you!!


If Spock's talking like this.. I'd hate to be with Buns . . .


Congratulations you just got us a #$%!@ R raiting!

The Penguin Weekly

Right language, wrong decade.

The Penguin Weekly

As I said before, you'll blend right in.

The Penguin Weekly

I hope that whale teaches you some manners.

Andrew Jefferies

Any more "colourful metaphors" and we'll end up in the 70's


"Why don't you quit using those #$@% colorful metaphors, Spook !"


try to colour your cloth! not your speech

Wendon Pettey

"Your keyboard is stuck again!"

Kalahari karl

And now all we need to perfect the disguise is a mowhawk, multiple piercings and a boombox...

Mazotti Jordan, Green Lantern of Sevspace

Stop it, Spook. You're blending in too well.

Mazotti Jordan, Green Lantern of Sevspace

Squatty, one bar of soap, extra foul-tasting.


Spook, the pollutants in the air have dirtied your mind!

Alex Sulu

Grammar Spook. Grammar!

Alex Sulu

Congratulations Mr. Spook, your picking up a human art.


Oh! Shut the Spock Up!

Kalahari Karl

Spook! @#$@% is NOT an appropriate metaphor for a mechanical rice picker!


well, at least beta hasn't started swearing


Well, pound dollar at apostraphe to you too!


Presures of directing getting to you, Spook?


Spook, about the idea we pose as sailors...

Luigi Novi

For God's sake, Spook, there are KLINGOFFS in the audience blushing right now!

Luigi Novi

Squatty, beam down a bar of soap, PRONTO!

Luigi Novi

Perhaps, Spook, I should've sent YOU to find the nuclear vessels instead of Chekov and Uhura. You'd fit in much more easily with all the sailors!

Luigi Novi

Well, there goes our PC Directive, along with our PG rating!

Luigi Novi

Sorry, Spook, but Eddie Murphy isn't going to be in the movie after all. (Because the Gillian Taylor role was originally intended to be a male character for Eddie Murphy to play, and he was known for playing profane characters early in his career.)

The Omnipotent Q

Don't make me sing.

The Omnipotent Q

Swearing would work better if you were angry.

The Omnipotent Q

#$@*! the whales, I want the biologist.

Bad Atom

Okay, it isn't funny anymore...

Bad Atom

Enough with the @#$! swearing, Spook.

Bad Atom

The $!@# audience already knows the #!@$ plot!

Bad Atom

@$!# the whales! There's another kind of mammal I'm trying to catch!

Bad Atom

Spook...limit 2 swear words per sentence.

Fanny Burney

Has your universal translator finally blown a fuse?

Fanny Burney

Mr. Spook, is that headband a little too tight?

Commander Merrick

Spook, I think your'e taking this old hippy disguise thing too far!

Capt. Harvey, the Wonder Hamster

Quirk to Squatt, have you repaired the censors yet?


I don't #@$%ing care!


And that @#$%& headband isn't covering your &%$#@ ears.


Again, without the symbols.

Paul Leake

You know I'm getting really sick of your potty mouth Spook

Will Etienne

You're coloring outside the lines again.


Does logic really dictate such language, Spook?

Ascii stupid question...

Spock! I think you need to lay off the colorful ASCII for a while.


First we're going past a supermarket to get some soap!


Such profanity,... Buns would be... proud... of you... Spook.


Getting... in touch... with our... human... half... Spook?


You had better pray my Universal Translator's malfunctioning Spook!


Yes, Spook I read the %$& script too.


Maybe you should leave the colorful metaphors to Buns...


If you can't remember your lines, just say so!


More power to the sensors!

Wendee Rae

Either ask me nicely or I'll turn the ship around and go back to our own century!

Wendee Rae

I can't believe you eat with that mouth.


Quirk: Great job with the swearing Spook no one will notice that we are not from this century.

Ann E. Nichols

Careful, Spook -- I believe the traditional penalty for talking like that is being forced to eat soap.


Soap is also a four letter word, Spook.


Phizzers to "Wash Mouth"

Amie Howell

Remind me to wash out your mouth with a sonic shower later.

Amie Howell

Profanity is not logical, Mr. Spook.

The Penguin Weekly

After we teach you the proper use of colorful metaphors.

Delta Flyer

You have more of Buns mind than I thought!

P Swayne

I'm from your century! You don't need the #$@*! colorful metaphors with me!


Mr Spook, tune your voice down to stun!

Hanover Fisk

Loosen. The. Head. Band.


That's it! It's back to the future with you!


Less metaphor and more wherefor...

The Jakester

Snap out of it, man! I don't understand cursive!


I may have to use your headband - as a GAG.


There's an old earth custom - washing your mouth out with soap!


I really have to $#@! do something about those $#@! colorful metaphors!


Are you trying to invent a new language?

The Jakester

I swear it shall be done!

Jimbo Jones

Don't make me come over there and nerve pinch you upside the head!

Jimbo Jones

I said colourful, not Blue!

Jimbo Jones

Oh yeah? I got your colourful metaphor right here!

Jimbo Jones

Shut up and give me that LDS

Jimbo Jones

Whoa! Waaaay too colourful! You're breaking the PG Directive!

The Great Wizzard

"G"... no, "PG"... no, "PG-13"... dammit Spook, we're losing our viewers if you don't stop!

Jim Martin

Spook... I said colourful, not colored fowl!!


And to find enough water to wash out that mouth of yours.


Bite that tongue mister!


Oh and Spook never mention those colourful metaphors again.

Mr. Memo

You're ruining our PG rating, you know.


I thought crude or lewd punchlines weren't considered...?

The Great Wizzard

At least it beats "Ve are loooking for ze nooclear wessels."

Captain Treklin

Spook stop swearing. I know @#!# well what we have to do


I knew we shouldn't have got Quentin Tarantino to guest direct!

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