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This idea was suggested by Neilinoz.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Sev Trek encounters Punk! This week spoofs the scene from Sev Trek IV where Spook and Quirk encounter a head banging 20th Century punk.

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by The Great Wizzard. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.


Quirk: You see, Spook, liquified brains is a status symbol here.


Quirk: Do you think anyone would notice if I phizzered that guy?

David Robinson

Quirk: And I thought you dressed badly, Spook: At least I still have my own hair.


Quirk: He's set it to "stun"!


Quirk: Can I have your headband to cover my ears? Spook: The hell you can't.


Spook: I think his instrument needs tuning.


Spook: No Captain you must resist your urge to sing along.


Admiral, is this the result of a human and tribble breeding?


Spook: I find this music.......illogical. Quirk: I know where he'll find it in a moment!!


S: Human history suddenly makes a lot more sense.


Quirk: These were primitive times. Look at the size of that cortical implant.

meggy eel

Quirk: If I hurt him, does it constitute messing around with the space-time continium? Spook: No.

Mike Howell

Quirk: Is that Beethoven's Fifth? Spook: Yes, in screech-minor.

P Swayne

Spook: Are you sure this situation doesn't call for a colorful metaphor? Quirk: That IS a colorful metaphor!


Quirk: "Colorful metaphor... colorful metaphor... sexual position I've tried... colorful metaphor" Spook: "You can stop explaining the lyrics now, Admiral."


Quirk: ow! my ears! Spook: You think you've got problems?

Capt. Bob.

Quirk to Punk: Could you please turn that down. Spook: I do not beleive it is intelligent enough to understand you.


Quirk: This kind of music isn't allowed in the 23rd century. Spook: I know now why.

Steven Cavanagh

Quirk: Put that head band around MY ears, will ya?


Have the Klingons mutated again?


S: Thank god you made me cover my ears Q: And it's a good job I'm going deaf from old age...

admirably lost

Quirk : whats with all the metal Spook : its there to improve reception but judging by the discordant noise its not working


Spook: Captain, it looks like your music has a following


Spook: Would you like me to pinch him, Admiral? Quirk: And quickly, before we lose that PG rating!


Spook: Quirk, why do we have only songs like Row, row, row your boat? Quirk: Itís because our computer doesnít broadcast MTV.


Quirk: Spook use your nerve pinch! Spook: With pleasure Captain.


Quirk: No wonder this music never survived the 23rd century. Spook: Why I kinda enjoy it.


Quirk: He reminds me of a Klingoff Spook: Similar attitudes

Save Ferris

That's the WORST rendition of "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" that I've ever heard !


Gym: How can you stand to be by someone that annoying? Spook: Experience.


Quirk: They seem to be testing a new weapon! Spook: No, they listened to that voluntarily

Hanover Fisk

Quirk: How can we test if he's actually human? Spook: I'll use the Vulcan Face Punch


Quirk: "Please, Spook, tell me that's not whale songs."


Spook: "And you were worried about MY ears attracting attention?"

Rob Mey

Quirk: Its the producers son! Spook: Velcron Death Grip it is!!

Trevor Raggatt

Quirk: That's horrible! Spook: I believe he is playing your album, Captain

Trevor Raggatt

Quirk: You can't even hear the words! Spook: A small mercy, Captain


Quirk: does he remind you of anyone? Spook: You 50 years ago?


Quirk: Must get a... desk job. Spook: Agreed Captain.


Quirk: Hows that... head band now? Spook: I'll use it to strangle him.

Captain Treklin

Quirk: What do you think will kill him first? Spook: Rust

Gobi TOby

Quirk: Wow, even with the head shaved, he's still got more hair than me.


Quirk: That guy has weird hair. Spook: It's a toupee, can't YOU see that.


Quirk: What the hell is that? Spook: The hell, it's life Gym, but not as we know it.


Spook: Quirk, we seem to have discovered your great great great great...grandfather

Laughing Vulcan

Quirk: That guy reminds me of myself when I was that age. Spook: Admiral, With all due respect, that might be you.

Juan Deer

Quirk: To meet new life and be inflicted with their music.

Scott McClenny

Quirk:If you don't do something Spook I might be forced to SING!


Quark: "I don't care this kind of music." Spork: "What do you know about music?"


Quark: "Well, aren't you going to give him the neck pinch?" Spork: "Why? I like this song."


Quirk:Oh that music is eighties Spook:It is the eighties Captain

Cordavin Lon

Boombox music: "Star Trekkin', across the universe.... on the Starship Enterprise, under Captain Kirk..... Star Trekkin'..."

Lt. Brad Gentry

Spook: Turn it down you big colorful metaphor!!


Quirk: I think my universal translator is broken!

The Penguin Weekly

S: I thought we were here to find whales, not primitive lifeforms.

The Penguin Weekly

S: It appears to be one of your primitive ancestors.

The Penguin Weekly

S: Would now be an appropriate time for a colorful metaphor?


Quirk: Can you believe these people are our ancestors? Spook: Another reason I prefer my Vulcan half...


Quirk: So that's a punk rocker! Spook: No, that's a soon-to-be unconscious moron.


Spook: I thought torture was illegal on Earth Quirk: Hate to tell you, this is entertainment


Spook: Are you SURE he is human? Quirk: Knowing my luck, he's an ancestor


Spook: What in blue blazes is that? Quirk: Most be a Klingon ancestor


Quirk: Next time we beam there! Spook: Next time I stay on the ship!


Quirk: Hope that's not MY ancestor Spook: I think this one is closer to a primate


Spook: I'll neck-pinch him Quirk: And I'll take his wallet


Quirk: Would you turn down that music? Spook: Or else we'll sing "row row row your boat"!


Spook: "What the double hell is that?" Quirk: Obviously, a lower lifeform!


Quirk: Glad I don't have YOUR hearing right now. Spook: Oh the pain!


Spook: This noise is killing my ears! Quirk: A bar of latinum if you neck-pinch him!


Spook: I think it's time for a "colorful metaphor". Quirk: Logical!


Spook: What the double damn is that noise? Quirk: About those "colorful metaphors"


Spook: Gracie was more intelligent! Quirk:Glad we don't have to take him with us


Quirk: Next time we take the subway! Spook: I can't believe my ears


Quirk: I'm beginning to wonder about evolution! Spook: fascinating!


Spook: What is that discordant sound? Quirk: Dunno, but it makes Klingon opera sound good


Spook: He's a human? Quirk: Obviously a subspecies

The Great Wizzard

Quirk: With that metal, he must be the son of the "Iron Lady".


Quirk: Is that hair real? Spook: More so than yours!

The Great Wizzard

Spook: And we were worried our strange behabiour could cause some troubles...


Quirk: Why does it look like this bus is flying? Spook: Too much LDS?


Quirk: Now you know how we feel when you play your harp thing!

Harley Cat

Quirk: Mr Spook, Is that a Bored Drone? Spook: No Captain, just a de-evolved human

Harley Cat

Quirk: So this is where the Borg originated from


Spook: Your wig is moving. Quirk: It's dancing...stop that noise!

The Great Wizzard

Spook: If the "Whale Mission" fails, I could make something out of his music. Quirk: Scare the probe off?


Quirk: Can't we take him with us to scare the aliens off? Spook: We don't want to kill them.


Quirk: on the count of three... Spook: but it's a rough and basic _four_ steps rhythm.

The Great Wizzard

Spook: He surely looks funny. Punk: Looked in a mirror lately?


Spook: Amazing how mankind survived these years. Quirk: Wait till you hear me sing 'row row row your boat'

the MASK

Quirk: 'What is the metal in his face for ?' Spook: 'It appears to be some sort of short range antennaes'

The Great Wizzard

Spook: Admiral, I revert my judging. Your singing is not the worst sound in this universe.


Quirk: Turn it OFF! Spook: It was a good idea to cover my ears.


Quirk: Spook make yourself useful! Spook: With pleasure captain!


Quirk: Quirk to Squatty beam up the radio. Spook: Hurry it makes me my ears hurt!


Quirk: If... you won't... turn this... down... Spook: He'll talk to you like that for the whole ride.

The Great Wizzard

Quirk: "I don't know if we can get deeper down with music" Spook: "Row your boat, Lifeforms, Gilbert and Sullivan..."

Joona Palaste

Quirk: They called THAT music? Spook: At least we didn't go to the 1990s and listen to the Spice Girls.

The Great Wizzard

Spook: I wonder how your species survived.

The Great Wizzard

Spook: ...and you had worries I could be recognized as an alien, Admiral


Spook: What is "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"? Quirk: I don't know but I kinda like it!

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