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This week's idea was suggested by e of PI.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week: Finding Beta's head! This week parodies the episode Time's Arrow where they find Beta's centuries old head in a cave on Earth. Now THAT'S losing your head!

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by littlestar. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.

Bill Harris

Hmmm... put a lampshade on him and he'd be perfect for my ready room.


Beeetaaa! You got some 'splainin to do!

Gu| Duk@t

Well, I think we just found a hood ornament for the saucer section!


you know, i really think you put data on a pedistal

Seamus Hannon

Right! Lets go to the Bodyshop


Is this what they call a "head start"?

The Red 9

Cool, another chew toy for subplot.


Right. Who's for a game of football?


500 years and he still has a full head of hair. I hate that android.


I wondered where my paperweight had gotten off to!

Darth Nial

i think I should explain him again how to play hide and seek.


Great, now his body's running around somewhere like an android with its head cut off!


I knew there was something missing when I last saw Beta!

Jimbo Jones

See? Always the headstrong one. Now look at you.

Trevor Raggatt

When they said this was a "two-parter" I didn't think they meant.....


Darn,I thought I told Beta not to leave his things laying around


I knew he had a screw loose.


I think we can safely say that Commander Beta is off his face...


Gaudy! Go get his other head and we can use them as a pair of fuzzy dice over the main viewer!


Well, Sevfleet always wanted to get "ahead" in research--now's their chance.

Darth Nial

Never beam down in an ionstorm.


Excellent. i'll put it on my desk as a warning.


Well, it could make a nice conversation piece...


Beta, you've gone HEAD over heals again, er uh.... Gaudy, where are his heals?

Bill Harris

Alert Heavily that the Hamlet production is a go...


Next time, lets not program "creative suicide" into the emotion chip!

The Penguin Weekly

Pinchard to Enterforaprize . . . two and a half to beam up!

The Penguin Weekly

Beta, I thought you said you were going to a body shop.

The Penguin Weekly

This will look great next to that Bored Queen!

The Penguin Weekly

And I thought only Bored Queens lost their heads.

The Penguin Weekly

Don't get ahead of yourself now, Beta.

The Penguin Weekly

Spot needs new chew toy, doesn't she?

Bill Harris

That's "out of body experience", Beta, not "off the body"!

Bill Harris

Gaudy, it's supposed to be a jack-o-lantern, not a Beta-lantern!


At last, Archaeology has given me an interesting party converstion piece

Trevor Raggatt

Now we just need to find where Subplot buried the rest of him

Trevor Raggatt

Gaudy, hunting for Easter eggs would have been more appropriate

Trevor Raggatt

EIther Beta's mislaid his head or there's been another transploder malfunction

Tom Hyde

Beta: (singing) I ain't got no body...

Wendee Rae

There's so many 'head' jokes, I don't know where to begin.


Sorry, Beta, but without your body, your only use is a hood ornament.


Gaudy, want to find out if a rolling head truly gathers no moss?


I say we leave him here and he can roll himself back to the ship.


I knew Beta was a little ahead of his time, but this is ridiculous!


It might look nice mounted on my ready room wall.


Amazing... After all these years he still has hair!


Data compression indeed!

Cmdr. Solomon

Too bad it isn't Measly, or Doyouwanna, or Heavily, or Piker, or that annoying Broccoli.


Spiner will do anything to get double screen time!


This brings a whole new meaning to losing one's head...


Great, just when the guarantee went out..


Beta finally lost his mind.


Is this Beta's idea of an out of body experience?


It's giving me a headache just thinking about the time loops involved.


I found our missing Vollyball!


Let's stuff and mount it.


Might make a good toilet scrubber.


He finally blew his top, eh?

Bill Harris

The merchandising department has gone too far this time...


we really have to bolt that on.

valerie p

Typical Data, in one era and out the other

valerie p

So who's fully functional now, hmm?

valerie p

Notice how the eyes follow you around?


Gee, 1 little problem and he falls to pieces on us!


"We will need a double-episode to explain THIS messing with the timeline!"

Gregory Griffiths

I've heard of a no-brainer, but a no-bodyer?

Gregory Griffiths

I thought that this episode's title was "Time's Arrow", not "Time's Guillotine"!


If it's over 400 years old now, does that mean the warranty's expired?

Gregory Griffiths

I didn't know Beta was serious when he said he was trying out for 'The Legend of Sleeoy Hollow'.


Of all my crew, you're the last I'd have expected to lose your head, Mr Beta.


"Laughing your head off" is an expression!


How many times must i tell you! Cats don't play fetch!


Beta, have you lost your mind!

Cmdr. Solomon

So that's how we get Beta to shut up.


wanna play catch?


Hi, Beta! You seem different! Lemme guess...have you changed your hair or something?

Bill Harris

I have this sudden urge to perform a scene from "Hamlet"...

The Penguin Weekly

Fully functional my posterior!

Justin Allen

I guessn two head aren't always better

Justin Allen

Pull yourself together Beta.

Captain Treklin

I don't care about how it looks Gaudy. This time bolt Beta's head on!

Captain Treklin

Pickhard to Enterforaprise, be on the look out for a headless android!


I've heard of people losing their head, but a whole body?

The Gravitational Electromagnetic Neutrino

(singing) He left his San Francisco...

Martijn Takke

Where are your 'fully functional' remarks now, eh?

Luke Skywalker

Next time, duck when I tell you to.


I'm really getting tired of these temporal anomalies.


Why Couldn't we have found Measly's head?

Dial "M" for Maul

If you stand close enough to him, you can hear the ocean.

Dial "M" for Maul

Offhand, I'd say he's travelled back to the French Revolution.

Dial "M" for Maul

That android never did have a good head on his shoulders


Perfect! Now I can do my scene from Hamlet. "Alas, poor Beta..."


When I said I needed to visit the head, this was not what I meant.


Hmmm...maybe Beta Bowling was a bad idea.


That's not a good way to impress the Bored Queen...


You'd Do well to recalibrate the Transporter Gaudy

Mike Howell

You hold it Gaudy, and I'll run and kick it.

Mike Howell

That explains the headless Data on board.


NOW, I know where the saying "heady experience" came from!


anyone for "Beta-soccer"?


Ahh Data, I knew him well Geordi. An android of infinite technobabble, of most complicated plot-holes


I've been looking for something to replace that goldfish

Chris Ray

Oh good God no! Data's been doing Shakespeare again!


Why didn't you check the coordinates before you beamed him down?

Maria Spano

Well, Data?!? Spot got your tongue???

8 of 12

Alas, poor Beta. I knew him, Gaudy.

ScottE Bemeup

This is not what I meant when I told you to head up the away party.

ScottE Bemeup

Mr. Beta, you're out of uniform.

ScottE Bemeup

Picard to Enterforaprize. Beta, you've got some explaining to do.

ScottE Bemeup

Heads up, Commander.

Bas Penris

I told him that he would lose his head in time-travelling

Bill Harris

At least Subplot will have something to play with.


If you ask me, Geordi, I think he looks better that way!


When you said you wanted to get ahead of things, I didn't think you'd take it so literally!


Hmm. I don't like this. Let's head back... Whahahaa. I made a funny.


Now that would look good in my fish tank.


I've heard of forgetting to put your socks on in the morning, but your head?


Next time EXPLAIN to Beta what "heading up the away team" means


Personally, I prefer a lamp!


Some people decorate with vases


I don't like the way this is headed.

Theodore Moser

I thought I told Beta not to get ahead of us.


Beta, what did I tell you about playing with your Phizzer?


Beta obviously tried to give someone a piece of his mind.


I thought Beta had a "put things away when you're done playing with them" subroutine?


Mr. Data, please come down here. I think you've lost something.

Plain Simple

Fully functional, eh?

The Great Wizzard

We never should've agreed playing "Hide and Seek" with someone who can hide in 47 places simultaneously.

Jack Hammerfist

Mr. Beta, I don't have time for this!

Jack Hammerfist

I TOLD him he'd forget it if it wasn't screwed on!

The Great Wizzard

Just the prop I need for my upcoming "Hamlet" performance.


I tried to talk Beta out of pursuing his dream of becoming a chain-saw juggler.


Quick, we can salvage this for spare parts. Dibs on the hair.


Come on, Beta, sing with me! "I don't have no body..."


You get the eyeballs, I'll get the hair.

Rob Mey

Getting a head in Sev Fleet isn't going tobe that hard after all.

The Great Wizzard

(whispers) I see dead androids...


Alast Poor Data I knew him well

D. Lerious

Troi wasn't kidding when she said that Data had lost his mind.


I'm not in the mood for Shakespeare today, Beta...

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