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This week's idea was suggested by R.L.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week: Trashy Yard's death! Surprisingly, this is my first comic strip appearance of Trashy Yard, best known for dying (and not coming back... well, at least for a couple of seasons)

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by ThePenguinWeekly (speaking of whom, could you please stop entering your name as one long word as it messes up my webpage layout?). You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.

Brandon Tanner

A force greater than the oil monster killed her: Writer's block.


She may have been Chief of Security, but evidently not JOB security.


She lied about her promotion from Ensign


We ran out of ensigns...


No! Trashy! I thought we all paid the writers to kill Measley?

Sarah Jane-Way

Her death will serve as a warning to Measley


Anti-predictability policies. One surprise every 3 seasons obligatory.


Slick happens

Durg, son of Vircheel

And everyone knows that former Trek actors go on to successful careers in Hollywood. *snicker*

Tom Pfeiffer

Now I'll have to be fully functional alone.

valerie p

so many weak characters, so little slime

Peter 'Parker' Lin

She wanted to earn more doing guest appearances.


Don't worry, I'm sure we can find a plothole to bring her back

Lord Jon of Ottewell

She broke her oath to never have an imtimate relationship with another main character.

Chris Hillier

She vowed to "beat the tar outta this guy, or die trying!"

admirably lost

dont worry the last thing she said was oil be back


You ooze you loose!

Captain Kat

I told you we needed crew woman Cannonfodder along.


Don't worry, all main characters get one free reincarnation in our contracts.


We couldn't kill Tryhard without losing half our audience to "Babewatch"


Yar today, gone tomorrow.


Now she's free to pursue her dream of playing bit parts in second-rate movies.

I Love Spot

Main characters can die? Wow, I just got a sudden surge of mortality


Ensign Deadmeat was out sick.


She can't get away from the fans this easily.


finally some violence on this show and you're complaining ? you'll never be the new kirk!!!


It's what she does best. And Thanks to dimensions and timelines, we can have her die several more times!!!


Better to have loved and lost...

Yankee Kiwi

I know. There goes any more romantic plots as far as I'm concerned!


Killed by an oil slick ... you'd think the writers could do better than that!

Jazzier Fax

Damn it sir, I'm an android, not a philosopher!


Yeah, but she'll be back as her alien lookalike daughter. When did we become a soap?


And me without a temporal anomaly...


Alas poor Trashy, I knew her very, very well!

Elf (sorry, but me too!)

Some of my fans were getting jealous...


She`ll be back. Somewhere...somehow...

Trevor Raggatt

Perhaps we should reconsider those pay rises we asked for.

Trevor Raggatt

She was very close to Barf. SHe had to die sooner or later.


Oh for the old days where yellow shirts just ripped...

Luigi Novi

The fans didn't like that "Trekkies" documentary she did.


I told her it would be dangerous to ask for more money!

Kirk's Wig

Don't worry, she's going to a better home, HBO adult movies


'Well we have to have some Romulan nemesis with emotional ties to us do we not?'


She should not have said: "I rather die then go out with you."


This is Sev Trek. Death is not permanent.


Alas, poor Trashy- I knew her well.


Does this mean we can kill off Measely as well?

Mehdi Ebneshahrashoob

So Yesterday's Enterprize can be made sir.

Mike Howell

She dumped me after "The Naked Now." You want to be next?


Death is only a plot device, she can be brought back at anytime.

valerie p

It's a lesson for the rest of us

Heather Nova

That evil blob of goo was my other ex girlfriend!


Sweeps week.

Michael Kraft

I think both her and her contract just expired.


All good things...


Deep down, she was always a Redshirt.

Trevor Raggatt

Looks like blondes DON'T have more fun!

Trevor Raggatt

And when there was Tryhard and Measley to choose from too!


They killed Trashy! Those @#$%#!


It's OK, we'll think up some plot device to bring her back.

Trevor Raggatt

I can't believe we'll never see her again!

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

She had to boldly go!


More to the point, if we had to kill someone from the credits, why Trashy and not Measley?


Filming the show was interfering with her convention schedule.


Trust me, she's gone to a better agent -- I mean, a better place.


The producers were testing the Big Shiny Reset Button (TM) and they obviously have a few bugs left.


Yes, but all the first season episodes she was in don't add up to the one great third season episode where we resurrect her.


And we had a date tonight. Oh well, so much for the full-function upgrade.

Dial "M" for Maul

She said something about "Gettin' while the gettin's good".

Dial "M" for Maul

Wait until you see the plot twist that brings her back...

Dial "M" for Maul

Old characters never die, they just do sequels


Hey mud dude.. wanna be our new Security Chief???


Apparently, a certain security ensign wasn't doing his job of dying for her...


Just remember this when you renegotiate your contract!


I'm sure she'll come back in some time-travel history-changing episode


Maybe Pickhard did not mean it literally when he said 'Take out the TRASH'


Wise lesson kids: never ask for pay raise

Will Etienne

It seems the red shirt disease has mutated.

H@kan Önel

She hopes to return in the movie: 'The serarch for Yard'

Joel Schimek

tar marred Yard


I guess she thought she could make more as a cameo


Must be the red lipstick. You'd better stand back...


Death isn't the impediment it used to be


She was late for the group photo


That's what happens when a character doesn't get enough fan mail


Not to worry, we'll meet her again next con.


You mean she's dead? Hmm...Running unexpected error has occured!


I supose she drunk too much from that black coffee...


Well, someone has to host "Trekies"!

The Great Wizzard

Barf heard about "Promotion by Filling Dead Men's Shoe's"

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Dammit - where's my emotion chip when I most need it!

The Great Wizzard

A transploder accident exchanged her with Ensign Cannonfodder.

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

The nasty alien must be colour blind!

The South Park Wizzard

"My God! They've killed Trashy!" "You Bastards!" That should bring her back next episode.

The Great Wizzard

She didn't want to see you with a beard, Commander.


Guess that means our date tonight is off!


Red undies.


Drat! I found more of that "naked now" virus!


Armus can't tell red from yellow!


Hmmm...Spook, Quirk, Jazzsinger...shall I go on?


And Spook and Quirk weren't?

The Great Wizzard

She's an environmentalist. Someone must have told the oil slick.

The Great Wizzard

In the first draft of the script Measly was in the away team. Obviously, the oil slick wasn't informed about the change.


Remind me not to give the "Great Bird", "the bird" when he pinches your parking space

The Great Wizzard

I don't wonder why she died. I wonder why she doesn't come back.

The Great Wizzard

We're not soapish enough. I heard she'll return as her own daughter one day.

David D

It's no longer safe for any of us . . . it's ratings season

Wendee Rae

It is a shame. I wanted to bring Measley instead of her, but...


Apparently, changing uniform colors did not work, Sir.

The Trivial Psychic

Evidently her character insurance did not cover attacks by malicious oil slicks

ThePenguin Weekly

Well, sir . . . I kinda accidentally deleted her name from the main credits.


You think that's bad. My next sex is with the Bored Queen.


There's no security on this show.


Sure.. Kill the only woman ever to make it with and android...


Why don't you ask tall, dark and homocidal over there?

Captain Treklin

Sir, she was the modern equivalent of a 23rd century red shirt ensign

Miracle Max

Yes, but she wasn't a *popular* main character.


Correction - *was* a main character.


...and it's not even the season finale!

Johnathan McClure

Why did Commander Babyface get a beard?


Maybe we're getting a more attractive replacement.


Better her than us.


I shall never love again...


Great googily moogily!


There goes that "red shirt" theory...


...and the only crew member willing to be intimate with an android!


If I had an emotion chip, maybe I would care.


Not anymore.

Delta Flyer

We ran out of ensigns

Matt McLaughlin

She is also a security officer.


Not to worry...She or someone that looks like her..will be in a future episode!!

ScottE Bemeup

That's what you get for holding out for more money.

ScottE Bemeup

Do not argue with the great bird of the galaxy.

ScottE Bemeup

She's the only one who appreciates my full functionality.

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