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This idea was suggested by 8 of 12.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Squatty jailbreak! This week's Sev Trek V parody looks at Squatty's unusual jailbreak technique!

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These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by ThePenguinWeekly. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.

Excuse the delay , we were all a bit shocked to see a man actually EAT through a wall .


Eating a wall to break out your shipmates is not logical.


Yes, Mr. Squat...the jail is definitely broken...


Quick Jim we need those anti-gravity boots, Squatty is tilting the ship again!


Spook: Gentlemen, I'll require total quiet to mindmelt with this land whale!

Mike Howell

Spook: If I say yes, will you stop crashing through bulkheads.

Mike Howell

Congratulations, you've just broken us out of the mess hall.

Zeve Bellringer of Red Dwarf

We can. However, we can not see anything, since your girth is blocking the way.


Next halloween you get to be the goodyear blimp


Spook: Tell me Squatty, Do you beep when you back up?


Remind me to never lock you out of the mess hall again


Wow, you give new meaning to ramming speed


It's quite hard to avoid seeing, just like you.


Spook: This was the first one I've seen that was interrupted for a snack-break though.

J. B. Arvin

It was illogical for you to eat Mr. Sulu before rescuing us.


Spock: Just as I postulated, smearing jam on the wall worked!

Chris Hillier

As you can see gentlemen, possessing the mass of a black hole has its benefits.

Berlinghoff rassmussen

And your excuse in the mess hall is....

Freaky man

My god squatty you should really go on a diet


Your timing is impeccable, Snotty. The captain was beginning to find me attractive.


Sorry, we don't have any donuts.


Quickly, let's escape before he eats us too.

Warpmind de InzanE

Fascinating... this is the first time I've actually seen a JAIL break...


No. But I know a fat, balding Scotsman when I see one... and see one I do.


Squatty: Well? Let's go! What're ye waiting on? Spook: Elves and eight tiny reindeer.


Don't ye know a hungry man when you see one!


This is the last time we let Mr. YouKnowWho Direct...


NOt such a jail break attempt as a " break jail" attempt

Cmdr. Solomon

Sorry. I was having a flashback to when I mindmelted with that whale.


How long did it take you to eat through that wall?


Yes. Where is it?


All I see is a young Santa Claus.

Cordavin Lon

Spook: "There be a whale here, captain."


Spook: Been at the dilithium crystals again have you, Mr. Squat?


Quirk: That's ten bucks you owe me Spook. He left some crumbs on the floor.


No, No, No! The whales were in the last movie!


I'd recommend a food break.

Hector F

Spook: I think you took the "break" part too literally, Mr Squatty

Bill Castner

Quirk: I could have done that, you know!


Yes, but not literally


This one would be hard to miss


Our vision is currently too obscured to see one.


McCorduroy: The best minds in sevfleet couldnt break out, but it only took Squatty....


Like we can see with you in the way


I dont know about Jail, but that belt is having a hard time


How many guards did you eat?


I think we were lucky that the jail was all you broke


Quirk: Don't YOU know a DIET when you see one?

Luigi Novi

Spook: Yes, but I've never seen anyone EAT the ENTIRE PRISON STAFF to do it!

Luigi Novi

So that WAS morse code for, "Watch out-- the fat guy's coming through"1


Stand back men! The buttons are about to pop!


I hope the floor is stronger than the wall!


Fascinating! It ISN'T just a figure of speech!


Spook: Mr. Squat, where is your "Wide Load" sign?

Mike Wille

If I could see past you, I might.

Lt. Brad Gentry

I have made an obvious error captain. There is one person who can escape from our brigs.


Well, te jail is definitly broken.

Emily the One and Only

Quirk: And I thought I stole scenes...

Mike Howell

Yes. And apparently you know a donut when you eat ten.

Mike Howell

Are you kidding, we registered you on the Richter scale.

Mike Howell

Don't you know a doorknob when you see one?


I know a BELT break when it's coming.

Randy Houle



So the expression is to be taken literally!


Quirk-what'd they do to you squatty? Squatty-let's just say i had to eat my way out!

ThePenguin Weekly

Sq: OK, where be the food? Sp: And we thought you were here to rescue us.


More like Jail "Bulldozed"...

Dial "M" for Maul

No containment is a match for you Mr. Squat


Fascinating understatement.

Joel Schimek

McCorduroy: We knew we had a fat chance of escaping!

The Great Wizzard

Spook: Captain, we're reaching a critical mass. I suggest beaming Squatty off the ship is the only way to prevent us from collapsing to a black hole.


Spook: "Fascinating, captain. Apperently, the walls were made of styrofoam after all."


Spook: "Captain, I'm afraid we're going to need your girdle..."


Spook: "It was most illogical for sev fleet to use gingerbread as a Brig construction material."


Sppok: "Congratulations, Captain. Your rumour that there were doughnuts here had the desired effect."


Spook- Indeed.It would seem you broke something, like the weight limit of this ship.

Trevor Raggatt

The immovable object gives way to the irresistable mean force.

Trevor Raggatt

I cannot see one. YOu are standing in front of it.

Matt McLaughlin

You're right captain. Shouting the word "buffet" is a logical course of action.


As long as you don't break wind, i don't mind


I knew your weight would count for some sort of advantage


Well, know we know why we've been finding Squatty sized holes leading to the food replicator rooms


Yeah, i also know a lunch break, and you've been having too many

the MASK

Well, Mr.Sqatt. We did see the wall break.

The Great Wizzard

Buns: Remind me never to complain about Squatty's weight again...


Quirk: Let me guess, Spook, 'Fascinating?'


Logic dictates a use of the door...

John Nelson

Looks more like a "Hull Breach" to me!

Wendee Rae

Quirk: I would if you didn't enter every room that way!


McCorduroy:"Jail break! I see a man who still refuses to follow my advisory diet!"

Michael B. English

The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many. Jailbreak or no jailbreak, Squatty, it's diet time!


Now we know that pouring chocolate on the wall and letting Squatty eat his way through really works!


Not only are your scenes stretching it a bit..DO ARE YOUR SEAMS!!


I know that your seamstress doesn't get paid enough!


I know "ye" are obese.

8 of 12

I know a weight problem when I see one.


Buns: Santa Claus would have taken the chimney.

Tim N.

Spook: The logic of breaking *in* to a jail escapes me.


To break out of a jail, it's unnecessary to break the entire jail.


I'd say "Whale break" would be more accurate.


Jail-break, no. BELT-break, yes.

Kyle Bruck

I know when someone's weight is against regulations


Spook: Your jailbreak technique is unique. Squatty: What jailbreak? I thought I smelt food cooking!

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