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This idea was suggested by Christopher.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Whale mindmeld! We parody Sev Trek IV this week looking at Spook's unusual mindmeld with a whale. Perhaps he mistook the beast for a drowning Squatty!

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by Mark. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.


Gillian: I have got to save these whales! Quirk: How about a guy with a few love handles?

Bill Harris

Gillian: What the hell? Quirk: Don't look at me. He's directing this movie.

Jimbo jones

Quirk: What can I say? He mind-melded with a Remora.


Gillian: What in the world is your friend doing?!?! Quirk: What? This isn't the petting zoo?


Gillian: If he so much as harms a hair on my whales... I'll kill him. Quirk: We already tried that. It didn't work.


Gillian: What does he think he's doing?? Quirk: Don't blame me, I would have mistaken him for Squatty too!


Gillian: What's that nut doing to my whale? Quirk: Oh,just telling him a fish story.


Quirk: He's mindmelded with ME already. Whales aren't that big of a jump.


Quirk: what can i say... he like to be one with nature


Gillian: What is he meant to be doing? Quirk: There weren't any trees around.

Sameer Ketkar

Gillian: A member of Greenpeace? Quirk: Yup.


Gillian: LSD? Quirk: LSD!


Gillian: What does he think he's doing??? Quirk: Velcronized Swimming?


Gillian- That's it, that man is dead! Quirk- No he was, but not anymore.


Gillian- Get him out of there! Quirk- That's easy, just yell shark!


Gillian: What does he think he's doing! Quirk: Hey it only happens once every seven years!

Delta Flyer

Gillian:Why is he hugging the whale? Quirk: He's a democrat.

Namgubed the Merry Elf

Gillian: Who does your friend think he is? Quirk: Dr. Doolittle...?


Gillian: What's he doing? Quirk: He directed it, ask him.


Quirk: When someone asked him if he wanted to have a whale of a good time...well, he takes things literally.


Gillian: Why does she get all of the cute guys?


Gillian: What the hell is your friend doing to that whale? Quirk: He likes his seafood rare.


Gillian: What's he doing? Quirk: Eh, Spook's getting a bit old. He can only read BIG minds these days.


Gillian: LDS! Quirk: Large Dolphin Scratching?


Quirk: Hey, don't look at me. I prefer STEAK!

Bill Harris

Quirk: Is this a good time to ask if I can buy you a drink?


Gillian: What's he doing?! Quirk: Picking out his meal, what kind of seafood restraunt is this?


Quirk: Did I mention I took LDS?

Willem Verhoef

Gillian: He's blowing in her ear! Quirk: Jealous?

Trevor Raggatt

Gillian: What film d'you think this is? Free Willy?

Trevor Raggatt

Quirk: He's just getting friendly. Gillian: But that's GEORGE!!

Cordavin - nerdpun! - Lon

Gillian: This is causing me a whale of trouble. - Quirk: We're just fishing for information...

David Hibberd

Gillian: Just what is that kook doing? Quirk: Some in depth soul searching.

Mike Howell

Gillian: What is he doing with my whales? Quirk: Remember what I said about LDS?


Gillian: what is he doing to my whale??? Quirk: he likes to hang out with great minds...

Ann E. Nichols

Gillian: Is this another side effect of taking too much LSD? Quirk: Yes -- Spook is flashing back to his pet goldfish.


Gillian: Why is spook swimming with that fish? Quirk: It`s a mammal...


Gillian: Is this his idea of a joke? Quirk: Well, the whale is grinning!


Gillian: What is he DOING?? Quirk: You are the zoologist...


Gillian: Now I know why whales died out. Quirk: Don't worry, Pong Farr isn't catching.


Gillian: He took off his shoes, but not his bathrobe? Quirk: Shall I demonstrate it for him?


Gillian: What's he doing to that whale? Quirk: Gon Farr never seems to come at a convenient time.


Quirk: What? You thought only Pinchard could play Captain Ahab?


Gillian: What's he doing to that whale? Quirk: Whale? We thought Squatty was drowning!


Gillian: What does that maniac think he's doing? Quirk: Enough about him. Let's talk about me.


Gillian: Care to explain THIS? Quirk: Forget him. Why not go out for pizza?


Gillian: He is counselling a pregnant whale?? Quirk: He's not called "Dr. Spock" for nothing.

Dial "M" for Maul

Gillian: What is he doing? Quirk: Ummm...blending in?

Dial "M" for Maul

Gillian: What is he doing? Quirk: Communicating with the species that eventually evolves into Squatty

Dial "M" for Maul

Gillian: What is he doing? Quirk: Looking for a creature whose size matches my ego...

Cmdr. Solomon

Quirk:He has a whale of a heart? Gillian: And you have a mind of pure corn!

Scott McClenny

Gillian: Who does he think he is? Quirk: Would you believe Aquavulcan Man?!


Quirk: Never mind him, he's the legendary scene thief...

Gu| Duk@t (methinks cardies cant spell...)

Gillian: WHAT is he DOING?!? Quirk: trying out for the olimpic syncronised swimming team :)


Gillian:What is he doing in there? Quirk:Would you believe aqua arobics?


Gillian:what is he doing Quirk: the directors said-the movie ain't over till the fat lady sings!


Gillian:what is he doing Quirk: asking directions to a closest whale, what else?

Wendee Rae

Gillian: What is he doing? Quirk: Seeing captive whales makes him blubber.


Gillian: What is he DOING? Quirk: Meeting Squatty's cousin!


Gillian: What is that nut doing ? Quirk: Relaying an offer from SeaWorld!

Tom Pfeiffer

Gillian:Why is he stuck to that whale? Quirk:He was playing with the glue that holds my wig on.


Gillian: You two are not from around here? Quirk:


Gillian: Whales do not like to be handled! Quirk: But they look so big and cuddly!


Gillian: Get him out of there! Quirk: I never learnt to swim at Starfleet Academy!

We are the Ted Rebo. You will be amused. Resistance is fungal.

G: What is he doing, anyway? Q: I don't know. He just got mad when I yelled "No fat chicks" at him!

Theodore Moser

Gillian: Is he strangling my whale? Quirk: No, No, he's doing the Heimlich manoeuvrer.


Gillian: why is that guy alway's around? Quirk: he's always been a hanger on

Dr Satan

Gillian: What's your friend doing? Quirk: Didn't you hear? It's national hug a whale day!

ThePenguin Weekly

G: What? Don't you have whales in your century? Q: Well . . . not these kind.


Woman :"He shouldn't be in there. I'll kill him!" Kirk" It is... too late... he is... already... swimming... with the fishes."


Quirk: We're thinking of changing 'Star Trek' to 'Sea Trek.'

P Swayne

Gillian: I can't believe this! Quirk: Me neither! He usually takes his clothes off before swimming.

4 of 5

Quirk: What can I say, He REALLY likes sushi

Scott McClenny

Quirk: Would you believe he watched WAY too many episodes of FLIPPER when he was a boy?


Quirk: I'm sure he has a logical explaination.

Shawn McNiel

Gillian: This isn't what I meant when I said "Interactive Exhibit.". Quirk: He's really in "Touch" with nature.


Gillian: What is he doing? Quirk: You're supposed to be distracted by my stunning charm and good looks!


Gillian: He can't swim in there! Quirk: I thought you 20th century types were all into "Saving the Whales"?


Gillian: What's that nut doing with my whale?! Quirk: He's trying to find intelligent life on this planet.

ThePenguin Weekly

G: What's he doing to my whale? Q: Allow me to demonstrate . . .


Quirk: Um...he's a whale masseur???

8 of 12

Gillian: No 'sleeping with the fishes' jokes!

ThePenguin Weekly

G: Nice dress. Q: Hey, give him a break. He was just brought back from the dead.

ThePenguin Weekly

Q: Maybe you should help me peel him off the glass.

ThePenguin Weekly

Q: I get the girl, he gets the whale. It all works out in the end.

ScottE Bemeup

Gillian: Why is he in there!? Quirk: He's washing his bathrobe?

Tom Hyde

Quirk: Great minds meld alike.


Quirk: He's just seen free willy

ThePenguin Weekly

G: Aren't you going to do something about this? Q: Naw, she's not my type.


Gillian: What the hell s he doing to my whale Quirk: Never mind that - kiss me!

Trevor Raggatt

Gillian: WHat's your friend doing? Quirk: Having a whale of a time!

Trevor Raggatt

Gillian: Your friend has a strange taste in women Quirk: With me around he has to settle for what he can get.


Gillian: He can't do that! Quirk: Sorry, we thought that's what you did at 20th century amusement parks.

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