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This idea was suggested by HeavyB3.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Mr Toycorder! Beta turns android comedian in this scene from Sev Trek 7: Degenerations.

Speaking of toycorders, I thought I would share the development of the 3D toycorder to be used in our Sev Trek movie.

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by Juan Deer. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines and Punchlines of the Day.

hap shady

Hay dude! lay off the wacky battery!

Gul Teral

Gaudy: This has "long day" written all over it.


You really need to raise your dating standards.

Jack Hammerfist

Beta, how about we play detective instead of ventriloquist?

Jack Hammerfist

Beta, are you nuts? Mr. Toycorder's clearly talking to ME!

Jack Hammerfist

Beta, I realize we have to dumb-down for the movie crowd, but...

Christina "Saavik"

If you two start singing a duet, I swear I'll...


Goodbye Mr Oscar!

Dr Satan

They've been useing your intellegence chip as a bottle opener again haven't they?

Trevor Raggatt

Beta, MY emotion chip is starting to overload

Trevor Raggatt

You never did finish your studies on humour, did you?

Trevor Raggatt

Shut it Beta or your emotion chip won't be the only thing I insert today...


Guady: Beta, are your wires crossed or something?


Did you crash again Beta?

Johnathan McClure

Gaudy: Beta, that's not a toy!

ThePenguin Weekly

G: I think Mr. Toycorder is making goo-goo eyes at my ISORE.

Bill Harris

Come on, Beta, what's next? Singing about scanning for lifeforms?

ThePenguin Weekly

T: Let's ditch these clowns. ISORE: Agreed.

ThePenguin Weekly

G: Leave the humor to the toycorder, Beta.

Dial "M" for Maul

Gaudy: Why couldn't we pay the extra buck and spring for a REAL brain?

Dial "M" for Maul

Mr. Toycorder: Feelings, nothing more than... Gaudy: That's it, I'm outta here!


Don't even THINK of getting Mr. Toycorder an emotion chip!


Now where did I put Mr. phizzer......

Trevor Raggatt

I suppose he had to get a cute robot sidekick sooner or later!

Daniel Nuby

You shouldn't mess with your maturity subroutines


Gaudy: Next time I'll make more Beta-testing before release the patch.

Wendee Rae

Beta, puppets were outlawed in the early 21st century.

Jack Hammerfist

Ok, dunking the doctor was funny, but now you're pushing it!


First the hand puppets, next thing he'll be crashing the ship and swearing.


Mr. Toycorder: Save yourself while you still can!


Mr. Toycorder needs to run a sanity check.


Gaudy: Hey Beta, remember what we did to VHS when he turned into a pain in the rear?

Plain Simple

Don't push this equal rights for machines thing too far, Beta.


Gaudy: I'm gonna stun him. Mr. Toycorder: I can't let you do that Gaudy.


Gaudy: Great, a bad situation just got worse.

non compos mentis

Mr Toycorder: get your cold hands off me freak. Gaudy: C'mon Beta, he said "No", he means "No"


Now will get calls from insulted toycorders everywhere


Thank goodness I can dismantle him


Gaudy: Beta, as useless as Tryhard is, I think you should make an appointment


Gaudy- And they thought you we're sentient.


Gaudy: Damn, Soren was supposed to be here by now.

8 of 12

I'll leave you two alone.

Mac Johnson

Stupid Android Mating Rituals


Gaudy: I liked Lal better...

Dan Kuhn

Gaudy: How about trying a new emotion: pensive.


Gaudy: Just please don't tell me you do impressions.

Jack Hammerfist

I TOLD you not to make a humour-chip with a CORN chip!


Gaudy- Where's that damn OFF switch...


Gaudy- After that stupid "lifeforms" song, this is nothing..


Gaudy: Where's Mr. Baseball Bat when I need him?


When we get back Mr. Barf will be introducing you both to Mr. Bat'leth.

Hanover Fisk

I've heard you can inflate your butt. I'm going to see if I can inflate your lip.

Wendon Pettey

Beta: "Meet Mr. Toycorder!" Gaudy: "Well, you've got your emotion you just need someone to write you some better material!"


Mr Toycorder: Free me from this madman!


Mr Toycorder: Beta, you're my best friend!


Mr. T: Help, remember what happened to his last kid!?

Istari Apprentice

Stop that! It's not a- ....toy. (sigh)

Istari Apprentice

Hellooo funny farm...


Beta: Gaudy say hello to Mr. Toycorder! Gaudy: Beta... Say hello to Mr. Phizzer.

Cmdr. 8472

Three words: Switch. To. Decaf.

Michael Kraft

Beta, I think it's time to redecorate your cabin, may I suggest rubber walls?


Gaudy: Gaudy to Enterforaprise,prepare to beam up one unconcious would-be comedian


Gaudy: It'll be Mr No-corder in a minute


Gaudy: I knew I should never have let him watch sesame street


Gaudy: Time to get Mr shiny metal butt into gear

Tom Hyde

Goodbye, Mr. Android.


Does Mr Toycorder want to get permanently welded to Beta's positronic brain?


Say Hello, mr Toycorder... Wait... I think our timing is off.


Thats it! Next time you go down, That emotion chip is HIS-TO-RY!


Mr Toycorder: Gaudy help me! Please shoot him!


Gaudy: If the Toycorder starts singing, he gets it!


Gaudy: Well Beta, he's funnier than you and has more personality.


Mr Toycorder: Ignore him Gaudy, *I'm* the funny one


Mr Toycorder, you're about to boldly go where no Toycorder has ever been....


Guady: If you had blood, I'd say your brain don't get enough of it!


Guady: That won't work, I can still see your lips moving!


Guady: What can I say Beta, it still has more personality than you!


Gaudy: I've got to switch you to decaf.


ToyCorder: Dammit! Stop Pinching my butt!


A puppet playing with a puppet...THAT'S evolution for you!


thank God is not the "Iloveyou" virus, just the "Badjoke" virus...

Captain Big Mouth

You're about to say hello to 'Mr. Fist'!

Dial "M" for Maul

Is that an Intel Inside sticker I see on your head?

admirably lost

Gaudy thats the last time i install a beta chip


Gaudy- I think Mr Toycorder wants a date with Miss Phizzer


Gaudy: Like father, like son.


Gaudy: Perhaps Mr. Toycorder needs to be introduced to my friend, Mr. Phizzor


Gaudy: Yes! Hello Mr. Toycorder. Beta, where's your off-switch again?


Gaudy: Mr. Toycorder, please tell Beta that if he doesn't get a move on we're all dead


Mr. Toycorder: Hello my intellectual inferior


Mr. Toycorder: Hey, Beta! Introduce me to Ms. Visor over there.....


Gaudy: Still no sense of humor, Beta?

Jack Hammerfist

I see your commotion-chip has reached toddler-stage!


Mr T: Scans indicate no humor present. Gaudy: He's got you there, Beta!


Gaudy: Beta, it's way past time for your 2000 kilometer checkup.


Mr. Toycorder: Who is the freak with the funky glasses?


You got too close to the magnetic coils again, didn't you


Gaudy: Great, now Beta has more friends than I do


Gaudy: Seems Beta and a toycorder aren`t fully compatible


Gaudy: If mr toycorder doesn`t stop soon, mr phasor will do some talking to Beta...


I think we left that emotion chip a little too close to a magnet.


Gaudy-beta, just because we don't have any sock puppets, doesn't mean it's a good idea to improvise!

Leon van Steensel

Let's deactivate your misplaced-humor chip for now, shall we ?

Leon van Steensel

Gaudy to Enterforaprize: One 'Toycorder' to beam up..

Jack Hammerfist

I just HAD to give him humor!

Jack Hammerfist

Great, now he thinks EVERYTHING's funny!

Jack Hammerfist

I see the commotion chip doesn't scan for quality!

Jack Hammerfist

Beta, ask Mr. Toycorder the what's the best phizzer setting to kill an android?

Heather Nova

So you finally decided to have another kid, eh Beta?

Michael "Borgy" Finley

Be quiet before I introduce you to "Mr Phizzer!"


Gaudy: What next, an inflatable rear?


Gaudy: Stop bugging me and debug yourself!


Gaudy: Mr Toycorder, find Beta's humor chip and destroy it!

Mike Howell

I knew I put that emoticon chip in backwards.


Gaudy: I think you and I need to go down to Maintenance and spend some quality time with Mr Socket Wrench.

Gregory Griffiths

Gaudy: I see deactivated androids...


Gaudy: You're not Beta! You're VHS!


Mr Toycorder: Help MEEEEEeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Dial "M" for Maul

Gaudy: Beta, how many years have you had the emotion chip and YOU NEVER VIRUS CHECKED IT?

Dial "M" for Maul

Gaudy: I knew I should have given you Norton Antivirus!

Dial "M" for Maul

Gaudy: Hey, it's Piker's turn to call tech Support this time!


Gaudy: Would Mr. Toycorder like to take a little trip through an android's digestive system?


Gaudy: Enterforaprize, beam Mr Beta over for a loose screw diagnostic.


Gaudy: Great, another "Happy Little Lifeform"!

E of MC2

Beta: Mr. Toycorder meet Mr. Cheese Grater

Dial "M" for Maul

Gaudy: Watch it Beta, that thing might replace you soon.

Dial "M" for Maul

Gaudy: Beta, you're fired. Mr. Tricorder, you're promoted to Lt.Commander.

Dial "M" for Maul

Gaudy: Your warranty just expired, didn't it?


Oh great, another talking machine that wants to be my friend!


Gaudy: Hmm... its time to install a new patch...

Heather Nova

either shut UP or I'll shut you OFF!!

Heather Nova

Toycorder: Don't get fresh with me

Lady of Blue

Gaudy: Good, you've found yourself a friend!


Mr Toycorder: Unable to comply!


Data, the Lifeforms thing was funnier!


Gaudy: Have you ever had a toycorder shoved up your nose?


Gaudy: Hello complete Beta overhaul!

1 of 2

Mr. Toycorder: My mom wanted me to be a phaser, but nnoooo, I had to be a toycorder!

ThePenguin Weekly

G: Arghhh. Not another virus.

ThePenguin Weekly

Of all the toycorders in all the toolboxes in all the universe, you had to come into mine.

ThePenguin Weekly

G: Wow, a gadget with more personality than Beta.

ThePenguin Weekly

G: Meet Mr. Phizzer.

ThePenguin Weekly

B: He sings too! T: Lifefoms! Tiny little lifeforms! G: I think it's time for you to meet Mr. Phizzer.

ThePenguin Weekly

T: Hello Mr. ISORE


Gaudy: This is not what I meant when I said you need a pet to fit your personality.


Gaudy: Beta, listen to me very carefully and I am only say this once…to become human yes! Comedian no!


Mr Toycorder: Hello Gaudy, I'm alive! Gaudy: AAARRRRRGH!


Gaudy: Great, I can sense an encore of the lifeforms song

Ann E. Nichols

Guady: I'd say he's in his second childhood, but he never had a first.

Ann E. Nichols

Face it Beta, your humor chip is defective.

The Great Wizzard

Forget the consequences, the emotion chip goes out tomorrow!

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